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Weekend drinking thread [3-5 Aug]



Friday is here! Cue for ‘weekday drinking thread’ to morph into ‘weekend drinking thread’. Anyone drinking this evening?
We’re dry this evening - but I’m going to give this one a go:

The big drinking is starting tomorrow, as does Pride in Brighton, which requires more drinking - if only so one can deal with the traffic. Glad they’re having a beautiful day for it, though!
Happy Friday, all! :clinking_glasses::sunglasses::sun_with_face:


Anniversary weekend for us, we’re away in Hay-on-Wye with a stop for dinner in Marlow on the way home. All this punctuated with a freind’s wedding in the middle!

This is our selection for tonight and Sunday. A couple of known, aged favourites to spoil ourselves with


Lovely choices. Happy anniversary!


Just opened the first bottle of Chinon we got from Philippe Alliet back in June. Very much recommended for anyone who enjoys a riper (yet characteristically Loire) style of Cab Franc.


My society order is being held hostage by my neighbour so I’m starting with a beer this weekend! “I still got it” by Cloudwater gorgeous raspberry and passionfruit sour! It’s currently sold out everywhere (sorry to tease) but if you like beer I highly recommend cloudwater!!



Some quince gin and soda. My partner is home late and it would be rude to open a bottle of wine without her!


Cooling down with this cyder. It says it’ll go with rogan josh and Red Leicester- weird combination.
Like the look of the quince Gin @NickFoster.


37 degrees here today as we’ve just got to Tours… only seems right to pop this open as our friends have arrived from Ireland to join us for a few days :wink:


Bought these today for the weekend.
The Macon was reduced to £8 in M&S.
The Juhfark was drinking lovely this afternoon in the heat.


I’m liking the look of that quince gin too, I’m a fan of their standard version.

Picnic in Hyde Park yesterday after work. Started off with Lustau’s en rama. Nuttier and rounder (soz @WineIsOneOfMy5aDay) than Tio Peppe’s offering this year, with a good hit of flor. Really enjoyable bottle if you like sherry, handy 50cl bottle.

We moved on to the Lebanese pink, nice body and lots of flavour, not overly fruity. (That’s about as detailed notes as I got, a sherry or two in and friends having arrived). It was equally at home with Cornish salami, lentils provençale, various cheeses and watermelon salad. Not cheap – friends paid half that on a decent Sainsbury’s rosé from Provence – but enough interest that I’d buy again if this heat continues.



Youve been to Lidl😊 We got those two wines and already enjoyed the Juhfark. Looking forward to trying the GV soon.


Dilemma of the day. We have relatives arriving tonight and will be serving a Moroccan spiced mince dish. We have a couple of bottles of Apothic, a red wine with lots of residual sugar, which I am pretty sure our visitors will enjoy. So a good opportunity to drink it with an appreciative audience. Should we serve it with the mince dish or perhaps with cheese when it might make a good alternative to port?


I got them @JayKay after you posted the pics the other day. It would have been rude not to :+1:


Some lovely BBQ meats to feast on with this. Looks almost raspberry like in the decanter funnel and smells of a well marinated summer pudding. Resisting a good taste of it for a couple of hours.


I love the fact that no one has commented on this! I guess folks are appalled that I have this wicked red sugar syrup brew in the house in the first place :scream: and are literally speechless. Or just leaving me alone in my shame :grimacing: I haven’t tasted it yet but realised that it is going to be sweet during an earlier conversation on this community. I looked at the Apothic website and came across some interesting uses as a cocktail mixer eg use instead of red vermouth in a Manhattan or use it to make Sangria! Says it all really when even the maker suggests using it in this way instead of say drinking it as red wine!


May haps we were concerned about the appreciative audience about to descend and that you were sure would enjoy the Apothic, or wondering just what kind of recipe with mince would balance such a find… :crazy_face:


I’ve only just seen this, @JayKay! Been engaged in such boring tasks as shampooing rugs and painting my nails!! :smile:
I would personally save the Apothic for the cheese course. Not just because of the residual sugar, but because I am not sure it’ll work with the Moroccan dish…? For that dish I would go for a ‘dustier’ red like a Carignan, or a Cote du Rhone. Or a nice dry rose.
Let us know how it went! :grin:


It’s is my lovely 86 year old mother who loves a Pinot Noir, and my aunt and uncle who love a big fruity red which is why I think they will appreciate the Apothic.


I would just serve it from the start and hope for the best. You never know.


I would save it for winter and make mulled wine.