Weekend Drinking thread [30th October - 1st November 2020]

It’s been a while since I have started one of these and with it being Hallowe’en I’m sure there will be some nice bottles opened by everyone over the weekend.
For us, its been a bit of a crazy week, I’m expecting Mr. Leah home maybe tomorrow after testing positive for covid on Monday upon returning to Aberdeen to meet his vessel!
He is asymptomic and his viral load low. He’s had another PCR test today so fingers crossed he is negative. I’m also negative but have had to isolate! Bummer that the kids can’t now have a wander tomorrow evening even to look at peoples decorations.
So, I’m bringing out the big guns this weekend to make up for the fact the kids wont go back to school next week after half term :sleepy: :mask:!

What’s everyone else drinking??


Not the best of news @Leah, trust you all will stay healthy and safe. :crossed_fingers:


It sounds like the wine is very much deserved @Leah! Hope you get the all clear soon.

After a frustrating week at work and with autumn weather and tier 3 restrictions putting a bit of a damper on things generally I’ve enjoyed having a bit of an experiment in the kitchen making a suitably spooky steak, mushroom and shallot pie. Not the most refined piece of pastry-work but tasty! A bottle of Lidl Cote du Rhone went into the stock and we’re drinking a Weinert Carrascal Corte Classico 2015 with it. Happy weekend!


Goodness. That’s like play your ace straight away! Hope everyone is well soon.

Hope you’re all safe and healthy, but also…

Hope your sense of smell is unaffected​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Theres literally nothing wrong with any of us… :slightly_smiling_face:! We all feel fine.


An excellent white Burgundy to start the weekend. Very St Aubin with a hint of Chassagne character.


Trying the 2017 of this, always one of my favourite whites. It’s quite full on, dense, rich and opulent in all the best ways. Shame it seems one that WS are no longer listing.


I’ve hung on to this for a while. Seems like a good night to crack that screwtop.


ooh nice. what are you having it with @Leah?

I seem to have two wines on the go so far tonight

Started Domaine Roche last night, very full bodied and dangerously 15%. I’m loving the black fruits. Could probably do with another couple of years in the cellar (or 6 could sit nicely in reserves).

And I’m loving the very juicy Fitou. Plums and raspberries on the palate for me, I could easily drink this all night long. Really good value for money at 9.95,


Well my weekend has not started very auspiciously, it’s been a busy, full-on week and I just dropped an entire bottle of champagne when opening the bottle. Was left with the cork and cage only. Amazingly the bottle did not smash but span around the kitchen spraying champagne. The half glass left in the bottle was of course completely flat.

In better news my kitchen floor is now really clean.

Luckily, can always find more fizzy Friday options in this house :wink:


I’ll keep everything crossed for you.

We’ve not gotten as far as thinking about wine yet, but it’ll probably be a whatever’s in the fridge as we both fancy white.


You’re stronger willed than me. I’ve finished all my 2015s already! Trying very hard to not start on the 2017s yet.


Hopefully not a sore throat :rofl:,
not sure yet, but i’ll let you know.


Two reds open this evening, let’s see if one carries over to Saturday…
2015 Chapelle de Potensac, bit light, soft fruit and definitely does not need more time on the rack.
To come with a Steak dinner, one of Margaret Rivers finest from Woodlands, 2009. Should be a cracker.


Trying something different tonight. Was expecting a hairy rustic beast but turns out this is quite a delicate thing. It smells like a forest floor but tastes like plums and dried herbs. Developing in the glass too, keeping me on my toes.


I’m crying and laughing at the same time

Out of sight, out of mind… I get them delivered to Vinotheque.


It’s been a long work week, so a really delicious (I think 2001 though the duck based font makes it a touch ambiguous) mourvedre dominated [not quite Faugeres]. Really dark-fruited and savoury, with some really good mourvedre dustiness (sort of as if dust was a spice at the base of the tongue. Excellent.