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Weekend Drinking Thread [3rd Nov]



Hoping that @robert_mcintosh won’t be cross with me, I thought it was time to kick off this weekend’s drinking thread. What will you drink, with whom and what food pairings do you have in mind.

I just cracked open a bottle of this bone dry, yet delicately flavoured bubbly and will probably sip half of it with some telly.




Just opened a bottle of this:


First glass was with a bacon and guacamole bagel - slightly unusual pairing but working just fine.

How is the Triple Zero? It was featured on the documentary about various sparkling producers that was posted on the Franciacorta thread and I was intrigued.


At £12.5 in bond per bottle, it punches well above the price tag. It tastes really nice, more citrus than green fruit, moreish. Slightly less bubbles than I expected, but would definitely buy… the bottle I am having was a gift.




I was busy drinking a pretty tasting Anjou, and forgot to post it … so not at all! Thanks for stepping in :slight_smile:


My father in law lives down the road from them, nice the WS is now listing their Chardonnay

Enjoyed an English still Chardonnay by Hush Heath in Kent. Flavour of a Chablis, body of a Mosel!


I’ve been drinking this…apassimento sicilian red at just 10 quid! Dried on the vine rather than in storage. Lovely strawberry, cherry and raisan fruit with enough tannin to refresh.


Been mostly beer and cider for bonfire weekend but tonight I might crack my first half of Ch Doisy-Daëne 2009 cru Classé Barsac. We’re going out for a autumn picnic then coming back for poached quince and clotted cream, which is where the wine comes in…


Puy Blanquet 2006.

Tending to brick red with an amber rim. Faint cedar and tobacco aroma. Dry, with low tannin and still spicey flavours. Good finish for the age. Sadly the last one…


I can recommend both the wine and the pud - and definitely the pud with the wine!