Weekend Drinking Thread [3 Mar]

Time for the weekly show-and-tell … what have you got planned for the weekend? Let us know if you are planning on opening anything special, or uncorking a favourite.

These weekly posts are wonderful ways to meet members and exchange ideas.

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We’re having friends over for dinner on Saturday, and I’m slow cooking a rustic Italian beef stew. We’ll probably drink this:

… but I’m wondering if it might be time to pop the cork on this little beauty…


Rarely buy wine in the supermarket these days, but an impulse purchase of a Central Otago Pinot Noir (produced by Villa Maria) this week will be my Friday night entry…

Central Otago Pinot Noir

Have had some good Pinot Noirs from Otago in the past, so will be interesting to see how this matches up.

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I am on cooking duty for the other half’s family so i am doing slow cooked lamb which shall be served with this…tried at the rising stars tasting

Tonight shall be a natural wine: pfalz riesling i picked up from a tasting last night

Tomorrow will be my dad’s sparkling tinned pineapple wine with cheese and a society saint emilion which is no longer available so i can’t link.


Nero d’Avola La Ferla, Sicilia 2016. Bought this week as part of a ‘pick and mix’ case. I’m trying to broaden my horizons and Italy is a significant gap in my experience. Or on the other hand, possibly the Valreas Cotes du Rhone Villages Val des Rois 2013’. Decisions!

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Not sure about Saturday, as we’ll be eating out with my daughter. Will probably go to an Indian- so I think it will be a Riesling. Might finish the evening with some left over cake and a Maury, though (this lovely one from Waitrose):

Sunday will be a Marcillac from TWS with either Magret de Canard or Cassoulet, haven’t decided yet! :slight_smile:

Happy weekend, all! :wine_glass::grinning:

oh! I love Cassoulet!! I must make some soon … (without looking at the calorie count) and the Marcillac sounds fab as a match


Ha ha! Yes, our version is likely to be more ‘calorie-considered’ too!! :smile: But a Cassoulet is a thing of beauty, for sure…

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I think I shall be opening this wine (my :snowflake: wine):

I’ve got two bottles (one from a mixed case and another from the Hungarian case), and I was inspired by @seworby’s thread too [thinking of opening it tonight to drink Sunday]


Steak for dinner tomorrow apparently. I’m going to crack open one of these:


I will be opening this later, from Majestic, to accompany a beef casserole. Happy weekends to everybody.


The mulled wine isn’t going to last long once the other half gets back from work, so maybe we’ll hit the sofa with one of these later:


Forced to stay at home this weekend and all those big international stews that people are making is what’s happening here too.
Made a stew yesterday from ox cheeks, ox tail and chuck steak mince with kidney beans, lentils, chilli, cumin, cinnamon and black cardamom.

This is my matching wine.
Got some Aspalls cider to mull too for apres snowy walk tomorrow.
A weekend to contemplate the year’s forthcoming holidays, methinks

A glass or two of the Silbador Gewurtz, just getting a gentle chilling…

Then Beronia Gran Reserva 2009, found in my local Sainsbury for £9.60 a bottle. I generally like the Beronia Reservas, 2012 was excellent, but some retailers pushed the price from under £10 to over £15 :-1:
Fingers crossed this is good because I emptied the shelves at that price. :crossed_fingers:


Took this to a friends a couple weeks ago ! Was pleasant enough , don’t expect too much complexity but it was smooth and easy drinking .


Tomorrow we shall drink this with lamb and flageolet bean casserole

and tonight with a curry we shall ha e

I’d have a white but the OH prefers red with his curry and I’m generous like that :innocent:


Why not have both?:blush:


I’ll be in Nice tomorrow night and Piemonte the night after. I don’t know what wine I’ll be drinking, but I am looking forward to it!


German Pinot Blanc - very nice actually


So there I was, reading all your lovely post about your wine plans for the weekend. I wa enjoying my mint green tea saving myself for a tasting on Sunday when my doorbell rang.
2 of my Neighbours kids were at the door and informed me their Mom would be coming over in 20 mins… apparently I had to agreed to this last week…:scream::rofl:
Que me running around in panic searching for wine that’s of ample temperature. So tonight, for me it will be some of this:

She’s a red wine drinker only so this will be her tipple…

Thanks goodness for TWS and lets hope the merlot goes with cottage pie as that’s what I’ll be feeding her…:joy: (The kids dinner for tomorrow :wink:}