Weekend drinking thread [4th - 6th December 2020]

This was in the £75 mystery case:


Archetypal Aussie shiraz - ace :+1:


I have been reliably informed that I have one in my sack from Santa this year… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Interesting - I have a bottle of 2015 Purple Angel (a gift from the father in law) in the wine fridge. I don’t know too much about it, but would you say it’s good to go now? And if so, any food matching tips?


@MattH I’ve had a quick check on CT (brilliant btw as I discovered I have 8 left, not six) and this was my tasting note in May 2019. I’ve drunk four of mine so far (bought two cases in the end). Noted tonight that Majestic want £50 a bottle for the 2018 and that is the buy six price, so mine were a bargain at £30.

27/05/2019 "Bought six of these last week as saw a great wigig deal (Majestic) last week and decided to open one with my son for my birthday. We had already had a discussion about perhaps leaving these for another five years before exploring but what the hell!

Probably one of the most balanced and powerful wines I have tasted. Waves of fruit, acidity and tannins working together but hinting at massive potential over the next few years. The finish was also to die for, lasting nearly a full minute. Really enjoyable out of the decanter over the course of the evening, continuing to evolve and become more complex. I’d love to have a glass left over for today but it was too delicious. A final indication of the power of this wine is that it was genuinely not overwhelmed by a nightcap of 16 year old Lagavulin single malt… which to those in the know is like drinking a leathery old peat bog whilst salt spray smashes you in the face in a force 10!

Current CT window is 2020 to 2027. So if you have the one bottle, maybe leave for a couple of years? Hope this helps.

Food wise? Anything red and bloody! A damn good steak would be favorite for me but the sauce with my slow cooked lamb shanks will be so rich (the way I make it) that it needs a powerhouse wine in my mind.

I should perhaps add that I adore a Shiraz/Syrah/Carmenere so may not be to a Burgundy lover’s taste of course. There is nothing subtle about this wine. It’s all on and in your face (in a good way!).


These were much enjoyed the latter with poached skate wings.


The first weekend of December is my traditional time for my first batch of mince pies. This year, I tried out Mrs Kirkbride’s Cumberland Rum Butter. And a glass of Romate Don José Oloroso.

Super rum butter recipe @JayKay - definitely worth adding to the repertoire. It has twice the sugar content of my normal brandy butter; I don’t know if that’s the reason, but it seems to be able to hold a lot more alcohol without curdling. The Oloroso is bit like taking all the flavours of the mince pie and squeezing them into the glass, though not at all sweet, just rich. Right up there in quality with the Maribel Amontillado, though heavier, as you’d expect. I did also try it with Twiglets earlier - Palo Cortado is still the best match I’ve found there…


Superb, thank you.

A wine that can stand up to a Lagavulin is really quite a statement, and something I quite like the sound of.

The FIL is an Aussie, so I might just continue to sit on this one until he can finally make it back over here. That and a couple of chunky aged Galician cow steaks would be a good evening.


Love the house brick! X


That red looks Glorious


Thanks! :wink: the bookshelf is held by lots of bricks found abandoned in a field. The remainders came from Travis Perkins :grimacing:


'Twas Christmas in a glass with bells on! :+1: :bell: :grinning:


How many Bumps do we need to inflict…??

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The morning after we enjoyed these, the fizz with late lunch prep and some rugby, Burgundy through lunch, my wife’s choice and a fireside red for a cold night.

We prepped this

And hours later we had this …

Fabulous…dry run for Christmas Eve dinner…


They were a present from parents years ago, they can’t remember where they were from. Sadly only 2 survive from the original 6.

I’ve spent the last six weeks or so clearing down the freezer so we can defrost it. Last night was the final ‘free’ dinner from the back of the drawer, there was a bag of veal shin ragu and two balls of pasta dough.

Rather than pile cheese on top, I made an emulsion of butter, a bit of pasta water and fine Parmigiano-Reggiano to coat the tagliatelle. The pasta was lovely enough on its own, silky with the taste of cheese, the rich meat a seasoning on top.

This was my last bottle of six of the Fontodi CC 2010. My previous bottle was nearly a year and a half ago and I thought it had started to decline. Not this one, it was probably the best of the case! :open_mouth: Bouquet of fruit leapt from the glass, ripe dark fruit on the palate (damson?) with just a hint of violet. Smooth and ever so slightly dusty at the end. I’d not have guessed 10 years old. Shows what I know. Really nice stuff, this was the wine I’d hoped it would be when I bought the case.


What a perfect food and wine combo!


In that case, I’ll leave my 15’s and 16’s for a while. Great looking food btw!


Keeping the 2006 theme of the weekend going. Had this last night.


An old favourite.
Could be labelled Cabernet Sauvignon but is actually a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 86.3%, Merlot 13.7%

Very ripe and plush. Tannins fully resolved. Might be time to drink my last 2 bottles in the next year or so.

Will finish off with roast lamb tonight and hunt for something else in the cellar.


The 2010 was good from the get go but quite sturdy early on, mostly the vintage I think. If you’ve got a few of each I’d at least see what the 2015 is like now. (Do report back!)


Lady Brentw1 thought my Hendricks garnish was a “bit green and one dimensional”.

She reckoned I needed to raise my game with her beloved Salcombe