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Weekend Drinking Thread [3 to 5 January 2020]

With our Cranston’s Cumberland sausage casserole we tried this, which someone must have given us as our local coop doesn’t stock their best range

Well it wasn’t, truly irresistible, that is. Not bad at all though. The flavours were there just not very intense and it was quite light. But it went well with our meal so no complaints and it is all gone!


“I bought some from WS and some from Majestic, and had no idea which one this was from which I was honest about to WS today, but they basically said we’ll refund you anyway”

To be fair I think Majestic usually refund too if a bottle is off. Certainly they used to; I haven’t had any problem recently but I’d be surprised if they had changed their policy.


I am sure they will…but I asked WS first, on the basis I had bought a bottle or two more from them. Also Majestic would have meant going to the store which is about 15 miles away. I’m sure they would have agreed it over the phone, but refund not as easy I suspect…as I’m pretty fully stocked now, I wasn’t expecting to be buying any more for a bit.

Interestingly, I noted on the WS member reviews at least one other comment about it being corked, and I had a corked sample of the 2015 at a WS Glasgow tasting last year. All the defective wines I’ve had in last 3 years have been red Rhone…not a huge sample admittedly, and I do drink a lot of red Rhone, but it does give food for thought…

Very little use of more modern closures as yet for red Rhône, as far as I can tell. But then most of the stuff I’m drinking from that region is a few years old whereas much of the other stuff I drink is younger so even the reds are screwtop or diam

Just felt obliged to put in a word for Majestic. Despite their recent upheavals I’ve had a lot of good experience with them. I expect you have too.

Interesting about red Rhone corks. I don’t think I’ve had enough corked bottles from anywhere to notice any patterns. Obviously have to try harder! I suppose the retailers might have some stats on this but it may not be the sort of information they readily reveal.

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Oh lovely - I’ve got three bottles of the Folium coming this week. Was hoping they would be good!

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Indeed. However the quality of corks used seems generally quite good if infected!

To quantify it, I’ve had 4 definite and one possible defectives over 3 years, all from Rhone. One in a restaurant, 4 bought retail. All refunded or changed without any fuss at all, except the one possible where I didn’t bother as it wasn’t a high value wine and it could possibly just have been a poor wine anyway. So that’s 5 out of maybe 80-100 red Rhones opened over that 3 years (a guesstimate), which is about 6-7% compared to nil elsewhere.

I am pretty confident that nil elsewhere is correct too, as I can’t recall a wine that even vaguely seemed defective with cork taint. A couple of older clarets and Spanish which have been a bit jaded/oxidative but not corked.

Not a statistically significant sample size but interesting nonetheless. One white with issues, and yes, it was a white Burgundy…

I’ve had one Cote rotie last year - small producer and supplier - where the cork was definitely the culprit to the extent that a weevil wriggled out of it after it snapped in two! It had substantial bricking in a five year old wine and was totally flat. But before that my worst corked wine was an Aussie Shiraz from Two Hands. That was cork behind wax.