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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th November 2018]


Well another week down and one closer to Christmas…:hear_no_evil:
I’m opening this tonight:

I shall be numbing out the nursery teachers words : your son’s punched another child today! Fabulous…:confounded:

Fill me some wine inspiration for the rest of the weekend…


Contemplating between Vina Zorzal Corral de Altos Garnacha Navarra 2015 vs Fitou Origines Domaine Bertrand Berge 2016 for coq au vin. Any suggestions?


Friday, I love thee. Not usually a drinking day, but we’re going out to see some very good friends of ours, so after 2 dry days I don’t mind messing up my drinking days a little.

My other half and our friend will no doubt discuss their current home-brews with gravity last encountered in the War Room circa 1939. They will then proceed to drink said home-brews, so the seriousness will soon lift. My husband is bringing his Xmas brew- a 10% monster called (aptly) “Nosferatu’s Nightcap”.

My (girl)friend is a lover of all things Sauvignon Blanc, so I’m bringing a SB with a twist as an aperitif (the 2017 vintage):

The ‘twist’ is that it is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc with Gros Manseng, so hope she’ll like it. Can’t drink too much tonight, though, as working tomorrow at the Uni’s open day. Trying to remember why I signed up for it… :thinking:

Happy Friday, one and all :clinking_glasses:


We are going to a wine tasting tonight on the theme Tour de France. Knowing the presenters this promises to be full of stonking wines, especially from the south.

Then to pastures north for an overnight stay with friends of Mr JayKay in Cheadle Hume. I don’t even know if they drink! We shall take a bottle of the Soc’s Valpolicella Ripasso in case they do or we are allowed to. Then on Sunday to my Mam in the Lake District. As she is a creature of habit we expect NZ Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir from anywhere and maybe an Alsace white! Have a great weekend folks. We’ll be maintaining compulsory radio silence until our return towards the end of next week as Mam has no internet connection and a signal for a mobile phone means standing in the middle of the road on one leg waving the phone around. And it’s not the weather for that.


Kicking off the weekend with the last bit of the Tesco White Burgundy 2017 that’s been knocking around in the fridge all week. Hard to discern the producer from the back label but there’s a mention of Buxy in the small print, so maybe it’s their co-operative. Crisp apple freshness, something to swig in quiet desperation while Thing #1 and Thing #2 knock the seven types out of each other for no apparent reason.


Ah yes we lived somewhere like that once! There was also a corner of the bottom of the garden that sometimes obliged, but that was about it. It reminded me of the aerial acrobatics required to get a decent Channel 4 picture back in the day :tv:


‘Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…’

My ex-husband’s favourite Pink Floyd line…


First thing I thought of as soon as I typed it!

That, and the guitar solo…


Think we’ve done a mismatch here. A Usal meal turned out slightly more fiery than planned, so the wine is inappropriately ‘weak’.
However it is a good wine as tasted previously. Now to try for something else.

This’ll do!


I’ll be taking aim at this shortly (as soon as I’ve put The Tormentor to bed):

From the same stable as the Garmon, which TWS stocks. Available from Vinissimus.

Almost, but not quite, looking forward to going back to work next week…


Having mentioned Châteauneuf on another thread I chose this for tonight

Not a highly rated vintage but it works for me. Almost pale enough to mistake for burgundy but soft sweet fruit and some alcoholic warmth but with enough going on to make an interesting drink. Three more in my reserves which will be taken out soon.


Well, last night I was drinking the second half of a white CH9DP, and very good it was too. To go with it I cooked what I’ll call a Chindimex prawn curry, featuring most things that were in the fridge and some surprisingly succulent prawns.

Tonight the curry lives again, to be accompanied by

This is way past its recommended window but is frankly still delicious and a great partner for the fairly mild curry. The oak is less dominant now, and the whole thing has mellowed into a rich, smooth, creamy lusciousness. Sorry to say this really my last bottle of this one.


Really enjoyed this earlier in the year (yet another community recommendation)!


Steak and Guinness pie needed something with some guts

Bought a case for Christmas last year and it was pretty good then. Had 3 left (now down to 2) and it’s improving. Smoothing out well and is quite refined, especially considering how little we paid per bottle. Might give the next one another 6 months or so and see how it develops


You little beauty.


I’d be interested to hear what you and your friend made of the Brumont wine, @Inbar. I’ve had it only once but haven’t seen it since then. I remember it being quite Manseng-forward, though the sauvignon integrated surprisingly well.


I felt like having something special this weekend so just opened a Brunello, the aromas immediately filled the kitchen. Looking forward to having it over the two days.


Is that a large bottle sitting in a racing car seat?


Wouldn’t that be great… Given the proportions it would be an Imperial of Brunello, worse things happen at sea…


Tonight we’ll be opening this:

We were lucky to try this very vintage when we visited Finca Biniagual in Mallorca, in March. It’s such a pleasing red - a blend of the local Manto Negro, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah too. We both really enjoyed it at the winery, so hopefully we can get a repeat performance at home!
The other half is making a Jamaican goat curry - so should be a nice combo. I hope! :blush: