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Weekend drinking thread - 3rd April - 5th April 2020

Oooh - de Montine Viognier and very ripe and runny Chaource. Excellent!

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Enjoyed a Swartland Chenin Blanc 2019 with salmon, served with a cold water prawn and shallot reduction, accompanied by Pommes Noisettes. One of my favourite Chenin. Does anyone know the difference between Swartland and Stellenbosch with regard to Chenin Blanc? :thinking:


Oh, I was eyeing that meat from the T&G selection for a while. How did you find it?

A selection of Hungarian meats delivered this morning (made in UK). Will undoubtedly shape this weekends drinking along with dwindling stocks of wine.

Cold smoked sausage and cold smoked - dry cured streaky bacon and ham. Paprika sausages, black pudding and liver pudding for frying.


I usually get wine envy here but right now it’s meat envy! Wow.


Day 11 in the Big Brother house and…another Barossa shiraz.

Interesting back story to this wine with all profits going to charity in honour of the care and support the wine maker’s late father received after his cancer diagnosis.

This was the 2016 vintage and a very different animal from the Wolf Blass opened last week. The usual Barossa fruit of blueberries, plums and damsons but much softer than last week’s bottle. Same with the oak and tannins which were far more understated and velvety. Hint of smoke added with gentle shiraz spiciness completed a rather pleasant picture.

I have a couple more of these and will be interesting to see how it develops over a year or three.

John Duval shiraz curtesy of TWS next week to continue the Barossa voyage.


Look at all that porky goodness!

Is it from a commercial operation or an underground smoking facility (asking from the perspective of my belly)?

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Commercial, operating observing all relevant regulation.

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Do share :yum:

Dom Madeloc Magenca, one of my favourite wines!

2012 Coudoulet last night, with half to come tonight. My last bottle sadly, though I do have 2013, 2015 & 2016 to come!


Inspired by @JamesE this is tonight’s lineup.

A Langhe white to go with a salad nicoise-ish (was supposed to be a Spanish tapas of chicory with anis-infused blue cheese but Mr Jaykay returned with no chicory and a blue cheese we both dislike - Danish😳). Then a 2005 Collioure Cuvee Magenca from Dom Madeloc which may be a bit old with a chicken and chorizo casserole.


@Inbar I am making Mama Galinsky’s humus for tomorrow and wondered whether you think either we of these wines would go? Possibly the Collioure red?

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I like the Madeloc too. Will be interested to see if the 05 is still going!

Oooh! that’s nice to hear :smile:

I would think definitely the Collioure, rather than the Langhe. I don’t usually drink wine with Humus (or humous - how is it spelled??), expect if I’m putting on a maze type buffet - in which case I usually go with a fairly simple spicy Rhone, but I think the Collioure should do the job in a similar way. Let me know if it worked out OK :wink:

PS - my mum’s portions are fit to feed a platoon, so you might want to halve it, if it is just for you two…


Ha, ha! I worried that we didn’t have enough tahini so I halved the recipe. It is still a lot, so we could always pop along to Waitrose and offer to restock if they are short🤣 Just had a chef’s taster - it is gorgeous Inbar. As far away from supermarket humous as one could possibly get. I also sprinkled with toasted cumin because I love that flavour combination.


Wow, what a salivating thread. Food-wise, equal parts inspiration, fregola, I really need to try that, thanks @robertd ( as always your dinner looked fabulous ), and envy, mostly of @szaki1974 and his pile of pork !

Although too late to cast a vote for @Brocklehurstj I’d have gone for the Ghemme too. Although I haven’t drank that wine I rate the producer very highly and I’m not surprised to read it was good 'un.

Anyway, simple stuff here yesterday. a cottage pie with a bottle of The Liberator Blood Brothers 2011…

…despite the dreadful label, which I had to turn towards the wall so I couldn’t see it, the wine inside was excellent.

An SGM blend with a splash of Zinfandel, its sweetly ripe fruit also had a mellow savoury depth that I found very appealing It held its 14.5% ABV easily, balance was excellent, thanks to some grippy tannins, and there were no hot flavours. It was a very good match for the food too. Bought out of curiosity it more than exceeded my expectations.

All the best everyone, I shall look forward to reading more later.


Wine-wise sticking to white Burgundy, but moving to Meurseault(ish). This might not be. Good vintage, but a very promising wine on first sip nevertheless. We’ll see how it will show tonight/ tomorrow.


I am eagerly anticipating my delivery with this in when the society re opens. Sounds a brilliant wine especially at that price

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Oh, this looks fab, @JayKay!! :+1::+1::star_struck:

And I agree, it is nothing like a supermarket one. Totally agree with the toasted cumin seeds, too! We also drizzle olive oil on top and sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper and sometimes toasted pine nuts too. Excellent job!

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