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Weekend drinking thread [3-6 Jan 2019]



Starting a day early as I don’t see a weekly one and there’s no point in having one for a day. Finally got round to trying this that my wife brought back from Myanmar a few years ago:


Should really have drunk earlier. Or not at all. Reminds me of the Chinese wines we used to serve as curios in Vinopolis. Smokey like an ashtray and lacking in fruit. Still, now I can say I’ve tried wine from Myanmar, so there’s that.


Well @tom, that’s a new one on me ! It will be one of those “tell me something about yourself that no one else has done” type interview answers :rofl::rofl:!
So, because of the lurgy over Christmas and New Year I really didn’t get into anything half of what I wanted to wine wise so tonight I’ve cracked open this while making more chutney… (a million ton of tomatoes to use up🙈!)
I’m not really sure why TWS don’t stock this. Yes it’s not cheap but it’s bloody gorgeous! Happy Thursday :+1:!


Opened our last bottle of this one yesterday; finished it off this evening:

I love the fact that the price of this bottle was probably less than 12 years of storage costs.

Then the other half decided that she was in the mood for something fizzy. Well, tiz still sort of the season, and this was among our Christmas-presents-that-come-in-a-cuboid-shaped-paper-bag:


It’s good, does the job, though it isn’t a patch on the Deutz we had on Boxing Day :clinking_glasses:


I love that there are still some of us in the “festive mood” :smile:



I don’t do Dry January. How else are you supposed to kill time until the Six Nations??

:rugby_football: :rugby_football:
:rugby_football: :rugby_football:


I bought a bottle of this when Waitrose reduced it to a tenner before Christmas.

I wish I’d bought 10. It’s ruddy marvellous.


I’m so glad you said that! I got a couple when they were reduced to £10 at Waitrose (guess that’s where you got it from?) - might open one this weekend! :+1::+1:

Edit… Duh… You did mention Waitrose! :woman_facepalming:


I’m also a fan of this and picked up a dozen. At the sale price its my epitome of good value. At £16 it’s reachin’.


Had a fantastic and rather interesting wine while watching the football this evening

  • 2015 Stolpman Roussanne - USA, California, Central Coast, Ballard Canyon (1/3/2019)
    Very good. Nose full of attractive custard tart-scented oak at first, with tropical fruit, touches of struck match. Extremely long on the palate, good acidity, flavours of apricot jam, tinned peaches and nuts. Reminds me of a recent Alsatian Pinot Gris, but this is totally dry. (92 points)

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£30/bottle, but worth it


Last bottle from those brought back from my Rhone/Alsace trip, although this is a Grand Cru from that ever reliable Cave de Turckheim and from probably the best site Hengst, it cost just 9 euros !

In taste, typical slightly oily PG lots of peach and other fruits on the nose and on the palate, average length, has to be bargain of the year, it also has the distinction of being the tallest bottle of its type I have owned, not able to go in the fridge upright it only just fits on the shelf horizontally.


Agreed , a lovely drop and a bargain at £10.00 .


Lots of praise coming through for this one - thanks for the heads up! I’ll look out for it being on offer again… :face_with_monocle:

After being ‘good’ all week I’m treating myself (well, I suppose Mr Laura can have a glass or two too :smile: ) to this tonight, after my sister got it for me for Christmas:

I think I’ll need it to calm my nerves during the Luther finale! :scream:


Back from Hungary, looking forward to this bottle over the weekend.


Finishing off things this evening. A glass of Juve y Camps cava from an open bottle left in the fridge overnight surprised me. Still a bit fizzy but somehow seemed to have become much sweeter, or perhaps less dry. Still very good to drink.
A large glass of Shenandoah Zinfandel from a few nights ago has changed very little. Very fruity and pleasant enough, but just a bit too jammy for me to manage more than a glass.
What next?


Back home from Alsace. Tonight, some lightly spiced tomato and red pepper prawns, with a 2011 Grand Cru Goldert Riesling from Domaine Zinck

Really quite petrolic, this one, and while it has quite a lot of acidity, the mouthfeel is of more than the 6g/l residual sugar that it apparently has (according to my notes, anyway…). Long and a bit peppery on the finish, and a good match for the food.

Domaine Zinck appeared in Travels in Wine recently, and Mrs Robertd and I do like them. Their reputation seems to be increasing, though sadly (and inevitably), that means the same for their prices. But worth a visit if in Alsace, and the restaurant next door (Au Vieux Porche) is run by Philippe’s sister and definitely worth eating at.


Another wine brought back from travels tonight, again kept too long and probably not in ideal conditions. I gave up on this pretty quickly though:


It looked - and tasted - oxidised. Not sure that’s the idea for this grape (Vijiriega) which is new to me. The lesson here is to drink the wines you pick up on lovely trips soon after getting back rather than keeping for some mystical moment to rekindle the memories when the bottle has long past its drinking window.

All was not lost, I managed to open a bottle of Mule Blanche instead that was full of oily lemon and toasty oak flavours. I’m making up for my recent duds with some lovely wines over the weekend in commiseration of the end of Christmas.


This week I shall be mostly drinking co-codamol.





Tonight another wine and food extravaganza in the South Hants area with me, Mr JayKay, @tfpywfpy, @Petercasey, and Mrs Petercasey aka Irene. Great food by Tom, with great wines from Peter and Irene in particular, newbies to our food and wine circle.
Here’s a shot of the lineup


Wow! What a line-up! :heart_eyes:
What did you think of the Moscato? We had it last summer and loved it!
The Sherry is also a favourite… Sounds like a great evening :grinning::+1: