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Weekend Drinking Thread [30 Aug to 1 Sep 2019]



After three saintly days of no drinking, it’s nice to hear the cork go ‘phut’. Lovely sound! :grinning:

I decided to open a bottle of Grillo this evening, to go with pasta baked in Mascarpone sauce. This one is from Donnafugata, and I was surprised to see that it’s got the Arabic (and Hebrew) name of ‘Sursur’ – which means ‘a cricket’ in both languages. A quick read through the tasting notes reveals that ‘Grillo’ means a cricket in Italian – and, of course, Arabic was at one point spoken in Sicily. Oh, the things you learn via wine!

This is one fine Grillo. I’ve had quite a few rather pleasant, but ultimately not memorable ones, but this smells and tastes like a notch above! Lovely straw colour in the glass, it is quite intense on the nose with scent of orange blossom, jasmine, waxy lemon and some fresh herbs (we thought fennel/dill). The mouthfeel is lovely and almost oily – but not quite, with fresh and lovely notes of tangerine, white peach, fresh herbs and a twist of orange zest on the finish. A perfect summer wine, which I suspect will be enhanced further by the food.

At £16.50 it certainly isn’t a cheap Grillo, but we both think it’s worth every penny for the sheer summery pleasure it gives.

What’s in your glass this weekend? :clinking_glasses:


Chave hermitage 2016. The bitterness is a bit overwhelming tbh.


Nothing to do with the cost, I hope…?


Steak night tonight, going to try this out:

Been a while since i had a big Zinfandel, gotta be in the mood.


Weather turning autumnal so steak pie and this.


Home alone on babysitting duties while Mrs Winechief visits friends in London.
Perfect opportunity for the ETO to come out and actually keep some wine in it.
Having this with Moussaka and it’s pretty darn good. Bit of pepper, some nice blackberry fruit and moderate tannins. Not the most complex wine but plenty of drinking pleasure to be had.


Chilean Carmenere with pulled pork and home grown veg while watching the monsoon…colder and wetter…temperature down 12c from last Sunday at this time here in SW Scotland…

very nice too.


Loved it. Not the longest finish but very fine for a heavy wine, blueberry pie, cranberry and tea leaves. Great with the steak.


Also gone Californian this evening after a sudden panic that this 2003 wine might be fading away,

Not quite with beet linguine, but with burgers (Quorn) and beetroot. No need for worry, the wine is fine, with a tremendously long finish. Dark but not impenetrable red colour. Black fruits, some raspberry, a bit of farm, maybe some wood. Fresh and powerful in the mouth with rounded slightly dry tannins. And it stays, and stays. No panic needed!


Ah, that “returning from holiday” sobriety. Feeling much the same. Tonight, enjoying the fact that it’s still summer (sorry, @MarkC), we drank Bruno Sorg muscat 2016 with sole meunière.

So fragrant and floral - lavender, jasmine, violets and bunches of ripe grapes - then dry and lifted in the mouth, and bitter mint on the finish. Their Grand Cru Pfersigberg is rightly renowned, but they decided in 2016 that it wasn’t up to scratch, so added it to the classique. It seems to have added some extra weight and body, but it’s still essentially a lovely light summer wine for drinking young; we have one bottle left.


I had some of this at a tasting earlier this year, and really liked it. Still seemed very young, though.


If you combine the right offers, you can get the Bernard Series Shiraz for a steal in Sainsbury’s. Had some over Christmas and really enjoyed it

Malbec for us tonight

A rare foray into this grape and I genuinely have no idea why we don’t have it more often. I held this bottle a few years. It’s beautifully balanced, not overpowering (high altitude, apparently), menthol on the nose and a herby finish. I liked it a lot and from memory it wasn’t much more that a tenner or so


If you like grillo (as i do), try Marco de Bartoli. Definitely a big step up from Donnafugata. Nino Barraco makes a great "natural’ (ISH) one too.


Exactly where I purchased this particular one from. Excellent value on 25% off. Often with £2 taken off before the 25% kicks in.
I think the Chenin and Pinotage (yep, one of the 2 or 3 Pinotage’s I’ve really enjoyed) from the same range are all great as well. They also do a MMM (Malbec, Merlot, Mourvedre - not sure in what %) in the same range which is pretty good also.

I take it your Malbec was a Waitrose purchase? For a tenner it certainly over delivers :+1:


So impressed with this - it’s warm, fruity, friendly, and meets any woman’s needs!
IT23351 https://www.thewinesociety.com/resources/product_images/IT26581.jpg


It certainly was and it certainly does!!


Terre Inconnue Leonie last night. Opened 12 hours before drinking. The first bottle from a mixed case of 6 from this producer that I have enjoyed. It was bloody good. Also the last bottle of the case…!


What vintage of the Leonie?


2011 vintage


We opened this 2016 Romanian Novac yesterday evening, purchased from TWS not so long ago:

Novac is a new grape for us, and it was a very well made wine, if not exactly mind-blowing. It had a good nose of cherries, red plums, smokiness, clove and a lovely floral note of violets, perhaps; on the palate it had bright and fresh cherry notes, damson, orange peel (there was definitely something lively and citrusy there!) and a whiff of smoke and spice on the finish.

This would definitely make a good alternative to a Beaujolais Cru or even a good Blaufränkisch, though why you would want an alternative to either is another matter.

Happy weekend! :grinning: