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Weekend Drinking Thread [3 to 5 January 2020]

The Cahors Malbec, Probus, was delicious, yesterday evening. It went really well with the venison. Slight cigar box on the nose, from the ageing in new oak. Big dark fruit aroma and taste. High tannins and acidity. Very interesting and quite different from the Catena Mendoza Malbec that I normally have with steak. I probably should have let it breathe a bit longer though. Will keep this in mind for the second bottle.


Roast lamb tonight so thought we would try the first bottle of a case of Chateau Senejac 2014. Opened it early to see how it would develop. It moved from very closed to display a classic savoury, black fruit mix after about an hour. Not intense fruit but but smooth.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Red centre, red rim with hints of purple. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Red and black fruits. Vanilla. Pencil lead. Clean palate. Restrained. Medium tannins. Medium acidity. Black fruit. Savoury. More fruit with time. Long finish.


Friday 3rd
2018 Te Awa Albariño Gisborne Left Field (New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay) - Bought from Flagship Wines, local independent

Saturday 4th
2010 Le Vin De François (South Africa, Stellenbosch) - Bought from Francois

Sunday 5th
N.V. Louis Delaunay Champagne (France, Champagne) - Bought from Tesco
2004 Château Cissac (France, Haut-Médoc) - Bought from Nat West Wine Soc


TWS might just be out of stock on the '17 and you’ll have to wait for the '18 to come onto the list. No inside info but just a possibility. It’s one thing I find a little frustrating with TWS; I wish when I searched for a wine that’s not currently available they would give some indication whether/when they intend to stock the next vintage. This would just be so incredibly useful to know!

As for my drinking; I’m away staying in a cheap hotel at the moment. I had a glass of eminently forgettable (though easy drinking) shiraz last night in a carvery, I think it was called Feast and Vine Shiraz and from South Africa.


Two very classy whites…


Friday night I hit a wine bar in Dublin called Ely. I’ve wanted to go there for ages and so tried their new bar just out of the city . They had some lovely wines in the shop which you could drink in the restaurant for a €12 corkage or pick from the restaurant wine list.
The food was excellent and I picked this up on the shop …

This is by far the nicest of the tannat from Pisano I’ve tried . These guys absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to Tannat. Great length, really well integrated tannins and good robust fruit, colour and secondary flavours . Highly recommended :wink::wink::clap:.


Well for no particular reason other than it was in the fridge and… Just because… I’ve opened this delightful champagne this evening to go with a red onion and beetroot tarte tatin.

A lovely bottle of fizz that went really well with the sweet ‘n’ sour flavours of the main dish. Straw coloured, bready aromas and a long length with marzipan-like flavours. Yummy!
Although just an NV champagne, it was laid to rest in a chalk cave in northern France over 10 years ago, being disgorged in 2016.


I firmly believe the best time to drink Champagne is “ when you feel like it “ :wink:


Some Famous Grouse whiskey for me tonight, but as part of a hot toddy unfortunately! Although I am making it with some delicious Tasmanian leatherwood honey so it’s not so bad :honey_pot::blush:


Glad to see members with the right approach to drinking champagne!

On the Domaine Cauhapé Chant des Vignes Jurançon this evening and once again very impressed. A lot of peach and apricot on the nose joined by lemon and lime in the mouth. Delicious.


Last night we had this delightful Alsatian blend:

A joy to sniff and drink – each grape contributing something to the harmonious whole. A little zestier and fresher than Hugel’s Society’s Vin d’Alsace – for me the Riesling was very present, but the mouthfeel was still creamy, and the finish all spice and tangerine zest. It disappeared all too quickly!

We started this evening with a 2016 Juve y Camps – which is one of our favourite Cavas, and makes for an excellent aperitif. Drank it whilst watching a forgotten Kenneth Branagh film called ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’, which I watched 24 years ago as a lonely international student at Christmas. Recommended! :+1:

Then followed a slightly unusual blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah, from Waimea Estates:

Another lightish red - after Fridays’ Pinot Nero - offering a delightful interplay of tart red (forest berries, cranberries) and ripe dark fruit (plum, blackcurrant) – the husband called the nose ‘sweet and sour’, which was spot on. There was also a delicate violet aroma, mingling with spice and liquorice. Medium on the palate, the wine had a certain vibrancy to it, its red and black fruits mingling with cedar, black pepper and autumnal earthy/wet leaves notes.

