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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


This is really odd! Me and the other half tasted it in the Lewes summer Fine Wine Walkaround, and fell in love with it! (came back for another glass, it was so good!). We tasted a lovely St Emilion immediately after, but we still preferred the Sendiana. I remember liking the very ripe black fruit and spice, and the certain smokiness it had. Obviously, horses for courses, but I’m a little surprised neither of you found anything to like about it.
Even more curious about trying our bottle now! :thinking:


@MarkC, you mention the M word. It does seem a little unfair to any Lebonese producer to be constantly compared to Musar. I am certainly guilty of this.

It must ge a double edged sword. Fantastic that a single winery can place a country on the world wine map but then there is always the comparison.


It wasn’t just Musar…I’ve had a few others and Sendiana was very different. My comparison with it was a St Estephe…but not very positive!


I tried to find something to like and failed…:slightly_frowning_face:


Ah! Well, can’t win them all :slightly_smiling_face:

We decided to take our bottle to a BYOB Lebanese restaurant next Saturday. It’ll be interesting to see if we enjoy it as much as we did last time. Will decant a few hours before, for sure.


Maybe decant through a fine sieve if my experience anything to go by…


Yep! We’ll show that sediment who’s boss! :wink:


I now have vision of you with a fine tea strainer and a decanter while a bemused Lebanese waiter looks on…


Ha ha! Quite a vision, that! Add my belly-dancing, and the picture is complete :wink:
I suspect we’ll double decant at home… No one will ever know… :smirk:


Good idea…double decanting that is!


“Nearly there … just a bit more sediment…”

“Yalla come on! Shoo baddik tekle ce soir…?!”


Ha! Better not piss off the waiter! :slight_smile:
Though it’s free corckage they’ll probably end up charging us for the hassle!..


Re: Te Mata Merlot Cabernet
Excuse the belated addendum to your post Nick, I’m not so assured with navigating this site, and only stumbled on a way of perhaps? linking these tasting notes to you!
Day 3, and in the comfort of my own home. Glass-ware does make an incredible difference!
This Crimson coloured wine has muted aromas of Cassis, Cedar, Black pepper, & Bay leaf.
It’s Medium weight on the palate, exhibiting bright fruit inside some elegant tannin & acid.
There is additional notes of spice, tobacco, and gravel, finishing with light clean fruit once again.
Let’s see if this gets to you Nick, Cheers!


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Thank you :pray: - saved me retyping