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Weekend Drinking thread 29th July - 31st July 2022

Must it be me again ? People will start to talk, but guilty as charged I suppose. Last day here in France before fighting the queues at passport control tomorrow at Stansted, and we were in late lunch using-up mode, or “la reste” as the French say, and we recruited a couple of local friends to assist. This evening is set aside to attend the last of the concerts at the annual music festival here (https://www.piano-pic.fr if you’re interested ) when the Orchestra de Pau come to town and play a sort of last night of the proms popular classics. They’re pretty good.

Finishing off… a vin jaune which has been on the go all week, to go with homemade parmesan biscuits; left over homemade parsley and sage soup; then a quiche of smoked salmon “chutes”, a salad made of various bits and pieces found in the fridge and a freshly-bought lettuce. Left over bits of cheese and de-frosted baguette and finally the end of a date and walnut cake we made at the weekend.

The other wines were a lovely Greek syrah rosé from the cellar door a few years ago, and the remaining half of a quaffable Poulsard from near Chateau Chalon, visited last week.

Côtes de Jura Vin Jaune 2014 Jean Bourdy

Kthma Biblia Chora, (Drama region, N Greece), syrah rosé 2018

Marie Louise Tissot Poulsard, Côtes de Jura 2018

Bon weekend à tous


And indeed a bonne vaccances a vous (I do hope I’ve got that right). That Poulsard & cheeses looks rather fine - leftovers, but French style ! :slight_smile:


Friday. What a relief. Let’s get this party started.

Wednesday was wine club and the stand out was this 2003 Château Batailley. Very tertiary on the nose but plenty of blackcurrant fruit alongside pencil shavings, cedar, tobacco, chocolate and more. This was not all drunk by me (sadly) but it was great to enjoy this with the wine group (happily).

And then this tonight in some warm, humid weather.

From Washington state this is an interesting blend of 77% Sauvignon blanc, 22% Chardonnay and 1% Marsanne. The SB element is very much Sancerre in style and the Chardonnay brings a creaminess. Lots of lemon, lime, peach, tropical and some ripe pear. Cheers all.


This beautifully warm and sunny evening just screamed crab linguine - so we recruited our crustacean friend for the photo shoot, proving ourselves to be as treacherous as the Walrus and the Carpenter.

The wine which will accompany the meal is ‘La Bergeronnelle’, Chignin Bergeron, Les Fils de René Quenard, Savoie 2017:

My second - and last - bottle, this was bought (and stored for free during the pandemic!) for me by our lovely @MikeFranklin, on one of his sojourns to Savoie.

And it is wonderful, as expected. The previous bottle was consumed about 9 months ago, and this bottle suggests that the wine is at its peak now. Shimmering medium gold in the glass, the beauty of drinking it at this stage is that no particular element seems to steal the limelight. It’s a seamless, harmonious whole, each element merges into another.

The nose and the palate mirror each other; there’s pear and apple sauce, a touch of apricot too, and then acacia blossom, chamomile, nougat, honey and almonds. It has a rounded, almost (but not quite) rich mouthfeel, held in check by a zingy minerality and herbal freshness.

The nuttiness on the finish moves into an almost saline note. There’s depth and interest in every sip. I’m looking forward to drinking it with the food. Sorry Mr Crab! :crab:

Wishing everyone a happy weekend :clinking_glasses: :grin:




Destination Portugal and the ever reliable Alvarinho.I think this is the one grape that never fails to deliver in some aspect.

Anselmo Mendes ‘Muros Antigos’ Alvarinho, Vinho Verde 2020

Vinho Verde with a bit of oomph. Great nose and palate, lots green apple, stone fruits and concentrated citrus (orange peel, lime) with some honey and a sweet floral note. Generous, fresh and the tongue-tingling acidity stands out, what more could you ask.

Perfect summer wine, just a pity it is OOS.

Have a good weekend all!


I used to enjoy their Loureiro, but I don’t think it’s been listed for a while.

Lovely! Just curious how the Vin Jaune changed over the week?

While driving back from a sunny afternoon at Longleat with shouts of “lion” and “koala bear” from the little guy in the back, I changed plan from the rather-too-often-eaten white beans with garlic and rosemary on sourdough with chianti, to an ultra-herbed version (rosemary and sage) with an Italian white.

A child’s bedtime routine later, here is the result.

This Soave is still available and I like it. Really quite rich, with that feeling of buttery weight cut with bitterness at the back of the tongue (a bit like some richer examples of Chablis) but still with the note of floral almond coming through, typical of the grape.

A lot of wine here and it stands up very well to the food. Well-balanced, too - there’s a confident backbone of acidity to keep that richness in check. Good wine to try if you can tear yourself away from Pieropan’s Soave-domination.

Edit: just ordered a case for reserves. Really characterful white that should work in lots of food combos.


This sounds like a proper contadino meal. Full of flavour, easy to make with stuff that most have at home at any time


Exactly so - I never let the supply of tinned cannellini beans run dry and I like a garden full of herbs. Cheap; no meat; delicious!


A bit of Korean experimentation, a bit of using up stuff from the fridge, and a bit of cooking some lovely seafood from the fishmonger this evening. I cooked razor clams, scallops and prawns, and served with courgette and kimchee fritters, kai lan, and a gochujang and seafood sauce. The wine was Ernest Burn Riesling Le Dauphin, 2015.

Care was needed with the amount of gochujang - it’s seriously spicy - and I chose a riesling with a bit of residual sugar to counteract that. It turned out to be the perfect match. There’s some sweetness from the ripe house style and the vintage, but equally the balance that Francis Burn consistently achieves. A nose of ripe grapefruit, lime cordial, and some edges of petrol; a palate where the richness is held in check by a citrussy acidity. Simultaneously full bodied and airy - quite a trick to pull off.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


I’d say the trick pulled of here really is a gochujang and seafood sauce - impressive :~}

That gochujang stuff takes no prisoners! We use it a lot and love it; but always hard to find a wine that’ll not be blitzed by it.


It’s delicious, and so distinctively Korean, but does need real care. I basically did a seafood reduction enhanced with the fried prawn shells, scallop roes and juice from the clams, and then whisked in the gochujang at the end, which allowed me the control I needed :slight_smile:


Short and to the point
The Riesling is excellent and our guest first comment was “wow”. Amazing vintage and great producer.
Moving on to the Xinomavro. As per the label this is truly unfiltered.
I have continued with my public service of removing this wine from the wide market and moved some extra cases to reserves. Just awful.
An enjoyable Friday afternoon


One of our favourite whites this evening- Domaine de La Bongran - a Macon Villages from Thevernet.

Rich and oily - wonderful texture - with a touch of sweetness… but sadly a (slightly) corked bottle - not a problem we have experienced with this before. Subtle hint of Turkish delight on the finish - but off to the cellar for a rethink. :worried:


Good to hear of another public-spirited Dalamara-hoarder.

I take it the 2019 is up to standard?


As bad as it can get, believe me


Change of tack to White Rhône- Jaboulet 2015 Saint-Peray Les Sauvageres.

Much more like it - similarly rich and oily, but drier and much more herbaceous (and not faulty). Do need to get beyond the fact that bottle has been opened so late in the evening, but there again dinner is still simmering away on the hob. Not a very well organised affair - especially after WFH Friday with a prompt finish.


A dive into that most underrated area of France, and a jurancon sec “chantes des Vignes” from Cauhape.

It’s not subtle, at least initially. it’s a full frontal attack of pithy and very slightly bitter pink grapefruit and pineapple. Lovely tangy acidity. A long and rather minerally finish, with something else in there that I can’t identify.

Highly popular here. Hooray for gros manseng