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Weekend drinking thread [4th -6th Sept 2020]

Welcome to Friday the 4th - and the end of an odd week courtesy CV19 / schools going back / general dithering and inability to get back to work! (rant over)

Tonight… eldest is cooking cheese scones which will be wonderful. Due to my lack of communication I have bought a slab of salmon which might go into the oven with foil on top and splash of white wine. Garden is awash with tomatoes so they might feature. No idea how supper will turn out - but think I have it covered with this excellent Muscadet.

Update: Marmande tomatoes went into the oven to roast cut in half with garlic & herb crust (alongside salmon) - plus broccoli. All cooked in 15 mins. A minor culinary triumph if ones standards are not unreasonably high. I seamlessly shifted from Muscadet to Beaujolais, an excellent Morgon (bit pricey but will take me through the weekend)



A nice Pinot noir from Chile. Started yesterday. Was quite acidic to begin with but mellowed with a couple of hours breathing. Fruity and floral and worked with some beef brisket.


Starting the evening off with a Rose before the main event.

This is made by a vineyard in Norfolk, Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard. Made from Regent grapes, I get notes of strawberry in the nose and palate, a little too acidic for me but I’m not the biggest Rose fan. Probably better when the sun is out!


Had this tonight. Lovely soft and mellow Syrah with a spicy finish. Not too cerebral just a pleasure to drink.


I’ve been itching to try this after enjoying the same producer’s ‘Saering’ 2010 bottling back in June…

…a Riesling ‘Spiegel’ 2010 from Dirler-Cade ( with gammon and mustard mash ). Youthful yellow gold colour. Mandarin and lemon verbena aromas to begin. Everything from flowers, honey, hot pastry, sultanas, and, something like, Germolene thereafter. Dry, rich and powerfully flavoured with pithy citrus, ripe red apples ( nothing bruised ), bags of spice, even a touch of mint, on tasting. Medium to full body, vibrant balancing acidity, a grippy mouth coating texture and lots of tang and tingle on the long finish. Just nudges it over the ‘Saering’ but my concluding note for that applies equally. ‘A wine that forces you to pay attention. Archetypal mature dry Riesling. Fab !’

As gammon part two looms tomorrow I’ll try something similar to compare.


My wine order arrived today, with lots of old favourites. The Celebration Cremant is a new one for me so looking forward to trying this.

Was sorely tempted to open a few bottles to drown my sorrows after the new restrictions in Glasgow! :pensive:

Tonight, we’re just having a Chardonnay from M&S to go with lightly dusted cod fillets. We’ll report back in due course… :face_with_monocle:


Not very good at this posting stuff, in case I’m in the wrong area. Have tried and better tried to access site, but google won’t allow without ok to their cookies have finally got through. This has never happened before today will this be the norm, don’t like the idea of Google’s intrusions . I am using an iPhone, this has suddenly occurred to lots of other sites as well. Masters of the Universe I feel.

We had a Sainsbury’s TtD Rheinhessan Pinot Noir with our M&S Chicken Kiev. Chicken was good, the wine ok-ish. No qualms about using it as cooking wine tomorrow. Preceded by a favourite of ours, Maribel Amontillado :yum::heart_eyes:


Had a couple of bottles in the spring - love the Chenin notes, needs to be really chilled down. Hope you enjoyed it.


And now the main event. After various discussions on the 874 EP thread I had to open a bottle tonight.

Spectacular wine, silky smooth with cherry and strawberry on the palate. Everything is great about this wine for me.


After reading a recent review from @MikeFranklin I popped a couple of bottles of this in my latest order.

For me, that’s the beauty of the Community, trying new wines which I may not have discovered, so many thanks.

It went very well with an aubergine, parmesan, mozzarella, tomato and sausage dish. Punches well above its weight, fruity, smooth, acidity, and moreish.


Quarantined store cupboard/freezer cooking here, and another wine from our Lockdown Mystery Case. Garlic prawns with potatoes and chorizo, wilted spring onions and a saffron mayo sauce. We drank De Morgenzon Stellenbosch Reserve Chardonnay 2018.

Another cracker from that case. There’s oak there, but far from overpowering, just rounding out the edges to the fruit. Quince, certainly a bit of lemon, yellow plum and maybe even some grapefruit. It’s quite what the French tend to describe as tendu - tense - good acidity, but also a marginal sweetness to fill out the mouth. Very fine.

Edit. Mrs Robertd was shocked that I forgot to mention that according to the back label, “Baroque music is continuously played, which is believed to have a beneficial effect on the wines produced”. Quite some of the best wine bollocks that we’ve heard. And we’ve heard some good ones… (tropical fruit flavours because wine is grown on sedimentary rocks from a tropical sea in the Jurassic Era, anyone…?)


With a modest Friday repast of venison burgers and French beans came the red (in top form} preceded by a glass of of the House Chardonnay.


I also found out that this Pinot opened up with time. It was actually really nice and
I would buy again

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But this is true! In the same way that if you like a bit more acid in your wine you have to play a lot of psychedelic rock.


Have a few of these put by. Looking forward to trying in the future.

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And James Brown for a bit of funk in your wine?


This gem over two nights. A lovely pinot, bright red fruits but not sweet. Mid weight, filled in over the two nights, more savour and depth tonight. A rebuy.

Tonight a glass of this was lovely. Deep straw coloured with sweet nose, honey and flowers, tastes more savour with balanced acidity and long finish. Many Condrieu lack this balance.


Oh my but this is good.

Lovely tangy fruit, depth, smoothly hidden tannin and a bit of spice thrown in. Rather classy.
Second half of the bottle tomorrow and will be looking to buy more.


A beautiful thought-provoking wine. Only started to show its true colours after 4 hours. Deep ruby in the glass, incredible nose of violets and smoke, then creamy red fruit, vanilla and some tar on the palate, and a satisfying long dry finish. Plenty left in the tank here, will hide the next one for a few years.