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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th August 2019]


Indeed! We do indulge in all of the above, just in the comfort of home. If you’ve ever been to Brighton on Pride weekends you’ll know what I mean :wink:


So I’ve just (Friday) been on a day trip to Venice, yes you read that right; 6am flight out and midnight flight back. It was a day out with all our staff (so that’s all five of us) so didn’t really do quite the sort of thing I might have done alone but still an excellent if tiring day! My first visit and whilst it is very beautiful most of the buildings other than the most famous are in a serious state of disrepair which is sad. It was actually more than a day out for me as I had to travel to Gatwick on Thursday and then back home on Saturday when I opened one of my favourite Italian easy drinkers (far too tired for anything more):

This really is a wine that punches above it’s weight in my humble opinion. 18 months in oak makes it robust and complex with silky smooth tannins. And all for £7.95!


I have seen your Instagram story @Leah what’s in your hand today, something strong?!?


I have one of these, looking forward to trying it (maybe when we go away glamping later this month…)


First up - a 2001 Oberemmeler Hutte Riesling Kabinett (von Hoevel) (apologies for lack of umlauts). This stuff just goes on getting better, though I am a lover of mature rieslings. And yes, it does show some petrol on the palate, as it is fully entitled to IMHO! This went down a storm served with a sort of Spanish prawns and chorizo sort of dish. I’m often a bit iffy about serving wine at all with any cooked dish with chorizo in it, but a chilled German riesling with a bit of residual sugar works really well. The society is a reliable source for this wine in recent vintages.

The 2006 Clarendon Hills Syrah “Moritz” is a blast from the past, when men were men, women were women, and wines blew your head off. Actually, not so bad at 14.5%, but in this weather you do need to chill it a bit. The grapes definitely taste a little raisiny to my palate, though this sort of wine is a thing I wouldn’t want to vanish entirely as tastes change. Classic for drinking when you crack out the barbie…


Opened a bottle of

which was ok, but for me too acidic. Looking forward to trying bin #002, hopefully a better experience.


Graham Beck The Rhona

Picked this off with a third off for £10 in M&S. Very pleasant pinot noir and chardonnay sparkling. Better than some higher priced supermarket Champagne, clean with a hint of brioche and ripe fruit. Would make a great party fizz.


Wiston Estate Brut NV with cod wrapped in Parma ham, lentils and cavalo Nero.

The wine has some sort of unripe tartness running through, maybe crab apple with red apple flavours. A touch of cashew on the finish. Fine but persistent bubbles, nice chalkiness on the palate. Interesting wine, glad I made the trip to pick it up.


Oooh! I’m off to visit their vineyard on Friday :grinning:
Hoping to get a couple of bottles of their Blanc de Blancs NV and the 2011 for my friends in Spain who still look at me funny when I eulogise about English sparkling wines…

Ps- your dinner looks amazing! :wink:


Been reading the latest issue of Decanter by any chance?


Oh yes! I take it you’re referring to Wiston? If so, it’s a pure (but lovely) coincidence :grinning: I booked the tour/tasting a few months ago - I’m hoping to visit every vineyard in Sussex if I can - so was really pleased to read the good reviews of the wine. Hope it impresses my friends :crossed_fingers:


@danchaq :joy::joy:! Funny!! The muscle juice was this:

My friends are lush’s so I daren’t bring anything too good, I brought 2 bottles and the end of a Godello and was lucky to get 2 glasses :joy:


Yes indeed. What a fantastic way to spend your weekends! Going to see when I can schedule in a trip down so would be good to hear about your visit in due course.


A few nice Pinot Noir’s tonight

07 & 04 for the latter 2 respectively


A slight understatement! Looks like a very nice evening


Blimey, @winechief! What’s the occasion?


Dinner party with some friends with a lovely roast beef with all the trimmings which was absolutely spot on.

Some friends have deeper pockets than me but are willing to share if they know it will be appreciated. I could only oblige obviously!!


I was out for a tasting of Spanish wine on Friday evening. Standouts were a Contino Reserva 2015 (£25 from Sainsburys), and a 2005 Tondonia Reserva (£31.29 from Noel Young wines in Cambridge). The Contino was so well balanced between fruit and oak, and both it and the Tondonia had a refreshing acidity too. The Tondonia was not surprisingly far more developed - lots of leather and tobacco dominating the stewed fruit, but still lovely, and seems to have lots of life left in it. I now have a dilemma - Mrs Robertd is still away for another week, and doesn’t like Rioja. I’m tempted to buy some of the 2003 Contino, but then it might be hard to find an occasion to drink it. Requires some thought…

Tonight, all the children home, and the youngest’s new girlfriend. Roast chicken, lemon sauce, and Rolly Gassmann riesling Pflaenzerreben 2010.

The Rolly Gassmann residual sugar gives it the body to hold up against the savoury roast flavours, while the vintage gives it the citrus backbone to complement the lemon sauce. Some nice petrolic flavours coming through too from the terroir and the age. Maybe not an obvious choice, but worked pretty well (and was popular with all the younger generation :slight_smile: )


Those are friends to hang on to!


In situations like that, it’s always best to oblige