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Weekend drinking thread [3-5 Aug]



Just got back from a lovely meal out with friends, at the Ginger Pig in Hove. Started with an excellent Palo Cortado:

We then ordered a lovely 2016 St Chinian from Domaine Les Paissels - all dark fruits, bramble, thyme and spice:

And finished with a satisfying glass of 2013 Royal Tokaji blue label - sweet ripe apricots, honey and fig, but with bracing acidity to balance.
Brighton was in a slight state of chaos post Pride, but everyone was having a good time - or so it seemed from the safety of the taxi… :grinning:
Good night one and all! :first_quarter_moon_with_face::sleeping:


The Gruner from Lidl is drinking well.
A wonderful white pepper nose. More so than the society’s on TWS taste.
Lots of citrus on the palate and a nice viscosity.
It’s difficult to compare it to the society’s GV as tasting conditions during a semi final of a World Cup was not ideal.
I’m definitely going back to Lidl for more of this :ok_hand:


We’re doing an exciting Furmint taste-off…

Sadly we don’t know much about the first one… Any knowledge @szaki1974 ?

Edit: I am not to blame for this strange “out of body experience” photo!


It’s our anniversary today, so after a small DIY project in the kitchen (yes, we do know how to enjoy ourselves!) have now started the very low key celebrations; kicked off with some lovely charcuterie, melon and pâté, and this very satisfying Lambrusco:

A real refreshing aperitif, dry, even a little tannic, with sour cherries and wild strawberries on both nose and palate. Lovely acidity on the finish, which we so enjoy in dry Lambrusco.

Next, we’ll be having our main, which is a lightly spiced butternut squash tagine, and will be opening this bottle I’ve been saving for this occasion:

Really looking forward to it!

Not sure which drink we’ll finish the evening with -there’s plenty of choice, but I made a Malibu, lime and coconut cake- so will try and match it with something suitable.
Hope you’re all having a good Sunday! :clinking_glasses::grin:


Happy anniversary @Inbar! :grinning:


Thanks, @Bargainbob! :grin:
Having a lovely time… Shame it’s back to work tomorrow… :confused:


It’s been a most amazing summer, with weekend after weekend of fabulous weather in which to try wines which we would be having in a Mediterranean holiday, usually with the Med foods too. I’m off to Sicily at the end of the coming week and feel somewhat like I’ll just be exchanging a language rather that the whole weather, food, wine choice that we would usually be doing. Can’t wait, all the same…
My basket is bulging with treats for when I get back and here’s to an everlasting Indian summer to come.


Selection of ales from M&S (grabbed at the station) accompany this evenings trip home from the football in Leeds. All very pleasant after sitting in glorious sunshine and (for a change) watching glorious football at Elland Road!


I also only tasted the Oremus Mandolás Furmint, vintages 2003, 2005, 2013 and 2015. I love that wine and it has wonderful ageing potential. I personally preferred the older vintages (because I am weird), but the wines show very well in their youth too. Just two interesting facts… (1) Oremus is part of the Vega Sicilia stable (2) Mandolás Dülô is one of the best vineyards of Tokaj, this wine however is not single vineyard, but Mandolás and another one I cannot remember (beats me how they can call it Mandolás then).

Árvay are very well respected family run winery, who champion single vineyard wines. Their Aszu is well regarded. I have never tried their wines.


I’ve had the Oremus (I think it must have been the 2015) before and remembered the oak influence as being a notable characteristic. Much less so with the 2016! A very different wine, and not particularly exciting in its youth, we thought. Impressed with the Árvay though - honey and ginger cakes and a nice saline note.


Happy anniversary @Inbar!


Thanks, @JayKay! We had a lovely evening.
The Gewurztraminer was exquisite, by the way. Fragrant, creamy, complex and utterly moreish. I love Leon Beyer’s wines, and this one was another absolute hit with us! :grinning::+1:


Well I decided to serve the Apothic and see how it went, with a Grenache on standby just in case. I chilled it down as it was so hot and that I think made a difference. My aunt and uncle really liked it and the rest of us enjoyed it sufficiently to not to have to resort to other wines. It is never going to be a Wine we would choose to buy again and the only other bottle will either be served with cheese or used to make something like Sangria. But I can understand how people like it. It is very smooth, the underlying flavours (apart from the sweetness) are ok though a confusing blend. Completely unchallenging Wine without any tannins that folks can drink without really thinking about it too much. A red Pinot Grigio if you like.


Glad it worked well, @JayKay! There is time and place for these wines too, and as you say- it may well appeal to some drinkers, on account of being smooth and easy to enjoy. Not every wine can be an exercise in intellectual or aesthetic complexity, and that’s OK. :grinning:



Our weekend wines as above, and below. We had guests for Subday dinner who kindly brought a delicious dessert wine

Fri 3: Wairau River ‘Parcel Series’ Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - Nelson NZ (Majestic)
Sat 4: Aaldering ‘Lady M’ Pinotage 2014 - Stellenbosch RSA (Winery)
Sun 5: Carr Taylor Brut NV - East Sussex England (Winery)
: De Martino Carignan ‘Old Vines Single Vineyard’ 2014 - Maule Vallee, Chile (M&S)
: Berton Vineyard Botrytis Sémillon - Riverina, Aus (Gift)


How was the Carr Taylor, @peterm? I got their 2016 Bacchus in the wine fridge…


Different grape varieties, different wine, @Inbar

The Carr Taylor Brut - made by the tradional method - was a delightful fizz with a bright refreshing lemon tang. Not as thin and acidic as some Champagne.

Nice to have a fizz that’s not made from the increasingly planted Pinot famly. This is a band of Reichensteiner and Schonburger.

I’ve had some good still Schonburger, and Bacchus makes excellent English wines


Sounds good! We visited their vineyard recently, and the best wine of the four we tried was their sparkling NV rose brut, which is a Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend. Nice to hear that their other sparkling offering is good too (it wasn’t included in our tasting, unfortunately).
The Bacchus was also a winner for me, so I got one.


Bit late on the weekend drinking front but here goes…

Two finds from the aisles of Sainsbury’s. I will eventually get round to drinking some TWS wine!

Friday’s find was a own label Taste the Difference Pouilly-Fuisse 2015 made by Antonin Rodet. It had a quick visit to the fridge just to slightly chill it before being decanted to unlock it’s flavours. On the nose were plenty of floral notes with dry, gooseberry and zesty tastes with a light cream-like coating left on the tongue.

Saturday was rib-eye steak so needed a good wine to complement it. We went for a Saint Emilion Grand Cru by Dourthe. Their Chateau Grand Barrail Lamazelle Figeac 2008. This has toffee, blackberry and a hint of polish on the nose. Taste wise it had dark cherry, dark chocolate and a slight lime hint before a pronounced spiciness and dryness towards the end. We’d bought a 2012 previously and had been pleasantly surprised. The 2008 bottle was one of 6 so plenty of opportunities to taste it again over the next few years.

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Had a nice, light but structured syrah in Marlow on Sunday (at The Coach, a lovely restaurant that I’d fully recommend)

(Although we had 2015). Very nice, despite the obviously very healthy restaurant markup!