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Weekend drinking thread [4th-6th October 2019]

I opened this earlier on this afternoon. I always celebrated my golden retriever Kerry’s birthday with Champagne and so it’s become a tradition . She would even get a little bit herself and she loved it. She would have been 13 today and I never thought for a minute she wouldn’t make this milestone . Sadly she passed away 6 weeks ago .:sob:
The 6th of October is always a day I will drink Champagne.
This is from a wonderful grower producer on Rilly-la-Montagne, full of raspberries & red apples with a slight perfume :heart_eyes:.


What a lovely tradition Leah and I think we could all do with finding more such good reasons to drink champagne in these troubling times.

This tonight - the first of the final batch of four withdrawn from reserves:

If you have this still to drink, unless you like claret on the decidedly mature side I would get on and drink it. There isn’t the weight for this to drink well old. The red fruited flavours are still there but receding and it now has that signature mustiness and slightly woody note. There is also a huge amount of fine sediment so it needs decanting. Will report back on its performance in the eto


Half bottle of a chianti classico for me tonight as my wife wasn’t drinking alcohol. It was ok - quite light, blueberries followed by Vanilla. Not a very complex wine. I’ve not drunk a lot of Italian wines but I’ve had better.


Bought after a tasting in summer involving mature Rioja, with some reservations given Mrs Robertd’s usual dislike for oaky Riojas.

We drank it with iberico pork chop, cavolo nero and pommes purées (perhaps a bit of Spanish-Italian-French fusion cuisine going on there…)

Very smooth, hanging onto some stewed fruit despite the age, lots of savoury tobacco and leather, and some sweet coconut. Complex, long, and very enjoyable. And Mrs Robertd liked it too :slight_smile:


ooft! there’s very little as dull as a damp Sunday in Edinburgh but I’ve made it through and even managed to clear a stack of community council notes off my desk. I had grand plans for this evening (artichokes and everything) but bureaucracy has robbed me of the time required so it’s bread and cheese with Muscadet from the fridge. Luxury in 3 minutes flat.


I was reviewing my wine spreadsheet and it seems I’ve not had any Bordeaux since July! Shock, horror!! So that, combined with the fact that in just over a week’s time I’ll be off south again in the van for two months and keeping really good wine in the van is not ideal, meant a reasonable quality Bordeaux seemed to be called for!

And, oh my! What a wonderful Saint Estephe! Shame it’s out of stock or I’d have picked up some more. I do have one left which I’ll probably keep for another year (and a bottle of '12). This is the second wine of Chateau Calon Segur. It has the structure to last but is drinking fantastically right now. Dark fruits, spice and pencil shavings. Tannins very noticeable but also perfectly balanced and smooth. Rich and smoky with a long savoury finish. I broke my normal habit and had a second glass! :heart_eyes:

I don’t think I’ve ever yet been disappointed by a Bordeaux second wine and I seem to have had a good many of them. I’d certainly love to try the first wine of Calon Segur; judging by this one it should lovely (if a little expensive for me).


Cote Rotie Les Embruns 2003, Ogier Second and last bottle of this. And while this bottle is better than the first one (drank 2 or 3 years ago), it doesn’t challenge the former s status as the worst VFM I have ever encountered in a wine I’ve actually bought. Seemingly fully resolved but seriously lacking in the charm department, it has some earthy interest but is hard to love and fundamentally far too rustic for a wine of this price. Another disappointment from this appellation which provides more than its fair share of expensive disappointments. Can easily find better Syrah at less than half the price.

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We had these wines at the weekend, still got some in every bottle…

Picked up a bottle after tasting it in store a few weeks ago. Uncomplicated, refreshing, slightly spritzy, not archetypical Riesling. Went nicely with chicken, leek and mushroom pie.

Also had another of my diminishing case of this on Sat/Sun night.

With grilled Dover Sole and veg. This was more harmonious than the last bottle, seemed to have come together again, having had an ‘awkward’ phase. Smoother, less aggressive fruit, SO2 less obvious on opening, and no burning alcohol taste.

Finally opened this last night with Boeuf en Daube.

It’s a year or so since I’ve had this wine (2013 vintage I think). Decanted this for a couple of hours, and boy it needed it. Very deep youthful purple colour, wine coats the teeth and decanter! It is still a bit ‘raw’ and angular in my view, though went very well with a robust dish like we had. I think it needs a couple of years more to come together - at least. I don’t remember previous bottles being like this after 3 years. I am tempted to buy another two or three to stash away and forget about for 3-4 years. Will see what another day does for it tonight…


I had the 2015 of the Minervois and I noted that it needed a few years, so maybe your plan to buy and stash is a good one. I received the Grand Vin for my VCP allocation so very happy with that.

Finished the Minervois tonight, and it’s definitely benefited from another 24 hours being open. Smoother, more balanced. Intensely deep colour. I still think it will age nicely for a few years.


Hi I noticed your comments about this wine and they chimed with my own experience of a bottle I tried in the summer. I have 2 more bottles left and am not sure whether it’s best to leave them a few more years or if it’s just that this wine is not to my taste and more time will not change that. I’d be interested to know if you’ve tried any more of it and if you have any more thoughts about it? Thanks.

I had a similar experience to you and @tom with a bottle of this a while back. Bought 2, so the other is being kept for quite a while. I think the Cayron is quite a traditional and well structured expression of Gigondas and will comfortably last a good number of years yet. Some would argue not to touch it until it’s at least 10 years old.

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Thank you, that’s useful to know, I think I’ll follow suit, though I note the drinking window is 2015-2024.

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I’ve had 3/6, the first one was in Jan, not had one since this bottle in Oct. Looking back at my notes they all pretty much tell the same story - very strong, needs a lot of air, but something missing somewhere. Will try and wait a bit longer to see if part of that is time. I wonder if I can hold out at least one of them for the 15-year mark :smiley:


Thank you, I’m going to try and give the two I have a couple more years at least. If the wine has not changed maybe my taste in wine will have by then!

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