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Weekend drinking thread - 3rd April - 5th April 2020

I’m always too late on these. Sorry!

What did u go for @Brocklehurstj

We had this with fish tonight. Halibut with tzatsiki for Mrs C, grilled hake with an infusion of olive oil, garlic, chilli, red peppers anchovy and olives for the boys.

I thought this was quite a lot better than the last bottle, which was a bit ‘wersh’ as we say up here. This was much rounder in flavour and more in line with what I expect from a good Rias Baxias Albarino. Still some left too…


I love this wine @Tom_R - rarely buy a case of the same wine, but this one made the grade. Though encouraged by a trip to NW Spain last summer.


Staying with the Spanish theme, pulled what I think is the oldest bottle in my remaining stash to go with a some serious steaks. Opened a couple of hours earlier and absolutely singing. Plenty of oak, but still loads of black fruit and enough acidity to cut through some heavily marbled ex-dairy cow meat. Still got a couple of 2009’s, but on this evidence they might need another few years yet. However, under current conditions this may prove impractical…


Love the Pazo de Villarei, don’t need to stress how good the value is.

We’ve been drinking tonight so as to align with the Pauillac thread that’s been threading this week.
Wanted to illustrate how keeping a little known claret for a decade or so can make all the difference. Congratulations if you’ve ever heard of the chateau illustrated below, it never seems to get a mention anywhere, and it’s (pretty) cheap. Good example of a property that just goes under the radar even though the product is absolutely fine. Drank this bottle tonight with pasta and a meat sauce - I agree, not the perfect match - but it was entirely agreeable. More to the point, there’s still plenty of life left in it and I could still be drinking it in five year’s time (that’s 2010 for you).


Should have remembered to show the bottle. Here it is:


Making the most of local asparagus while we can. Well, we always like too, but this year, it seems extra important to take pleasures where you’re able. I cooked some pan fried bream, with a crab and asparagus fregola risotto, and we drank Kientzler GC Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé Muscat 2014

The bream was a bit small, so was cooked before the skin had time to colour properly, but still tasted good. The wine is just great with both seafood and asparagus. Perhaps a bit cold on first opening, but soon revealed grapes and jasmine on the nose. Fine, light bodied, airy and dry on the palate, but good minty length on the finish. One more 2014 in the cellar, but I’ve got both 2015 and 2016 to come :slight_smile: Bucking the Spanish vibe with Alsace (but then I would, wouldn’t I?)


Glass of this from @Brocklehurstj (fully sterilised prior to transfer). Thank you very much. Yum. Love aligote.

Then bottle of this with a rib eye.

The 2014, EP purchase. Goes down very well every time. Plenty of fruit, little bit of spice, but restrained and not overblown. Carignan Grenache blend.
[Note: strangely this wine is about the same price at the cellar door, or was a few years back, as TWS. No complaints, don’t often find myself in the Roussillon).


You been buying up the Japanese glut of wagyu?

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Arribas del Duero Vino de Pueblo Camino de Arrieros 2017, Alvar de Dios

60% Juan García (aka Moratón) and the rest Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante), Trincadeira, Rufete, Bastardo (Trousseau) and others, old vines from volcanic schists in remote area of Salamanca province bordering Portugal, organic. It’s a lightish red vin de soif very much in the Ribeira Sacra mould, but with a redder fruit profile. Sappy and moreish, with lively acidity. Nice, esp for the Spanish price of about €12.


Fishy friday and a Spanish theme continues, with Haddock and Cheese sauce our last 2018 Verdejo from Riscal, bought this in a supermarket in Calahonda and it’s been a few miles but rested well.


Can I ask did you forage your wild mushrooms or buy them?

Your wish is my command (and absolute pleasure).

This one is all about the nose right now. Beautifully perfumed, cherries & spices, very appealing. Serious on the palate, however, medium body, very grippy tannins, red fruit with some dried fruit. Structure kept in balance with acidity, still fresh. A food wine.

I double decanted then aerator-poured a single glass to accompany supper, another glass followed with a nugget of leftover Parmesan. The rest in the Eto to enjoy for as long as my restraint lasts :yum:

This was swigged while cooking and a glass went into the risotto. Well-made, lovely citrus and stone fruit, fresh and lively.


No, this was English dairy cow (from Turner & George, can definitely recommend), but maybe i should be looking for something more exotic!

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There’s a COVID induced glut of wagyu in Japan at the moment apparently…prices are tumbling, well it’s all relative of course…

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Bought, I’m ashamed to admit.

At least I didn’t ruin supper by including the rehydrating liquor into the food. From experience, there is nothing you can do to get rid of that horrible bitter taste.

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I just followed the poll

To be fair, it’s hardly the right season for foraging. That’s before any considerations about Covid-19, or accidentally poisoning yourself. I’ve never been brave enough.

Yeah. Definitely not too many mushrooms around now :slight_smile: Nettle risotto, anyone?


A Pinot Noir from Neuquén in the Province of Río Negro. Produced by Familia Schroeder.

My notes were: Mid red centre, pale red rim. Clean nose. Medium, light plus intensity. Red fruits. Perfumed. Clean palate. Dry. Soft tannins. Medium acidity. Soft fruit. Cherries. Medium finish. Opened up more over next hour becoming fruitier and more rounded. Nice Pinot Noir - fresh and fruity.