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Weekend Drinking Thread [4th May 2018]


I’m off to the Lakes this weekend… (Hopefully) so taking quite a few bottles.
I’ve takin some advice from @Herbster and @Tim_S so will be bringing this:

And also a recommendation on here…

PLUS the reminder of last nights 2 bottles

I’m also bringing this Mendoza sparkler which I’m keen to try :wink:

What’s everyone’s plans this weekend?


Wow! Good selection! :+1::+1:
Hope you have a great time away (and that the pipes have been fixed!)…
We’re dry tonight (hubby writing final MA assignment for this year, so I’ll be tip toeing quietly around while the great man thinks! :wink:), but tomorrow will be finally trying the Weinert Cab

Together with some Coq au Vin. Sunday we’ll finish various whites - Chardonnay from yesterday, and the Mallorcan one we opened the other day. Monday we’re planning on opening this little beauty:
But might end up drinking red…
Weather looking fab for the weekend, so I shall base myself in the garden! :sunflower::cherry_blossom:


Happy Friday!!

Well tonight shall be a gewurz grand cru from Lidl (By itself)

Then tomorrow is BBQ day with the below before going to watch a soul singer at my local pub! (+ quiz) - Ripasso Pinotage…niche!


Then purely on the recommendation of @robert_mcintosh this with a chilled sunday evening…


Meeting up with friends to relive some of our Italian adventures last summer.


If the weather forecast is as good up there as down here you may need more than one bottle of the Hortas :blush:


My wife’s last exam of the year today so celebrating with a BBQ steak and this

Was torn between that and an 01 Hermitage but read that the 02 vintage should be drunk up sooner rather than later


Depending on whether visiting friends are into Sherry - hope to open a 2018 Tio Pepe En Rama…


I have just taken this out of Reserves where I’ve stupidly let it go two years over its recommended drink date. So speed is of the essence and tomorrow night’s the night! Hopefully it’ll still have a bit of life left in it…



I’m sure the Cantemerle will have plenty life left in it yet!


I think the society’s drinking windows for things like clarets are generally on the conservative side. Some people are just now tucking into the 1996’s so I wouldn’t worry. Do report back -


Robert Parker:

“Tasting Notes
As I indicated last year, quality has improved dramatically at this estate, and the 2006 is a quintessentially elegant Bordeaux displaying a dark ruby/purple color, a lovely bouquet of forest floor, sweet cherries, cranberries, and black currants, medium body, a textured, sweet, tannic mouthfeel, and a long finish. Everything is beautifully pure as well as perfectly balanced in this outstanding effort. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2025. Excellent value”

So don’t worry! TWS drinking windows are incredibly conservative.


Thanks, Doc! I’m much more excited about it now. And I promise to report back


I’ve had this, its off dry but really nice :wink:


There may be more than one packed…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoop! I tend to find a whole bottle of gewurz a bit much as it’s quite low acid but we’re serving it cold so hopefully it’ll be refreshing :slight_smile:


We’ll be finishing these off then!


The Giro D’Italia is coming past my front door tomorrow at about 16:30 local time so I’ll be drinking this:


We’re having one of the best wines I’ve ever tried this weekend (will be the 2nd time we’ve tried it as we got 6 at auction a couple of years ago). It made me realise that Sangiovese can produce truly great wines.

2007 Brunello from Casanova Di Neri

But tonight, on the back of all the recommendations on this community, its the 2006 Alicante Bouschet with a Chorizo Risotto. Ilike the bottle:


These two wines for my partner Katie’s birthday, the Muscat with an asparagus salad and the fizz (shame its gone already) with strawberries and meringue afterwards.

Going up to London to visit a BYO restaurant with her parents tomorrow so bringing a couple of bottles along. Have to think about this…


Lovely wine. You won’t be disappointed.