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Weekend Drinking Thread [30th April - 3rd May 2021]

So, it’s here… Bank holiday weekend. I totally forgot until a small child told me they didnt have school on Monday. Best make the most of it then.
I am celebrating slightly with the fact I passed my B&E driving this morning at an ungodly hour. It means at least one of the 2 adults in this family can actually pull the monster of a caravan we purchased at the end of last year!!

I’ll be celebrating with friends who are popping round to the garden tonight and I’ll start by opening this blanc de blanc Contratto from the Langhe:


I discovered this fact yesterday when I tried to organise a meeting with someone on Monday because everyones calendars were empty for some strange reason.

I’ve put a bottle of something fizzy in the fridge for post gym rehydration and will take it from there!


It seems I don’t need to do that test (showing my age) but I probably will do the training before I start towing a caravan.

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You’ll be fine … are you planning to buy a twin or single axel?

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To be honest I’ve not got that far yet - I have to sell the van first which I’m about to embark on doing now people can travel to and from Scotland again! However it will need to be reasonably big as I will be in it for 2 months at a time when I’m down south. So I’ll probably want something around 6-7 metres long. Also I’ve really very little experience of towing hence I’ll probably do some training just for my own peace of mind!


Lucozade? :laughing:


The good old glass bottled/ cellophane wrapped vintages should be at their peak around now :grinning:



Well I’m working through a few Waitrose special offers and here are the next victims

We a tried a bottle of the Romanian Pinot Noir last night and it was pretty good (just over £6) - I would strongly suggest giving it a bit of time to breathe though.


My new neighbour (strictly speaking I’m the new one, he’s been here decades), just came around with a bottle of wine to say ‘welcome’.

We’re going to get on :grinning:


Btw did people see the Bin 009 announcement? That’s a bit of a surprise. Our usual spies have not been on the ball!


Some people are already sure they know what it is…


Salad tonight with smoked mackerel despite the unseasonal cold. Have enjoyed this well priced rosato in the past.


Silly me, I knew someone would be on the case!


Not a patch on the Bougrier Chardonnay and certainly not SB. And you’re a lot better off spending a quid more and getting the Society’s Muscadet too.

That said, was opened to cook some Sea Bream fillets my wife got at a bargain price. Encrusted them with dill and fennel seeds. Served on a bed of creamed Savoy and garnished with a mound of deep fried leeks. All of which went to greatly improve the wine. I’ll be interested in trying some more of the Muscadet’s stocked at a higher price point.


This evening I have opened this Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Petit Verdot/Malbec blend
32%/50%/10%/4%/4% respectively.
Cain valley vineyard; Spring mountain, Napa Valley.
An east facing vineyard on side slope of the valley. Elegant, almost suave fruit. Polished, ripe, fresh. Very fine tannins, ripe, medium. Fresh medium+ acidity. Fruit: blackcurrant, blackberry, vanilla, blueberry, mushroom sweet spice black plum, black cherry. Chocolate. Long intense fresh uplifting finish.
Alcohol, medium, so no warmth on the tongue.
Medium ruby.


My first venture into Greek (or Crete) wines for many years. This Nomas Assyrtiko arrived as part of a mixed case this week and I am very impressed. Lots of Mediterranean flavours.

Very pale, slight hints of green hue. Medium nose. Herbs and citrus fruits. Orange, lemon and rose water. Hints of honey and thyme. Medium minus palate. High acidity. Lemon, apricot and red apple. Slightly nutty. Hints of lavender and honey. Medium finish.


Tonight we shall open the 2018 vintage of this


You won’t regret a venture into Greek wine. I have found it, and continue to find it, a fascinatingly joyous and original experience.
Their terrific grape varieties are full of different dimensions and flavours. Their winemaking is both original and terroir based. Long may it last.


Yes, I was very impressed and will be exploring other wines.