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Weekend Drinking Thread [30 Aug to 1 Sep 2019]



Thanks. Think that’s the one I have too


One of the reasons I bought two etos was so I could compare two wines alongside each other without having to frantically drink both bottles before they went off. To that end I tried two wines last night:

The Exhibition is 2016 at £13.95 and described as “No oak flavour” and the Thalbert is two years older at 2014 at £23 and described as “Pronounced oak flavour”. Both were decanted two and a half hours prior to drinking. So I thought they would make an interesting comparison. I particularly wanted to get a feel for that difference in oak flavour but…

A bit disappointing as I could hardly identify any difference between them. In particular I found no discernable oak or vanilla flavour in the Thalbert! Is my palate really that bad? The Thalbert was a bit more structured with more tannin and possibly a hint of pencil shavings also a little darker in colour but they were both fairly fruit forward and full of blackberry and spice. I guess they are both still a little on the young side but both of them had very smooth well integrated tannins.

So I really didn’t find much to separate them… apart from the price! I would say the Thalbert was a marginally better wine but not £9 worth of difference.

ETA: why do both of these show here as no longer available but when you click through tot them they are both available? :thinking:


Their Roussanne also sold in Sainsburys is also excellent.


I think these are the generic descriptions and notes used for every vintage of Thalabert. 2014 was not a heavy year for both ends of the Rhône, possibly requiring dialled back use of oak, and JLL contrasts the 2014 as having a little oak flavour whereas the 2009 and 2010 have more prominent oak. So I think your conclusions were probably spot on.


That’s the other one that I forgot to mention. Picked up a 6pk of the 2015 for £6 per bottle. £10 down to £8 then 25% off. Absolute bargain and so much more interest than any other supermarket wine at that price.


We had friends round for dinner which gave me an excuse to open these.

They were all fantastic.


Sorry, I messed with your post a bit… the prices did not show as you have included the Historic Product Detail link (potentially copied from My Wines?) I deleted the Historic bit from the link and the prices now show. On the flip side these active links will die when the products go out of stock…


The 2011s in Bordeaux have developed well in bottle rather as did the 2001s.


Thanks that makes more sense now. I pull the links from my Order History but essentially the same thing.


Bought for me as a gift. A bit of googling says it’s from Aldi - and it’s really good. That DWWA award merited - lots of depth of flavour, mocha and blackcurrant with a hint of fig. Moderate tannins and it is a fresh and drinkable 13%. Would absolutely recommend and very good at I think £8.


This tonight with veggie bolognese. Spicy tobacco and leather flavours, red cherry fruit and spice. Medium bodied with good structure. I’d say a textbook Vino Nobile (it was one of the first wines I remember tasting and enjoying, on a family holiday in the lovely town of Montepulciano as a teenager).

Last night we had a couple of reduced supermarket wines:

This from M&S (Made by Lustau just £6 for a half, great value!):

This from Waitrose:

First 2018 Kabinet for me ripe and fruity, good at the reduced price, Will probably taste better with a bit more time in bottle though… Looking forward to trying more from this vintage soon


Two lovely wines, one from a recent WS offer - ripe, dense, soft tannins, could easily take a year or two of cellaring. And then a glorious Gavi from Waitrose.


This evening, after slight over enthusiasm with the amount of heat in my Madras curry, I’m supporting local enterprise in the form of the Hog’s Back Brewery which is a few miles away. I think all their beer is brewed with local Fuggle hops; certainly the ones I’m drinking tonight.
Starting with Hop Garden Gold, which is a fairly pale beer, with a not surprisingly dry, hoppy flavour; then will switch to Tea (traditional English ale) which is a bit darker and sweeter, and is the one most often found on tap in (local) pubs. Actually I have no idea how wide their distribution is.
If you’ve never tasted them and you come across any I’d recommend trying. They bottle a whole range of their own beers and a cider now too which I haven’t tried. I do like the various beers I’ve tried.

Edit - https://www.hogsback.co.uk/our-range/


The butcher’s latest wheeze - mangalica pork from Hungary (his girlfriend is Hungarian, apparently), with pea and cauliflower purées and plum-scented shiitake mushrooms. Paired up with more wine from the Bas-Rhin.

Pinot noir "Clos de l’Ourse’ 2013 from Domaine Gresser in Andlau. Cherries, a little wood and some plums, quite high acidity which went well with the pork (very tender, a definite re-buy), a little earthiness, medium bodied, completely ready for drinking now.


How was the Josmeyer? The Brand is a complete sun-trap, and we’ve tended to find that it can result in wines that can be a bit unbalanced - too much sugar and not enough acidity. A slightly heretical opinion I know - it’s got a top reputation.


We thoroughly enjoyed this 2018 Chilean Chardonnay this evening, with Moules à la Normande:

This wine offers incredible value for money; well-balanced oak, which gives a gentle whiff of vanilla and spice, but is only ever a hint; the fruit is a wonderful combination of citrus (orange zest, tangerine) and orchard fruit (ripe apple and pear) with some background notes of pineapple. There is nothing over-the-top here, just ripe fruit that is complemented by oak, but isn’t overpowered by it. We absolutely loved it. It worked really well with the cream/apple/pork sauce as well as the mussels.

One to buy more of, for sure! :star_struck:


It’s been a while since I opened up a bottle of Rioja, and this is the last I have from this particular year, although I do still have a handful of others from earlier vintages.

This is delicious. Strawberry. Cherry. Leather. Vanilla. Spice. Jolly nice.


This PN led Cuvee from Gal Tibor’s winery (TWS used to stock their Kadarka). Delightful, nebbioloesque (but soft), wonderful raspberry flavour. Got to get more…


This was the first wine I bought EP back in 2003 when I was 24 years old. A 12 bottle case cost me £150.

Initially there was bamble fruit but that quickly disappeared and I was left with tobacco and mocha. Drink up now.

It was my last bottle - celebrating my 10 yr old daughter about to start her last year in primary school and my 5 yr old starting year 1. I’m starting to feel old !! #end of an era!!


It’s lovely. Josmeyer is one of my favourite producers of Riesling in Alsace. I’ve always found them well balanced, if anything, normally with less noticeable residual sugar certainly compared to a new world Riesling.

Fortunately, the friends we had round also love Riesling. It’s normally something I have to drink on my own as people still turn their nose up at it and say they don’t like it.

At least that helps keep the prices down. The bang for your buck is quite extraordinary for a top quality German or French Riesling -unless you buy a bottle of Clos St Hune - which is one of my bucket list wines. One day!