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Weekend-drinking-thread-2nd-5th April 2021

My son buys a lot from Simply Wines, but I didn’t think to check them. That’s a good price. Among others, he buys Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel which they have for £10.99. TWS now have Kaapse Vonkel but at £12.95

@AnaGramWords - Felton Rd make fine PN, as do others in Otago. Luckily there are plenty of suppliers so meet our different likes. :slight_smile:

@embee - As you posted today (Tuesday) about yesterdays (Monday) meal and wine shouldn’t it be in the Weekday Wines thread?

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I have a soft spot for the occasional OTT Cali Chard :wink:
Hope you had a great birthday weekend… not sure there’s any reason not to stretch celebrations out a bit further…


These were our wines over the weekend, and enjoyed them all. Chocolate block was great, full of dark fruits and then some smokiness later. TWS Exhibition Gigondas was from a mystery case in December, pleased we had it now rather than leaving it a bit longer as it was quite mellow and drinkable, both were decanted. Tattinger was on offer at Waitrose, just right and reliable as ever. Cheeky day off for me today to do those things I was supposed to have time to do a year ago… :roll_eyes: :sunny:


Gruaud is one of my absolute favourites, and a perennial disappointment that TWS don’t have it. I’ve never tried the Sarget though, how was it? Where did you pick it up?

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I got a case of GL 2009 from TWS last year.
The Sarget is a cracking wine, really well made and a pleasure to drink. Well defined flavours and great nose. I got this 2010 case from BBR a few years back

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I made a bit of a schoolboy error in ordering from Simply Wines without checking them out. There are lots of complaints online about poor delivery, communication etc.
HOWEVER, I soon received a string of messages advising me of progress in their system and the wine has just arrived, within 48 hours, well packaged and safe. I hope the wine is as good as I remember!



You must have been concerned after reading poor reports of them. My son order frequently from them and hasn’t had any problems (so far, touch wood).

He hasn’t posted positive reports of them, but perhaps if he has problems with a future order he’ll post a negative reports