Weekend Drinking Thread [4-6 March 22]

Jean-Philippe Fichet, Bourgogne Blanc Vieilles Vignes 2018

Was £93 / 6 in bond

Blossom/white flowers, lemon peel/oil, touch of oak.
Very good.
Will have it with some sort of stir fry teriyaki salmon thing.


Not quite the same. I think one’s last bottle may not be the same as the sole bottle you wish to drink ad infinitum… I’m thinking something very expensive rare and once in a lifetime for the former, and a nice quaffable pinot noir for the latter !!


Rather poignantly, the last response on the thread was by the recently departed Taffy-on-Tour.


I think that’s a different proposition. One glorious last wine might not be one you want to drink for ever. Or is it?

Edit: simultaneous post @PHarvey , sorry


Anyway, pleased to report that this afternoon’s tipple ( I tend to eat once a day in the late afternoon…) exceeded my realistic best case scenario of being NTB (not too bad) and was elevated to AQN (actually quite nice); maybe an S for surprising could be incorporated.

In synch with a separate thread about minimum spends and free delivery, this was a random add-on to a TWS consignment to qualify for said free delivery. And I guess illustrates my point about one bottle / free delivery makes no business sense as it deters opportunistic and potentially serendipitous purchases.

But yeah, it’s pretty nice. A straight bat Syrah, more CdR than McLaren Vale, coating tannins rather than chewy and a restrained but delectable layer of spice and pepper. But overall it’s a fruity and structured drop. It accompanied individual baked rice and blue cheese “cakes” with garden veg (kalettes, leeks and carrots). I’ve left half to see how it fares into the next day.



Fair point…



I’ve opened one of these


Had a case of 6 bottles from one of the VCP’s back in the day when I subscribed. This is the fourth bottle I’ve drunk and it’s in a very nice place. Drinking very well, lots of fruit but nicely balanced and pretty decent value for the £20 it cost on the VCP.


Oooh! I have a bottle of the 2004 waiting for me. I might open it in the next 6 months or so…

Tonight’s indulgence is this one from a mixed case that I bought en Primeur a couple of years ago. I found out by scanning the QR code on the bottle that this wine comes from many plots including several in Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault. Can’t say I’m overly surprised, given how nice it is! Its buttery, citrussy aroma is followed by a fleshy, succulent combo of apple, lemon, cream, nuts and a hint of honey.


2019 no-brainer™tonight with pizzas, opened a good hour beforehand but no fruit from this one for either of us on nose or palate. Will try again later.

The Society's Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2020

Our usual basic supply arrives tomorrow to try after skipping the 2019’s which had an unwanted sweetness.



From TWS in 2012 for £30 which is more than I would pay now. Lean, savoury in an old Rioja style, don’t think the grape (baga) has enough character to make a great wine. Outside the TWS drinking window (2020) but still plenty of life.

Pato Barrosa 2005


Baga is an extraordinary variety; confined ro Bairrada, and Luis Pato is its personification.

2005 is still a bit young…


Wasn’t planning on having this but was moved by news of Alain Graillot’s passing today.

Graillot’s Crozes was my first wine love. Although Alain himself hasn’t been directly involved in the wine making for some time, it’s his name on the bottle and I’ll always credit him for igniting my passion for wine.

Salut Alain.


High tannins, makes wines that can age very well and is very dark and rustic in early life. One of my top 5 varietals from the motherland


Still positive for Covid, but thought I’d see how I got on with a NZ SB (the Ned). I can just about get the gist but it’s a bit odd, perhaps metallic. Don’t think I’ll be cracking anything too special this weekend.


I posted the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ thread way back in Feb 2020 when CV19 wasn’t officially recognised & Mr Johnson thought it a good moment to clear off on holiday.

Vintage Champagne was the wine of choice for most member’s last moments on earth.

For what it’s worth after my early brush with the plague, Champagne/ Cremant / Cava is the way to go. You might not get the complexity of flavour & nose… but at least the fizz happens.


Memories of visiting the Saint Clair vineyards on the South Island in 2019 tonight. Purchased the Reverend Sloane discounted ar Sainsburys last year and was not disappointed.

Very pale with slight yellow, green hue. Intense nose. Tropical fruit, gooseberry, freshly cut grass and cream. Light palate. High acidity. Ripe, gooseberry and kiwi fruit. Some green apple and herbaceous notes. Medium plus finish.


Sorry can’t resist posting some selfies of our legendary tasting there, at Pato in Sept 2017. No charge and we were walk-ins as well !!

The winery entrance, the tasting line up, the bottles I bought (all but the sparkling are still stashed away somewhere) and Pato’s baga vines about to be harvested.


Ok, go on then. My guess would be

Touriga Nacional

any advances ?

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I’m going to suggest arinto instead of one of the last two! Probably ramisco in fact.

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