I reckon this could keep for a few more years – but too late to test this theory! :grinning: :wine_glass:


Oh Kelly, I feel your pain, hope you feel much better soon … the lurgy is definitely catching at the moment !

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Opened this to accompany a rich beef casserole, and not disappointed.

After a good swirl in the glass, the five year old demanded the first whiff to pronounce that it “smells of wood, grapes, and toffee… why does it smell like toffee?” :thinking:

Given that this was the 627th question starting with “why…?” today, I think I displayed remarkable patience explaining how barrels and casks can impart certain implied characteristics to a wine. She didn’t get to taste it though. That pleasure was all mine!

It’s fulsome and leggy at 14.9%, but the alcohol is nicely tempered by sumptuous bright red berry and cherry confit, a hint of boiled sweet, a touch of oak, mouthwatering acidity and svelte tannins.

One more day, and then it’s back to school…


Sounds like my house :rofl:! Don’t worry, she will probably have a better palette than all of us :wink::wink::clap:!

This tonight after driving from Dublin to Newcastle and Mr. Leah working though one of his Christmas gifts :gift: :see_no_evil:, Lego apparently is popular with 39 year olds too :rofl:! The wine was lovely, good length, good balance and a gorgeous tapenade nose with some dusty tannins in a classic Castillon way . I thought it was perfect for tonight ! :relieved:!


Mike, it was indeed South African. Feast & Vine is one of a staggeringly large range of labels produced by Mount Rozier.


Better late than never. This trio have just been snuck into the communal recycling bin…

…the Cinsault from Fairview was a lovely drop. Thanks to @inbar for the heads up. A stunning bright medium cherry red colour. Ripe red fruits, a floral quality and some earthy spice on the nose. Medium bodied, bramble berry and red cherry fruit with some underlying earthy spice on tasting. Bright and ripe with restrained tannins and fresh acidity to balance and structure.

The Gewurztraminer from Hofstatter was so archetypal with its aromas and flavours of rosewater, lychee and gentle spice one almost expected it to cry out, Spartacus like, ‘I’m Gewurztraminer’ ( it is actually made In Tramin itself ). Gentler than the Alsace versions I usually drink it was a good companion to a Saturday night stir-fry.

The Folium Pinot was the highlight of the weekend’s drinking. Medium crimson colour. Redcurrant, raspberry, spice with a savoury leafy quality on the nose. Similar flavours on tasting. plenty of savoury depth with light tannins and fresh acidity providing balance and a lovely supple texture. Weight of flavour was just right as was the earthy red fruited finish. Tasted blind I would never have guessed it came from Marlborough though.


Quieter few days…no bad thing!

Opened a bottle of this with homemade cottage pie (from New Year’s rib roast remains) on Saturday night.

Sadly it was corked…not actively unpleasant, just that tell tale musty smell, tired look about it with no brilliance to the colour and flat fruitless taste.

I bought some from WS and some from Majestic, and had no idea which one this was from which I was honest about to WS today, but they basically said we’ll refund you anyway…I did offer the bar code in case they could tell from that. So hats off again to WS policy there! I bought 3 from each, and the others consumed to date have all been fine.

I had the WS 2009 Exhibition Hermitage to hand, so Coravined another glass or so of it…which affirmed my Christmas Day view that it still needs time, or at least more air! A very filling mouthful though which still looks and tastes quite youthful.

I also managed to sneak another largeish glass of the Weinbach Gewurtraminer, but there is still some left @robertd ! I think it will go this week though, along with the last glass or so of the 2015 Billaud Chablis. That will draw an official line under festive season bottles.


Admit it, you were missing the Yellowtail really…


Also meant to mention this wine which we had on NYD with panettone with home made custard…from Lidl.

Exceptional value for money and very good in its own right. Had forgotten how good the sweet wines from that part of Gascony can be. Biggest challenge is saying the name - when I couldn’t find it and asked for it I got a couple of blank stares at first…


Maybe he was Totally Wired. Sorry, couldn’t resist !