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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th August 2019]


What? This time already and no weekend thread?! Well the kids have nearly killed me today so it’s all about the Gin tonight :rofl:

Oops… looks like I need another … What’s everyone drinking this weekend ??


Veggie chilli with this 80% Cab Franc 20% Cab Sauv. Very ripe and fruity, a modern rather than classically styled wine. A lot of fruit intensity for the money, the Cab Sauv is noticeable, lots of blackcurrant here.


We completed on our house yesterday and moved in, have doubled down by getting the builders/decorators in today to destroy parts of our new home. So it’s chaos, living out of suitcases, we’re all shattered, but it will (hopefully) be great when things have settled. A bottle of NV Taittinger tonight to celebrate with fish and chips, lovely pure lemony fruit with enough toasty doughy stuff to be interesting. Very drinkable indeed!

Happy weekend to you all, hope yours is less stressful than mine is bound to be!


Currently in Samoens in the Alps. Been out for dinner and had steak au poivre with this easy drinking pinot noir from Savoie. Strawberry , light oak - could have drunk a lot more!

Had this Saint Veran a few nights ago - went perfectly with chicken in a mustard sauce. Tropical fruit with a touch of oak. Perfect combination .


Well, I’m sure the Taittinger will improve things!

I’ve just opened a bottle of Les Terres Salees which I bought at TWS showroom. Very unhelpful label; I had no idea what it was and it turns out to be completely unexpected.

It’s 100% Bourboulenc, which is a novelty for me. Quite a deep golden yellow colour and a rich aroma verging towards toffee and caramel. Salty and viscous with a very long finish; a sort of dry version of a sweet wine, if that makes any sense. Maybe some reminder of vermouth. Very unusual and interesting wine.


Have been off the red meat for a while but craving it this evening so picked up a couple of lovely rib eyes on the way home. Opened this recent society purchase to go with it. Now very upset as I only bought two and it’s all gone. CDR that does a good Gigondas impression at a very reasonable (and reduced!) price.


Condrieu and lobster risotto tonight. Very happy. This one came in a mixed case EP from TWS and haven’t seen that since.


Just got back from London, from my very first experience of delivering a wine tasting session - what fun we had (well, if you forget the fact that Majestic initially delivered the wrong order, and that my train from Brighton was delayed). Anyway, the girls liked the wines, and tolerated me yaddering about it - and invited me to do a xmas session. I think I’ll make it a WS session!

Funny about your Condrieu, @danchaq, as the favourite wine of the tasting was a 2018 Jaboulet Viognier (so glad I chose it!!):


A fab entry level example. They also loved this Pinot Noir:


And this smashing Kangarilla Road Shiraz:


But what surprised and delighted me in equal measures was the general enthusiasm for the dessert wine…! :+1: I was worried about this one, but it was consumed within about 10 minutes:


It’s Brighton Pride tomorrow, and Kylie is performing (how did it become so comercial??), so will be hiding at home with a bottle of something to avoid the general chaos!

Happy weekend, all! :tada::grinning:


Can’t remember how much I paid for this - some weird Majestic price, and it was only to make up the numbers so I could get a couple of '03 Musars in a mix-six.

Bit cherry, bit herbal, bit cough-sweet … bit rough around the edges to be honest, but mostly in an endearing way. Think I prefer the Society’s own label version of this wine though :wine_glass:


Congratulations! Champagne with fish and chips is the only way to celebrate moving house !!!


A Kadarka for me, from Heimann. One of the wines tried in the first recent guerrilla tasting…

… served cool. Pale colour. Savoury red fruits and rosehips, a soft texture, fresh acidity and light tannins. Characterful and individual with surprising depth of flavour. A good match for the food too.


What are your little pastries?


They are pretty but I can’t claim any credit for them. They’re actually ready made filled pasta ( goat’s cheese and beetroot fiorelli ) bought in Waitrose.


Oops, forgot to reply directly again. Please see the post above !


Ah yes, now I see. I thought they were little pastry concoctions (which, in a way I guess they are). I’m sure they were very tasty, even if you couldn’t take the credit.


Whistles blowing periodically in the distance indicate that Pride is in full swing, and we can hear the (very) distant noises of humans dancing, laughing and having fun. We’re too old for all that, so opened a bottle of this beauty instead:

Bottle one of three – I usually don’t buy more than 3 of the same wine in one go, but this 2015 Cerasuolo di Vittoria from Cos seems difficult to come by. Or maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Anyway, it is a fine glass of wine – and showing its four years nicely, with sweet tobacco notes, pot-pourri, dried berries and a wonderful herbal whiff (I said oregano, but it might just be the Italian suggestion on my mind!). The palate is light, smooth and velvety – all at the same time, and the sweet tobacco mingles with dried cranberries/cherries, herbs and sweet baking spices. Complex, long and moreish. What more can one want from a glass of wine?

Having this slightly chilled, with a meal that looked like it’s been cooked by Lady Macbeth- but it’s actually a lovely Nadia Hussain recipe.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Chateau Bel Air Perponcher 2005. Absolutely delicious despite TWS drinking window expiring 2017.


Opened a stray bottle from an earlier order on Thursday and finished today:

I see from the notes that I’ve been drinking it at the wrong time of year… This was one of 3 Burrier 2015 beaujolais I bought, and the other 2 were a bit disappointing as far as I remember, but this one sent me straight back to buy more. It’s quite ripe and meaty, but if you don’t mind that in beaujolais I’d recommend.


My final bottle of Meerlust Rubicon 2008 last night. Still going well, but nothing more to come I think (or hope anyway). A few years until I touch the case of 2015!


Never too old for laughing, dancing and having fun!!