Weekend drinking thread [31st Aug 2018]

Hi all… Gosh i had to seriously consider whether august had 31 days!

This weekend is wonderful… My better half has just joined the society and has taken her first order so i will be surprised with what I’m drinking tonight!

Tomorrow will be a charcuterie cheese platter with this…

Solid, creamy and luscious rioja at a fantastic price.

Happy friday!!!


That Baccolo has always been a crowd pleaser.


We’ve got family over tonight and will finish off the 2001 Cantenac-Brown that I opened last night and is unfortunately on it’s last legs and a bottle of Clarendelle Blanc which is pretty good value Bordeaux.



As our anniversary was mid week we are treating this upcoming weekend as ours to enjoy and splurge on some fine wine. Oh and the weather looks awesome so happy days ahead! Come on 5 o’clock!!!
This tonight with some scallops which was a present given to us on our wedding day 4 years ago…
Not sure what red for the rest of the weekend but most likely something aged from Oz.


Happy anniversary to you @winechief! Do let us know what ages Ozzie you choose. Do you have a favourite region?

I’m spending this evening renewing my car insurance and researching savings accounts which will be thrilling so am going to keep myself company with The Society’s Corsican Rosé


Oooosh @MrNXM I tried that Can-Brown at the sampler not long ago, it was absolutely beautiful! It was still really fresh and perfumed. Just lovely!

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I hadn’t planned in advance to open it so it hadn’t been given any time to breathe and develop. It was pretty much just poured from the bottle straight after opening. I’m hoping that it will be drinking better tonight.

I have a few bottles of various vintages of cantenac-brown, but this was the only 2001. The rest of them should all be drinking well for a few years yet.

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imageimageimageBack from the land of Pouilly Fuisse and St Veran , without a drop of white in the house. However I did manage to get some Super U reds in our luggage …so this weekend it will be these --------
I didn’t know they did rose in Pontefract, but if it’s owt like cake, it’ll fettle anyone … the two Rhones are just up my street wi herbal tints, dark red fruits and a peppery smooth finish ’


I seem to have spent the entire summer just drinking French wine, so tonight there will be a deliberate focus on Italian wines when we meet some friends for dinner later. These 3 all left the showroom with me.

A Soave Classico from Coffele…

Community favourite Biferno…

And an Amarone as a contemplative crowd-pleasing treat for later…

Happy weekend to all! :wine_glass:


Are you sure the scallops will be fit to eat after four years ?



Nice guffaw @Leah !!!

@JayKay Will do. Favourites are generally Barossa (it’s in my blood) or McLaren Vale but keen on all the trendy regions as well, particularly Yarra Valley, Clare, Margaret River, Hunter Valley etc

@onlyawino :joy:

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Let us know whether the Amarone provided some good contemplations :wink: . I don’t buy as much Amarone as I should, considering how much I love it - so would be interested to know what you thought of this one, @Alchemist:clinking_glasses:

Went out with my Mum last night , left my Dad to babysit 2 kids ,(let the 5 year old stay up & told her to shake Grandad if he fell asleep :rofl:, apparently only happened the once!)
Went to a lovely restaurant with a pretty decent wine list. The downside is my Mum LOVES Marlborough SB🤦🤦🏼‍♀️! Drinks very little of anything else. To keep her happy we went for this …So much better than an average Marlborough SB . I definitely think that there is some good wine coming out of Nelson , I had a Pinot Gris not that long ago which was really good too .


With it supposedly being Cab Sauv day today (everyday has to be something nowadays) I decided to crack this open for this evening

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Only 3% Cab Sauv in there but all I had to hand


And what are you going to have with such a fine looking wine from such a great vintage? Do tell…

I was about to say, I thought Fronsac was mainly Cab Franc !