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Weekend drinking thread [4th-6th October 2019]


So hear it is. The weekend. FINALLY .

What a week its been. What is on everyone’s wine radar this weekend? For me, I’ll be starting with this… AGAIN…:roll_eyes:

Swiftly followed by a glass of this once I get in from my daughters swim club tonight…:


This from a mixed case from the Society last year. Has that 2014 crispness but a bit richer than many I’ve had probably reflecting the most southerly of the villages on the Côte.


Will be opening one of these a little later to go with harissa chicken salad.


Following a recommendation from my Brighton wine correspondent, my search for an SA wine that I can rave about continues. Nothing wrong with this but not a bottle that I would buy again.


After a day waiting unsuccessfully for a W/S delivery (next time will use a W/S van) to my house. Tried to click and collect earlier in the week and another courier broke it.

This and pasta ragu tonight to cheer me up. I’ve not had any real problems before with deliveries and worse things happen at sea.


Went looking for CNP and this popped out. A regular EP buy, but this may have been my first vintage. Perfect with the cottage pie.


Autumnal here so wood burning stove on and Tondonia is warming up in the decanter awaiting my return from picking up from drama.

Might have this to cleanse the palate first.


Will try harder!! :flushed:

Glad you gave it a go though! :+1:

Have you ever tried any of Adi Badenhorst’s red blends…? Or shall I get my coat? :wink:


No. I was allocated the following with my VCP:-

I like the grape, it is apparently ready to drink so hoping that may be the one. :crossed_fingers:


Fingers crossed! :wine_glass::blush:


I am cracking into this little number tonight which unfortunately is my last bottle! For the price it’s an absolute beauty


Autumnal here too and put the heating on last night, at least in my living areas, but still drinking white. Yesterday finished the Saint Mont and then opened a bottle of TWS Chenin Blanc. First impression was that it smelt and tasted of fermentation, okay but not too special.
Today, with nothing before it, it tastes much, much better. Very fresh, with lots of apple flavours, a sort of mix of red and green apples in fact.


Lightly spiced prawn curry tonight.

Found this (2016 vintage) at back of wine cabinet, previously tasted for a #TWSTaste last December (6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics)

Pear drops, stewed apples and ?a bit of sherbert. Just off dry and a good match with the mild(ish) curry.


Delicious, and surprisingly worked well with a Singapore chow mein.


What vintage?


Decided to compare the Ginglinger with this

This is lighter and less golden in colour. Herbaceous hint (?rosemary) initially before pear and melon notes. Also a little yeast. Palate a little drier and more mineral than the Ginglinger.


Got home tonight to see my wife draining the second-to-last glass of this with a friend.

Was ok, but nothing to write home about, quite full and rich, ripe stone fruit but a little unbalanced with a slightly bitter finish. Not enough acidity to round it off. Saved the last half glass for her.

Which meant I could get into this

On the face of it a fairly simple, very gluggable, fruit-forward Italian red. However, there’s a little more to it. Definite savoury undertones (leather, smoke? - I’m rubbish at identifying these), smooth tannins and food-friendly acidity. Enjoyed this without food as well. Smashing bargain at a tenner.


I’ve been on the Lemsip too…

So tonight I decided I needed a tonic. Opened a bottle of the Royal Palace 2002 Colheita port. One of the M&S crazy bargains. M&S Crazy wine bargains

Much darker than you’d expect but delicious none the less. A corker of a bargain.


All the Santa Venere wines I’ve tried have been good.


Excellent to hear - have this on my wish list.