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Weekend drinking thread (3rd to 5th Sept)

Happy Weekend everybody!

This evening, the house to myself - so its going to be home-made anglicised Lamb Rogan Josh. With proper whole toasted spices, leftover mutton, garden tomatoes, green capsicum, masses of home grown chilli. Saffron rice. Never cooked this before so anything might happen.

Wine is an open bottle of Puissegain St Emillion 2016, Ch Chene Vieux… which was very good yesterday evening (especially at the price £13.50) . However in my limited experience St Emillion fades fast so might not be up to much tonight.


UPDATE: post cooking:

nb: undersea background is not an aquarium. It’s a 4k image spread across two 27" screens.

Food photography… not my skill. Saffron rice (ish), rogan josh with a duck egg & crispy onions. Tastes better than it looks - fiery - in fact very fiery. Wine, any nuances wasted… but kinda works in a Friday kind of way.


Had decided not to post anymore, however the food and wine below were so good that it would be a shame not to share. The wine 2012 Dirler-Cade Grand Cru Kitterle Riesling was outstanding. The food mixed dim sum, rice (topped with crispy chilli most addictive food known to man), & carrot salad from Ding Dong Dim Sum was epic.

Have a great weekend all.


It sure means a lot when you’ve got that zing!


Using this link because I think “White, Green, and Flinty” is a pretty accurate summary. Lemon, green apple, grapefruit, and quite a palate tingling acidity. On the verge of being a bit too sharp but never quite gets there. Certainly doing it’s bit to encourage me to get into the kitchen and get some dinner ready!


I had a bottle of that last week - first time trying it and I had fairly high expectations.

Initially I also thought it was on the sharp side - almost unpleasantly astringent. But it grew on me and the richness and complexity soon became more apparent. Enjoyment increased with every glass which is the best way as far as I’m concerned.


This to start. (The other is for his uncle!)
No orange peel unfortunately but used orange bitters.

Now sipping this which is still going strong and watching the test highlights.


@japcraw - great wine! Please don’t stop posting.

This evening I accompanied the cooking with Palo Cortado and Twiglets :yum: And what I was cooking was pan-fried pink bream, served with new potatoes dressed with crab, tarragon and mayonnaise, and lightly roasted Little Gem and tomatoes. Doubling down on Spain, we drank Pazo de Seoane Rosal, 2020.


Very albariño-dominant (though to fair, I’m no expert on the other grapes listed - caino, loureiro and treixadura), with a nose of green apples and lemon, and really fresh and juicy on the palate. There’s also some apple-pip bitterness on the finish, and it’s just a really nice, straightforward wine for fish and seafood. Good value at £12.50.

Happy Weekend!


Twiglets & Sherry ! happy Friday to you Sir.


I think the Wine and Crisps thread established this as a classic combination


After thoroughly enjoying a Fleurie ‘Origines’ 2019 from Gregoire Hoppenot yesterday this was opened tonight with high expectations…

…a Fleurie ‘Les Moriers’ 2018. and another excellent wine it is too. Albeit one that’s a tad more expensive (£14.50) and quite different in style and structure. Black fruits to the fore this time on nose and palate, cherry and berries once again though, but with a firmer fresher structure thanks to more pronounced acidity. To my mind this has a stony slatey quality to it as opposed to the softer, savoury red fruited quality of the Origines. Mind you, I might be guilty of projecting as the back label states it’s from a higher altitude granite soil vineyard. Whatever, it’s still a lovely wine and perhaps one with more potential to age further. Now that it’s sinking in, quite Morgon-esque in some respects too. Er, I think I’m starting to waffle so best to sign off now. Looking forward to reading about what you’ve all been enjoying tomorrow !

Have a good weekend everyone.

Edit - hopefully TWS will eventually list some 2020’s from this domaine as I’d buy without hesitation.


Definitely want to read more of your posts and wine choices @japcraw. Don’t stop, please!


I can’t remember where or why I bought this, but it was definitely worth a try. Slight greenish tinge, apples, I thought at first a slight honeyed note but I’m not getting that now, slight bitterness at the finish. I thought it was a bit too dry for Mrs C but she enjoyed it with food.
Not sure it’s a repeat purchase though. (Even if I knew where I got it!)


@CCouzens Well, I have some of this vermentino and it came from TWS a few months ago, if that’s any help. Actually January I see on checking.

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Thank you - not a huge surprise🙄

Not Laoganma, by any chance? Yet another vice this community has gotten me into.


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Clape St Peray 2019 here. Perhaps infanticide, but enjoyable.


Fitou Origines, Domaine Bertrand-Bergé 2019


Had a nice “chilli sin carne” with this very brawny Fitou! Very full, but kept in balance by the freshness of the Carignan, threw quite a sediment for a young wine so glad I decantated it briefly beforehand. Likely to be in future orders for autumn and winter food, when you need something satisfying, tasty and uncomplicated.


Back home after a week of holiday indulgence in Gloucestershire, found some skate wings in Waitrose to keep the weight gain going! My go-to fish when available and such great value IMO (£6 for two). Usually equally good value at the fishmonger but we were a bit late for them yesterday.

This 2019 Shadowfax Macedon Ranges Chardonnay is absolutely delicious and was a great match to the butter, capers and samphire to go with the pan fried skate.


Wishing you all an excellent weekend.


Opened this with sushi last night

Really nice match. Acidity is kept in check for this grape, white fruit and lemons come through in the palate - pithy in a pleasant sort of way and gives it a little texture. Suspect the rest might disappear this evening.


@AnaGramWords hows the Pontet Canet?

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