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Weekend Drinking thread [30th October - 1st November 2020]

Just checked CellarTracker. We now have 200 bottles. I blame all of you.


Starting my birthday weekend off in style in Henley on Thames with my Dad (I’m his support bubble) with a beaaauuuutiful fizz from, Henley on Thames.


@Andrew20 I so know that feeling. At least only 2 more days and I can use the excuse I haven’t bought any new wine this month!


Have a great birthday!

This is wise. My last lot I picked up from their Oval farmers market stall and borrowed their little trolley to wheel home. Somehow 2017/18s are all still intact.

Tying back to my “we’re having what’s in the fridge” turns out to be a bottle of their skin contact Aligote.


Lovely choice. I cycle past the winery but have only in the last week or so acquired a bottle to try. Interestingly vinified/bottled by Hambledon Vineyards. Ready to go?

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It’s a real life horror story


It’s not until Sunday (I am stringing it out over a whole weekend, Mariah Carey style) but thanks! Big night of wine and cooking tomorrow.


Very glam. Some of us just use a bit of Flash and a mop. :slightly_smiling_face:


Opened this and really disappointed:

I know 2018 was ripe in Alsace but there is just no acidity - it tastes like Pinot Blanc. It’s a massively different wine from the 2017. The second bottle is going back. So I have moved onto the Grosset Springvale, which is nice but will hopefully show a bit more concentration and intensity once open a while.


Homemade vegetarian laksa this evening so it had to be Gewürztraminer.

Rose, Turkish Delight, candied citrus, a touch of spice, apricot, tangerine. Really good match and very drinkable


Top trumps there @Leah! Probably pretty youthful still?

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We will all receive gratefully if you wish to resolve this issue…

Three wines tonight, which reflects all the competing flavours in roast loin of pork, red cabbage (Nick Nairn, very decadent and good), roast tatties, steamed kale and a shallot, cider and apple sauce…also one was opened last night too…

Last night’s wine was the Morrison’s Best Pinot Gris from the ever reliable Turckeim co-op. When it’s on offer at £7.50 this is a steal. We had it last night with a stir fry and it hit the spot completely.

Tonight we started with this.

It’s settled down since last bottle a year or so ago, the Bramley apple has been replaced by something less tart. Maybe a bit overwhelmed by some of the flavours, but very good nonetheless.

We then had a small glass of the PG from last night, big contrast in mouthfeel and definitely quite a lot less dry, I hesitate to say sweet though. It was a little overpowered by the red cabbage too. A bigger PG would be fine.

Finally, and just me, Coravined a glass (well maybe two) of this

This went very well with the pork and red cabbage, less so with the apple sauce - hence the need for three wines tonight :wink: - it wasn’t in the sweetish mode of the 2015 vintage. Reminded me a lot of the Pataille village Marsannay. Both VGV for Pinot.

Enjoy your weekend. I am fishing (last day of salmon season tomorrow on the river I’m going to). Looking at the forecast, I should probably be sectioned…


All this talk of fizz diverted me to the bottom shelf where I found this. Then had to convince Mrs B to agree to fish and chips for supper. This was the work of but a moment.

Picked up on a recent shopping trip with my daughter (who, for the first time didn’t grass me up to her mum). I think it was on offer at £21.

No doubt the power of suggestion worked its way into my thoughts, but the blurb on the back, with its greengage and lemon biscuit description seems pretty accurate from where I’m now carb-slumped in the sofa. Daughter can put herself to bed tonight.

It’s still pretty fresh for 12 years old, nowhere near the level of buttered toast I’d anticipated but quite powerful with plentiful fine bubbles, even in a wine glass. I’d mark this as very good value.


Enjoy it Leah. I hope he is right as rain when you see him, but if he’s lost all sense of taste then you’ve no excuse but to keep it to yourself!

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I’m sure you won’t find it too difficult to socially distance yourself from the salmon Mark :rofl: :rofl: Tight lines.


I am a master at long distance catch and release…

That said, now in double figures for this season. One decent summer fish kept and smoked and frozen , for Christmas, now wondering if it was a good idea to keep one side whole given the anticipated party of 9 looks unlikely…


In my experience, good German wine rarely fails with roast pork!
Not everybody’s cup of tea, but I would especially recommend a Franken dry Silvaner such as that in this mixed case:


Hope you all stay healthy, @leah. You especially don’t want to lose ANY sense of taste or smell with that wine.

Happy Birthday @willrcwyatt! Great start to the weekend.

Love picturing that, @HBlackburn. So glad that it didn’t smash, as the pressure could make that very nasty.

I’ve enjoyed a day off work, though tinged with sadness that this should really have been a whole week off work in Alsace. Very much feeling the pain of what’s going on in France at the moment, both with Covid and with the awful events in Nice and near Paris. And amazed that we’re still in Tier 1 here in Cambridge.

I cooked brined cod, crispy skin, creamed cabbage and leeks with juniper and gin, and topped with a poached egg. We drank Hans Wirsching Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben 2018, from a mixed case.

It’s the first time I can remember drinking Scheurebe, as recommended by @ANoble, and we both really like it. Grapefruit is definitely there, but there’s a tropical element too, and I’m ready to be convinced by the TWS suggestion of guava. Dry and quite light bodied, but somehow substantial too. Really nice.

This is the second bottle of this case that we’ve drunk, and they’ve both been excellent. Given how other wine seems to be flying off the shelves at the moment (including German - see Prüm EP), it’s amazing that this is still available. It’s not the cheapest, but equally there’s much more expensive stuff out there which offers nothing like the value. We bought this in July, and you can still buy it. Fashions, eh?