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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


I’m feeling especially Christmassy today. There is a Christmas cake in the oven and I’ve had synchronised wine deliveries :blush:!! I have NO idea what to crack open tonight but thinking it will be this gorgeous Hunter Valley Semillion…

Anyone cracking open the “Christmas wine” tonight ??


No alcohol for us this weekend. This is as exciting as it is going to get

Not sure Drink’In the Sun is the right description for this weekend’s weather forecast (though it is currently sunny here) but we can always dream!


You will find it is a very good beer.


We got it in for this period of abstention on the back of recommendations by the community so we hope it will be good.


@leah - certainly ramping up the festivity here. We’re turkey tasting tonight (not even having turkey for Christmas this year but, hey). Neighbours round for a winter BBQ tomorrow (hope the weather holds) and our town Christmas light switch on is on Sunday - cue minor celebrity and much merriment!

Kicking things off with one of the Shiraz tasters picked up in the week which I had indeed earmarked for Christmas!


Only two more weeks of work left before a 3-week break, so I am certainly entering ‘festive’ mode with bells on! :christmas_tree::tada:

No drinking tonight, and tomorrow I’m out with the mums brigade, so who knows what we’ll be drinking (it’ll no doubt be quantity, rather than quality!). For Sunday, I got my eye on this little fella currently resting in the wine fridge:


Had the 2015 before and really enjoyed it - so hoping the 2016 doesn’t disappoint.

Happy weekend, one and all! :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


Are you in a wine warehouse Leah?

Tonight I will be going with the last tasting star:-

Good weekend to all.


My plans for the weekend currently include:

Although subject to change, as hoping to take my father to the Cellar Showroom tomorrow at some point…


Not sure my plans will go much further than these…

Meh! :frowning_face:


Well you know what that means?


I have a few more bottles of this coming so wanted to try it now. Nose of savoury, game maybe a bit of farmyard.

I’m giving it a couple of hours decant before tasting.


Don’t know that winery Leah, but when in Aus Semillon was much more in evidence than today and the same here, Hunter Valley is renowned for it’s Semillon but the best I had out there was from Western Aus by Moss Wood, for some reason, fashion ?, it has largely disappeared from the shelves, so that one you have is quite a rare beast these days, and it can be superb.


Mc Williams / Mount Pleasant: absolutely stunning with some bottle age, as @Leah’s has. Their Lovedale semillon is the best I think (TWS used to stock it), but I had a lot of the Elizabeth last year when Tesco bin-ended it. Brilliant wine, and low-enough alcohol that you can drink quite a lot without feeling too many after effects!


The nose on this Croze has quietened down. It’s dense and rich on the palate. Loads going on. Young, soft tannins, Syrah all over. Very long and evolves in the mouth. Will definitely get better but lovely now.


Sounds similar to my experience with this. Longish decant needed…


Tonight it is this

with bobotie, gnocchi with roast squash and spinach, and braised cavolo nero with pomegranate and mint pesto.

There is huge sediment in this wine, so decanting is a must. Even after a couple of hours it was best described as like a somewhat recalcitrant St Estephe. I had a sneaky small glass before the food and it was pretty dense - spice and oak on the nose. The fruit was there, it was just hiding…lot of tannin still, probably not helped by the tannin or similar of pomegranate seeds. Maybe it will open up a bit more tomorrow. Wife and daughter had Kumeu Chardonnay, which seemed to slip down well…


Thought we’d kick off proceedings with this entry-level bottle from the Mad Hatter of the Rhône himself:



Very, very nice. My first 2017 from that neck of the woods - very purple, lovely dark-fruited concentration, great balance. And although this is (presumably) your standard Southern Rhône blend, the flavour profile really reminded me of The Society’s French Syrah. As ever with Majestic, it needs the lower price to be anything like the right price, but this bottle is perfect for the last day of November.

I took the glass upstairs to sip while bathing the little ones after dinner, which was great until a mouthful went down the wrong way, completely the wrong way, causing Daddy to cough M.Chapoutier all over the bathroom. Well, the first cough and a half went on the floor - remember that lovely purple hue? - while the other three and a half coughs, slightly more under my control, were directed into the sink. Oh well, it gave me something to do while the sprogs poured water over each other.



Staying at the bargain bin!
However, just completed a TWS order which actually is 100% from recommendations from community members…I have kept notes!


I made a French onion soup Wednesday night, which we had tonight after the kids went to bed.

I followed this recipe, except for apple brandy…

Paired it with the Bourboulenc Roussanne I posted about earlier and have to say it was a match made in heaven.


At the end of her glass of the Chapoutier, and all of a sudden, the other half piped up: “Have we got any Port…?”

Well, the Crusted Port is for Christmas itself, but we’ve got a bottle, left over from last year, of that cheap and cheerful Marks & Spencer Ruby Port that comes in the squat little 50cl bottle and is always on offer. I fetched it from the garage and plonked it on the coffee table. The good lady then picked it up and started shaking it, just for long enough to realise what she was doing: “Oh my goodness, I shouldn’t be shaking it, should I?! Oh no! Have I ruined it??”

No, it should be fine, no sediment here, but it was good for a chuckle…! :rofl: