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Weekend drinking thread - 3rd April - 5th April 2020

No weekend thread at 6pm on a lockdown weekend. After some Rioja chat this week I thought I better open this, love this Rioja. Sun is shining, can’t beat it for a start to another lockdown weekend


Thanks for kicking this off @Winestwit,

Got another Friday selection I need some help with :grin:

Poll time coming up. Don’t think I’ll get a chance to whip out the corkscrew until 7:30, so the clock starts now.

  • Gianfranco Allesandria Langhe Nebbiolo
  • Torracia del Piantavigna Ghemme
  • Rizzi Langhe Nebbiolo

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Edit - it’s chicken and wild mushroom risotto for supper

Thanks for your assistance and input on a Friday night.


I’ve opened this Spanish red this evening. This is right on my sweet spot. Around a tenner, well balanced and fruit forward.

Serious question for TWS staff. Why are some wines only available for one vintage and others seem to have been stocked for many vintages. My last 3 reds have all sold out and I would have purchased again if a new vintage was available.

Muted cherry, red fruit and a touch of menthol on the nose. The fruit explodes on the palette with a long satisfying finish. Very nice for the second Friday of lockdown.


I would have a crack at the 2009 Torraccia.
I would imagine that it is not an inexpensive bottle given that it comes from a very good vintage.
Have a great night, irrespective of the vote.:+1:


Ill keep the spanish theme going then.

2017 crianza, nice and fresh but balanced, oaky. Perfect for a meaty pizza & salad.


It’s Champagne o’clock chez moi.

As Jeanette Winterson observed there is no better anti-depressant.

Laurent Perrier NV.

A little sweet, this can hide a multitude of sins, but competent. I am slightly ashamed to admit that the feeling of drinking champagne is what I need just now, the hell with tasting it.


Yum, I only had 1 bottle of this before it sold out. Crunchy and delicious.

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Well, my mother ran out of white wine a couple of days ago. This is the only wine she drinks, so out of curiosity she opened a red that she had knocking around, to see if it might be okay in these times of compromise. She poured herself “a glass”, took a sip and decided she couldn’t stomach it - not because it was bad per se, but because it was red. She told me the story yesterday, leaving the bottle on my doorstep for us to finish.

Now, if you weren’t sure you’d like something, you might only pour a really really small glass at first, just to see…? :thinking: Let’s just say that the bottle was missing a third when I picked it up yesterday.

Anyhoo, it’s this, which I believe is a Lidl brand:

Yes, checked and the internet says it’s £4.99 from Lidl.

And you know what, it’s not half bad. To this nose, it’s a Mendoza malbec - all blueberries and violets and puppy fat, and I’m always impressed to find a wine for a fiver that actually tastes like it’s meant to, when so often they taste like Anything made by Anyone from Anywhere.

So there we are, fair play Lidl :+1:

And my mum’s online supermarket order arrived this morning, replete with white wine, so it’s a happy ending all round :clinking_glasses:


Good evening all, some tremendous stuff appearing already. Good riojas and barolos giving me a severe case of FOMO. I hope we’re not peaking too early in the weekend. Tonight, a bruno Sourdais Chinon, 1996 which has finally moved from maybe to yes in my “cellar” forays. Nose is still a little closed but a taste gives me some peppery red fruit and a leafy freshness. No spring chicken but it still has plenty of depth and interest. Just waiting for my pork chops and boulangere potatoes. Cheers.


The stocks are getting depleted so turning to my previous years En Primeur bottles. Good job I have a few of these left!!!


Good evening everyone,

Spanish for me this evening as well,

Most enjoyable.

Hope everyone stays safe, healthy and as happy as these strange circumstances allow.


Pasta puttanesca and the sour cherry character of Lambrusco is pretty much perfect. Lots of acidity and just a hint of bitter tannin at the end.


My team at work has a virtual happy hour at 4.45 on Fridays, so for the last few hours and a bit I’ve been tasting the Pinot Noir that was scheduled to be the next TWS Taste red.

It’s pleasure in a glass.
Aromatic, juicy, fruity and long. Delicious.


I’m with you on the vintage but not the origin. I would have joined the tasting last evening with this but it was not compatible with our meal (Chenin Blanc then needed). No browning (not even any orange) at the rim, bags of fruit, good acidity and a long finish. Perfect with some salmon on a bed of creamed Puy lentils anointed with some smoked pancetta.


Sad to report that an hour and a half after opening this is like sucking twigs. Sweet twigs. Where’s my fruit gone?


So sorry to hear. I opened my bottle and then we drank it. No decanting.

Wow I do enjoy a Chinon but have never kept one that long!
I currently have a few 2011 from Bourgeil resting but not sure how long they will go?

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I bet that was fabulous!
We dropped in on GC after lunch on a Saturday afternoon in Oct 2018 and they were fabulous, great tasting and left on the terrace sipping …wonderful way to relax on road trip

I’m with @Prufrock fizzy Friday in my house. It was my birthday this week and a lovely friend had this sent to me by Deliveroo


Happy (belated) birthday, @HBlackburn! :tada:

What a lovely way to celebrate :+1: