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Weekend Drinking Thread [30th April - 3rd May 2021]

There was a recent discussion on another thread about Ogier’s Rosine syrah, the gist of which was that it was a good wine in and of itself, but that if you started thinking of it as a junior-baby-almost-Côte-Rôtie, you might be disappointed, and I very much agree.

For me, this…

…is further along the road to Rôtiedom (in keeping with its higher price).

It’s sweet and seductive, but not before going through a fascinating transformation during the first couple of glasses.

In short, it goes from George Clinton to Al Green via the Wurzels.


Yep this is an earlier drinking one, on the night it was lithe and still on the fruit, and it didn’t have more than a few minutes in the decanter before starting a glass.


Hands up if anyone else has been there: moment of distraction during a good evening with friends; somewhat relaxed structure to the proceedings and after a while: swirl, nose in, long pause, repeat, finally concluding on the way to first sip: “very closed, not getting much of anything at all”. Very quiet room briefly until someone pipes up: “Ahem… that’s the water”. :flushed: :rofl:


Getting quite a bit of minerality on the palate?