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Weekend Drinking thread [29th June 2018]


As the first half of this year draws to a close, what will you be drinking this weekend? Here’s what we’re starting with this evening, dining al fresco with good friends …

Yes, yes, infanticide, I know … whatever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ll finally get to this, after last weekend’s false start …

And this may well feature …

Happy weekend, everyone!


Wow! quite a selection you got there, @Ewan! Looks fantastic! :star_struck:

Our weekend drinking starts tomorrow, but we got Monty and the dogs to keep us in good mood this evening. We don’t ask for much! :wink:

Tomorrow, we shall finally give the Society’s Syrah a go:

And thanks to all of you who recommended it. I’m really looking forward to it. Shall have it with venison burgers in another instalment of the ‘BBQ for 2’…
Sunday we will be opening this Assyrtiko from M&S:

Which I hope would work well with a crab linguini. I haven’t tried this particular Assyrtiko before, so looking forward to seeing whether it’s going to transport me to Santorini or not (never been, I should add).
Hope the sun keeps shining on us all! :sunglasses::clinking_glasses::sun_with_face:


You won’t be disappointed - fab value for money.


You should go and swoon in the heat, the views and their wines.

This is on my wine menu this weekend. Still seems to have some years left in it. Very rich. I won’t hurry to open it’s siblings.


Nothing to do with the weekend , but drank this, reminded by Inbar when she mentioned M&S, the other night, my first Georgian wine and quite orange !
This is 100% Rkatsiteli fermented in amphora.
Very different, on the nose pure lychees, a mix in the mouth but difficult to pin down as it does have a very spicy taste.
As a one off I enjoyed it for its difference, would I buy again, not on a regular basis , it is a bit overpowering but worth trying, it is quoted as out of stock online but was available in our local big M&S.


Roumier Morey St Denis 1er Cru Bussieres 2004 tonight, fourth of a six pack. Hopefully not corked as Wednesday’s bottle of Riesling from Dirk Niepoort’s JV with a mosel grower was. Low level taint and responded a bit to the plastic bag trick though it was still just discernible.


Picnic with this tomorrow, i’m so excited a little bit of pee is coming out!

the I can’t even remember where I bought this but this will be in the evening…


Heading over to a friend’s tonight with a bottle of this - seemed the right weather for it :sunny:


If the weather stays like this !



We opened our on Wednesday, exactly as described - lovely, soft and fruity. A dangerous wine!


Thanks for the warning!.. :wink:
It’s the sort of danger I welcome with open arms…


Alas, last night in Cornwall. As luck would have it there’s a nice restaurant with a sunset view just at the top of the lane from our cottage and it’s BYO. I also happen to have this Pinot Noir with me, purchased after my experience with the Tassie Riesling. First we’re going to drop in to the local pub, across the street from the restaurant, for a pre dinner g&t from their Cornish gin menu.


Sounds idyllic. We got on pretty well with the Devils Corner Pinot


Starting the weekend with this. We were in Martinborough this time last year and despite having tried a couple of their wines previously, Martinborough Vineyards was one we missed

We’ve loved this before but I’d forgotten quite how good value it is. A NZ Pinot drinking beautifully for £13.50?! Yes please!


We’re having a really easy but delicious Spanish influenced dinner of rice with tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, chorizo and prawns (with a splash of fino). Can’t think of a better reason to crack another bottle of the delicious Vina Sanzo Verdejo

Two bottles left and I’ll be so sad when they’re gone.
Happy weekend everyone!


Interested to hear about that Sagrantino, it’s on my wish list and has been in and out of he basket a coule of times, but yet to commit! Assume you re matching with something meaty?


I could jot think better either so also opened a bottle (before reading your post). It is delicious


I recently had the 1990 I would concur the 2010 must have some more years in it.


Bel Air Perponcher 2017
With poached wild Scottish Sea Trout, grilled English Asparagus and a few Jersey Royals.
That’s a tidy supper!?!
all prepared by my own hand.


Might’ve added

into the mix tonight (see above). All divine!