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Weekend drinking thread [4th-6th October 2019]

I’m still full of cold, but enjoyed a walk through Sheffield Park, admiring its autumn colours. Beautiful! On the way back home we stopped at a favourite spot – the Griffin Inn pub in Fletching – for a light lunch. I had (delicious) Rye scallops with a glass of 2016 Planeta’s La Segreta Bianco, and the husband had a ham hock terrine with his favourite tipple – a pint of Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter. He was positively floating and uncommunicative for the first few sips!..

This evening we’re having ostrich steaks with roast new spuds, so decided to open this 2016 Brazin:

Not a shy wine by any means, but actually much more balanced than I anticipated. Its vibrant blackcurrant, dark cherry, baking spices and chocolate notes managed to pierce through the haze of my cold, which is a plus. Or maybe it’s the cough mixture note on the finish that makes it feel quite therapeutic?

Happy Saturday, all! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


Snap! :smiley:
Ours is a 2016 though. And I’m sure it’ll go well with your meal! :+1:

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Lovely mid-weight pinot. Good value, same price as the standard Wassmer Spatburgunder. Would like to try them against each other, as they both impress for the money.

Cherry, spice and licorice. Some length to it as well, will like to try again in a couple of years when it has knit together perfectly.


Need to choose something to accompany cottage pie…

Guaranteed kids plate clearer as they had a small lunch; so made a big one for us adults to finish. Just sitting in the small one’s room waiting for him to fall asleep, contemplating my options.


Still not sure what i think of this wine. I like it, my wife not so much. Perhaps because of the lack of forward fruit. Its got some lovely herby notes but the cranberry juice-like ‘tack’ on the finish I think brings it down. I can’t decide if it needs more time, or it’s a bit old, or it’s in a funk. It certainly needs air. And food: enjoying with burgers but i feel cassoulet migt be a better bet, will plan on that next time.


I cant think of many reds that wouldn’t be a decent match. Play eeny meeny miney mo on your reds rack :grin:


Pretty much! Decided on this after just a little bottle stroking.

Cab franc from the Loire picked up last year. One of their lighter styles so didn’t want to leave it too long, but needn’t have worried in the slightest. Still fresh as a daisy, juicy berry fruits, herbal woody undertones, lively acidity and smooth, fine tannins.


Thought I’d give this a go tonight as I recently picked up the mixed case and have had this in the cellar for 7+ years.

2009 vintage. Absolutely delicious. Definitely more northern Rhône than Barossa (St Jo if I had to guess). So well balanced and elegant. Looking forward to the mixed case in years to come.


El Esteco Blanc de Blancs - a white blend from Salta. Viognier, Marsanne and Roussane dominate but Chardonnay and Torrontes also make an appearance. Great with fish, risotto or chicken. I have older vintages of this wine which demonstrate the characteristics of a northern Rhône blend.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Clear rim, centre has tinges of green. Clean nose. Intense. Lemons. Stone fruits. Hints of peach and honey. Clean palate. Dry. High acidity. Peach, apricot, pear. Good fruit, hoggish acidity - not completely balanced at this point. I suspect this develop with age and the slightly high acidity will soften - I had the 2018 a couple of weeks ago, which was northern Rhône like and more rounded. Medium, long finish.


The Cayron is a bit young, Tom. I’ve found these need ten years plus - then I don’t think there would be any disagreement :slight_smile:

Last night Aristos Sylvaner 2014, Cantina Valle Isarco/Eisacktal. Another success from this supposedly poor vintage (which I like a lot more than the supposedly successful 2015). And again as usual, I like the Alto Adige version of the Alsace grapes more than the Alsace one. Lovely clean mountain wine in an optimal moment, I think.


Mmmmm, cassoulet

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A fino with some bottle age. Delicious.


Autumn, in many ways, is my favourite season of the year, not only for the food and wine opportunities in brings but for the beauty of the countryside too. To try and embrace all of that I decided on this yesterday…

…wild mushroom ( chanterelles ) risotto with a bottle of Barolo Monvigliero 2009 from Burlotto. The food looks a mess but it was delicious as was the wine which matched it perfectly.

Fragrant and complex bouquet with tarry red fruits to the fore and floral violet notes, anise, thyme and a touch of wood smoke to complement. It was impossible to resist sniffing on every sip. Similar sensations on tasting, medium body, bright and savoury red cherry / berry fruit, herbs, spice and a hint of pine perfectly balanced by vibrant acidity and soft grainy tannins. A long lingering finish completes a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Almost paradoxical how it combined power and depth whilst retaining elegance and finesse. For my tastes it’s drinking beautifully now but no doubt it will last for a years yet. A real treat !


A glass of Delas Grignan les Adhemar 2016, today with some pork and mushroom ragout. Bottle 4 of 6, the best yet. There was a weird sweetness of fruit that made the 2016 inferior to the 2015 imho, however this is now gone. A cheapie well worth tucking away for 2+ years.
TWS is on vintage 2018, might get a bottle to see if another six-pack is in order. Price up to £8.25 from £7.5 after two vintages. I will leave the remaining two bottles for another year.


My next glass is a Burgundy… With all the chat, could not help but open a 2015 Bourgogne Rouge from Anne Parent, the best unknown Pommard winemaker. What can I say, gorgeous, unmistakeable PN nose… has everything, fantastic red fruit, fresh autumn forest floor (a savoury yumminess). Dark brick colour, clear and transparent. Lovely on the palate, too. Was £17 on the table… no complaints at all, up there with and surpassing the equal priced Germans, light years from Chilean similar priced offerings.


A producer TWS members should recognise, but this was purchased at the cellar door a few years back. Opened to accompany last nights sushi. Great match. TWS Limari Exhibition Chardonnay (dregs from Friday), really wasn’t a good match.

This evening we had roast leg of lamb (garlic, rosemary, anchovy etc etc). So opened my last bottle of this…

Still drinking very well. Not tried the current release (2016?). Anyone a fan of this wine and care to share your thoughts on the 2016?


A 2017 white Burgundy from the Mâconnais this evening, to go with our lobster risotto:

So glad I bought it recently after reading a recommendation in Decanter – as it’s sold out now. It’s definitely the sort of Chardonnay style we like – having a certain amount of weight, without being over the top; the fruit is very focused and ripe (green apple, pear and peach), but there is a real sense of lightness about it, as the oak doesn’t dominate and there’s a good balance of acidity. A delicate leesy note, and a touch savouriness on the finish add to its charm. Every mouthful reveals another layer… For just over £13 this is excellent value for money.

Salute! :clinking_glasses:


Was driving last night but the sniff I had of a Greywacke Sauvignon blanc 2014 showed how well good SB from New Zealand can age, contrary to received wisdom. Made up for it tonight with this, to accompany a rack of lamb and pommes Dauphinois. Bought en primeur ages ago, it is now beautifully fragrant, light but full bodied at the same time and totally delicious


Fairly autumnal weather called for autumnal food (venison casserole) and wine (Gourt de Mautens rouge 2001). Food was spot on, wine was great match but on its own I find it a bit much - a little alcoholically hot and not showing huge development. Lesson is drink it with food and keep the other half for another hearty meal.


Rich full bodied white with a hint of botrytis. A bit like Alsace Pinot Gris.

Good with spiced roast cauliflower and daal. Not as balanced as the 2015, but much more interesting than than what you can normally get for just £8.50.