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Weekend Drinking Thread [3 to 5 January 2020]



I hope I’m not being too controversial moving on to a ‘regular’ weekend drinking thread :thinking:

A 2018 Pinot Noir - or rather Pinot Nero - for us this evening, from Trentino:

A youthful, jolly uncomplicated wine - one that brings huge smiles, rather than generate discussions the length of the Talmud. Beautiful nose - very floral (rose petals, violets), with ripe cherries and strawberries as well as a little spice which neither of us could home in on. Fresh and fruity on the palate, with ripe berries, fresh cherries, even a touch of candy floss, but finishing on a bit of a zingy orange zest. Very mellow tannins, and just the right amount of acidity to give it a backbone. Very enjoyable!

I should be downstairs making our liver and bacon to go with it, but the husband is playing The Fall so loud, I’m hiding upstairs until peace returns!

What are you drinking this weekend? :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


At center Parcs with two ailing children, the Brundlmayer PN and the cottanera Etna bianco. Normally I’d say two bottles between us over a weekend is a bit punchy, this weekend I worry it isn’t enough!

Edit: Brundlmayer - seriously classy Pinot. Very Burgundian in style but clean and precise with a lot of depth and fine tannic body. Good job again Freddy!


Just received a couple of self mixed cases from the bin-end list today (mostly)

Something hearty to go with a casserole tonight:

Well made everyday red which carries its 15% well. Nothing complex but pleasingly rustic.


I am giving up on this that I’ve been getting through since last year

Sickly and syrupy. Basically a perfect example of how not to handle Sangiovese.

So I’m switching to this with roast duck tonight. I’m not convinced it’ll be anything special based on reviews I’ve seen on here, but it’s worth a go.


Ooh! Never heard candy floss as a tasting note before - would love to try it!

We have been loving this tonight:

Incredible depth of flavour - juicy fruit and meaty, and also lovely toasted coconut from the oak. :heart_eyes:


It’s not amazing but it is an enormous upgrade on that unholy Sangiovese. Happy days!


I am drinking 2014 TWS Sicilian red with pasta puttanesca. I imagine everyone on here knows this as a very decent and enjoyable wine. It’s a bit cool at the moment as I had a last minute change of mind from the Brazin Zin which had been in the kitchen for a couple of days, and which I’d intended to go with the puttanesca. The Sicilian has just come in from the garage, but is warming up.

Which is the best match for the puttanesca sauce? I’m not sure; more research is needed!


Going for a simple fish dish, tonight, to help with the de-tox process.

Having tempura battered crispy lemon and herb bassa fillets with cauliflower mash and balsamic salad. Pairing this with my old favourite Society White Burgundy.


Over at a neighbour’s this evening, and we took this

Easy drinker which we thought would go with pizza and it did. Now how about this pizza oven that our neighbours have just had installed. Like something from Gaudi’s parc guell!

It makes a cracking wood fired pizza😋


We had this Musar Jeune 2016 in a pub/restaurant yesterday.

They served it directly from the bottle, the wine came around in the glass after 15-20 minutes, and interestingly was already quite flat after one hour. Within the drinking window it was very nice and fruity, flowery. Unoaked cinsault, cab sauv and shirah.


That’s worth knowing! I’ve been wondering about trying that Musar Jeune but, as I’m the sole drinker, a bottle will usually do 5-6 days and that sounds like it probably wouldn’t go that long even if in an eto.


This evening, I’m having venison. Therefore, I thought I would try Probus Cahors Malbec. I purchased this a year and a half ago, and it had good reviews, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this tastes.

Report to follow… :face_with_monocle:


Citrus and herbs on the nose, palate is acidic but with a backbone of apple and mandarin, herbal and slightly bitter top note, finish is medium-long and slightly saline. A good balance between drinkability and interest. Will buy more.


Got this from the in-laws:

Like chewing down on two bits of bubblegum at once: black cherry and banana.

Love it. When it comes to novelty wines, you can’t beat the nouveau :+1: :wine_glass:


Oh England, how I have missed you:

…after two weeks with the “suegros” (in-laws) in Mexico, this is going down a welcome treat, with a simple homely roast chicken.


We have recently tried to celebrate Epiphany every year , but because this year it falls on Monday ( and I’m working all day tomorrow😢), we had this with our celebration meal tonight. image|375x500

A Pinot Noir dominant Champagne which was delicious - very fruity ( my wife thought initially it was a demi- sec champagne). It cost me £35 from a wine merchant in Chorlton, Manchester which is cheaper than shops on the web.


Not sure why the image didn’t upload with my previous post!


We are enjoying our Last bottle of Saint Amour Trenel 2017 this weekend . We have enjoyed a number of bottles over the last year. It is now no longer available i wonder why?


Back from Alsace, and like @Drblues, we have a tradition of celebrating Epiphany on the nearest weekend - we cook the goose that we don’t cook on Christmas Day. We drank Léon Beyer Comtes d’Eguisheim Gewurztraminer 2008.

In the unique Beyer style, it’s rich but absolutely dry, and the 2008 shows all of the structure and ageing potential of the characteristic high acidity of the vintage. Lots of different textures going on: floral and fruity, yet also grippy and peppery, and cuts straight through the fatty bird. Absolutely no flab and nothing superfluous, yet incredibly complex at the same time - just a great wine.


More Gewurztraminer here, went down an absolute treat with a simple stir fry. Glad to say that it got the thumbs up from my previously Gewurtz adverse partner, I’m slowly winning her over to it I think.

Its a fairly sweet example, but with all the classic creamy and spicy notes you want. Good value at the reduced price.