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Weekend Drinking Thread (2nd July-4th July)

Agree. I am loving Depagneax’s Beaujolais’ - great value as you say.

Loin of lamb, simply fried and then rested in the oven with TWS’s Rioja Alta 2016. Delicious combination.

Deep red centre, red rim. Intense nose. Black fruit, red fruit and vanilla. Strawberry and black currant. Cedar. Red currant. Bramble. Rich palate. Dry. Ripe full tannins. Medium acidity. Strawberry, raspberry. Tabacco. Dark chocolate and vanilla. Long finish. Delicious wine


Not a producer I have had much to do with as he is not that available in this country despite a very good reputation in Germany.
One of the first of the '17s I have opened Vollenweider, the Goldgrube is his best site and this is a Kabinett category Riesling, if I had tasted this blind I would have said it was a spatlese, many Kabinetts in these climate change vintages are indeed de classified spatlese which is a plus if that is what you want.
Very full strong fruit cocktail nose, peach and apricot in the mouth with some orange citrus coming through, decent length and well made, bit to much sweetness for this class for me but others will love it, very good value.
No signs of any shutting down and I don’t believe age will lessen the sweetness, probably accentuate it so drink now, a lot of these recent vintages at Kabinett and trocken level are early drinkers the '20 vintage coming on the market is proving the same.


This last night. Really interesting and complex, especially for the sub £10 bin end price, shame its out of stock now. Unusually has a spot of Sagrantino in the grape mix, but mainly Kekfrankos and Kadarka. A little bit of mellow maturity and forest floor spice with a smooth but spicy finish.


I wouldn’t usually think about my 2005 Burgundy for another 4/5 years but JMF’s wines don’t tend to shut down hard (all that residual CO2 at bottling?). Still the next bottle might have gone back into its shell, who knows?


My first timorasso - after all these years. Unexpectedly currently available at Waitrose Walter Massa Timorasso 'Derthona' Fine Wine - Waitrose Cellar from the timorasso legend Walter Massa. Got it with a 25% discount on a mixed 6. Going to have it with tarragon chicken, home grown spuds, peas and carrots. But couldn’t resist a sneak preview.

Gosh it’s lovely - much more body than stablemates cortese or arneis. Pale gold, nose of honeysuckle and apricots, modest acidity, very ripe, flavours of peaches, angelica and just a hint of honey / beeswax. Not cloying at all.

Timorasso where have you been all my life.


Home made chips, beans and Birds Eye cod fish fingers tonight for the footie. Don’t care, I know it’s comfort food and bad for me but there are occasions when only a school dinner will do!

I’ve also left the skins on the chips so they are really healthy :sunglasses:

I will report back on the wine but you all know already that the food will be excellent :joy:


Riesling for cooking aperitif and home made caramel chicken.

Hard stuff for the football


Prawn linguine for dinner tonight with this to pair. Interested to see how this is has a great review from one member.

For the game I’m having a cheese board while watching and this controversially reviewed wine to match it, just opened and will decant and hour before kick off. First try seems good, nice earthy aged aromas and still fruit and the nose and palate, so far so good. Let’s hope it’s not rubbish and ends up down the sink!


As in baked beans?

Absolutely! Heinz as well (and none of this low salt, low sugar nonsense! Full fat baked beans). I’m not a fan of supermarket own label beans or brands I’ve never heard of.

The Chablis btw is divine and to die for!


Hake tonight accompanied by this (2019 vintage)

Just what you want Muscadet to be. Yeasty/leesy notes to smell and taste, lemon and slight lemon pith bitterness and a hint of spritziness. Not an intellectual experience but none the worse for that!


I love that wine. It ages beautifully as well, you get loads more of the beeswax honey things starting to happen.

A bottle of Crémant du Jura this evening, to celebrate the husband’s excellent MA results (shows you can still teach old dogs new tricks :grinning: ):

This is made by Benoit Badoz (we have enjoyed his still wines on several occasions now) and it’s simply delicious! I would even go as far as saying that it’s the best Crémant I have had for some time. Wonderful leesy nose and palate, full of zest and exuberance with notes of baked apples, fresh citrus, stem ginger, floral notes of jasmine and a certain generous richness. Just wonderful! :heart_eyes:

To accompany a veggie roast later, we opened a bottle of this equally delicious 2017 Syrah, by Painted Wolf:

For the money - this is stupendously good! A little cloudy in the glass, with a deep ruby hue, the nose offers a melange of fruit and spices, with a smoky backdrop. There’s plums and cassis but also red berries, liquorice and oodles of baking spices.

On the palate the first sensation is of ripe fruits (plums, damsons, blackcurrants, bramble) which are balanced with a tingling acidity and well integrated tannins, which are grainy in texture. There’s that smokiness, but also spiciness - it’s a very satisfying ensemble, in short. South African wines rock! :metal:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! :wine_glass: :grinning:


Went to a concert with friends last night and had a picnic. Managed 2 of each of these in a homage to ESW. Both excellent. The Camel Valley in particular was great. Lots of strawberries, melon and rhubarb. Sad that it’s OOS


Well i called in at Martinez wines Ilkley on my way to camping nr Ramsbottom… Recommend me a wine sir i like this n this… Noble 5 Romania… Hmmm go on then… Very nice it is too


I’ve been watching, and enjoying, The Wine Show. In the episode I watched yesterday, they went to Tuscany and drank Chianti Classico. It was too much and I had to open a bottle of 2015 Fontodi CC - soft and delicious wine.

But in the next episode, they tried some Gran Selezione. The stars aligned. I bought one of our local butcher’s incredible Tomahawk steaks to share. I cooked it with slowly roasted new potatoes, with rosemary and garlic, while Mrs A played songs from the 90s on Spotify and we took turns dancing with the 11 month old.

Happily, 2 hours prior to this I’d decanted this:

Fontodi’s 2015 Vigna del Sorbo.

When I had a bottle of this last year, I thought it was the best Chianti I’d ever had, even though it was evidently young and bound to improve. I bought plenty. Would it be as good this time? I admit to some nervousness.

No need to worry. It is still an amazing wine, fully deserving the glowing reviews it received. What’s so exciting about it is that it’s very much a Chianti Classico - not an Italian Bordeaux - but with each characteristic perfected. The nose is just as you’d expect - violets, incense etc - but so powerful and pristine. To taste, we have sweet cherries, a big bite of tannin (it wants time), the classic rainbow of Chianti flavours but so well-defined, so long and so exciting.

It is difficult to describe why it is so good. I would need the skills of others on this forum in order to do so. All I can say is that, for those who love Chianti, this is exceptional. If you have some in reserves, I think you are going to love it when the moment comes.

How lovely to be drinking this while Mrs A played songs from our teenage years, sipped her gin cocktail and while we danced and cooked.


Great to hear. I’ve one tucked away as part of a mixed six from a local independent merchant. Bizarrely when I surfed the Waitrose wine cellar website for last week’s sale filtered for Italy it didn’t show up for some reason. Also surprised that it is under screwcap which isn’t usual for quality Italian whites.


I have to say - I thought the same; but I had recently purchased some Livio Felluga bottles (his Chardonnay/Ribolla Gialla blend) which are under screwcap. So maybe things are a changing?

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Duvel! Is this an example of the beer being stronger than the wine? It must be close…!