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Weekend drinking thread 31 Jan to 2 Feb 2020


So Brexit has arrived as has the Six Nations first weekend. Will you be celebrating? Will you be supporting European ventures or making deals with far off places?
I can’t wait to get on the train for Edinburgh next weekend for the Calcutta Cup and spending time with a load of me auld marras… East Coast Line permitting. This is on my list for the weekend.

What’s on yours?


Sort of getting ready for times to come… will delve into this New World classic (an oxymoron?)…

£86 for a case of twelve in 2016…


This will get a look in for an aperativo this weekend…

and for the main event over the coming weekend as :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 hopefully beat :fr: Winter warmers.


As several days of epic lurgi (hopefully) come to an end, a tentative glass of this:

Cherry, herbs, menthol…nice and zippy :+1:


Not related to your recent infection, one hopes…


Opening this which came to us at Christmas- from Haltwhistle in Northumberland

The initial bubbling tails down to a gentle sparkle with honey back notes.


Looking forward to 6 Nations. As for politics

We will cheer ourselves up with this

Hope you all have a good celebration or commiseration this evening depending on your view. And have a great weekend.


Eating a quick stir -fry (again) with friends and this:

Really racy and saline, without being at all sharp. Fantastic quality as always from Dönnhoff, greengages with great length.

That went down so well with our guests that the riesling theme will continue with this:

Taking a break from watching “News”


I intend to spend the evening avoiding news coverage and drinking quite a lot of this

First bottle from an Alheit mixed case delivered this morning by our lovely WS driver. These really are world class white wines showing great poise and managing intensity without heaviness. As good as almost all white burgundies at twice the price, spicy character on the nose and with a fruit profile that’s difficult to pin down. Long clean finish.


A European wine here…

…for old times sake and for the intrigue. TWS notes are notable for what’s not mentioned. An online search revealed it’s from a tiny 1 ha sun trap ( the Golden Hole ) on a 60 degree slope in the larger Mauerberg vineyard. It’s a monopol of Schloss Neuweier and is planted to Riesling. Classed both as Grosse Lage and Grosses Gewachs it appears to be one of the most regarded wines from the region. It would have been rude not to give it a go. Especially at the price which appears to be considerably cheaper than buying it direct.

Enough waffle and I’ll try not to use the M word…

…has my favourite white wine hue, bright green / gold ( not that the pic does it justice ). The fresh, fragrant and floral nose isn’t particularly complex, or perhaps, it’s just a bit closed. Tasting is another matter. Rich and spicy with a depth and breadth of flavour that suggests this isn’t your average Riesling. Tart stone fruit and fresh lemon / lime citrus flavours with a pleasing chewy texture are beautifully focused and balanced by its fresh acidity. A long and tangy lip-smacking finish to end quickly kept me coming for more. Lovely !

Kudos to TWS for selling this at such a great price. If you haven’t tried a GG wine before and are interested it provides incredible VFM. If you like kerosene / petrol aromas and flavours it might disappoint though.


I just can’t seem to get along with this, have tried it a number of times and the pricing is just off the scale.


Too much Rhône chat…


Great tasting note. Sorely tempted to add to my next order


Avoiding news here too; eating and drinking well just seems much more enjoyable.

We ate red mullet on courgette and radicchio with tomatoes and clams, and drank Dirler-Cadé Muscat GC Saering 2015. On advice from @MarkC, I asked the fishmonger to save the livers, which I fried - very nice, if quite small.

The wine has all of the ripeness of the vintage, combined with the elegance and salinity of the terroir. Very fragrant nose: violets, grapes and honeysuckle; good fruit on the palate, but also quite saline and minty. Delicious, and very typical of the producer.

Now to spend a happy weekend perusing the Rhône EP offer…


An old favourite of mine too! Have one bottle of the 2009 left…don’t have the 2011, but got the 2013,14 and 16.

I fear that I may need some after the rugby…


But no Chianti or fava beans…


You can’t have everything…


Champagne tonight, celebrating… No not that, but the end of dry January. I know I’m a day early but the case was bought to have one a month this year and find something to celebrate. After a mix up in reserves withdrawal I got my replacement, aged NV - these are from March 2017.

A ‘winey’ nose, almost cidery with some dough and gentle mousse. Reminded me of an apple strudel. Still a bit of sharpness though. Very pleasant.


That’s a very accurate description of Boizel.


TWS tasting window ends this year, but we think it has plenty of life left yet.