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Weekend Drinking Thread [29 Sept]



Each Friday we start a thread to help us plan our vinous experiences, and (of course) to try and make others jealous!

If you’ve got a special bottle that you are planning to open, or are heading to somewhere exciting, let us know (and how it was).

Weekend Drinking Thread [6 Oct]

I am finally getting round to making a small chink in my ever-growing wishlist from so many recommendations!

I am doing this by having to draft in people to hep me drink it - My good friend is having a board game evening so what better excuse than to crack open…(Not too expensive but flash enough to say I care)

and the Clare Valley Riesling recommended from Aldi. I think 2 crowd pleasers there :slight_smile:


I’ve had many bottles of the Setze Gallets - good choice. Give it a little time open before drinking, but tasty drop!


Hmmm if it needs time open then i might as well upgrade to this…


Sounds nice - though the Setze Gallets wears its 14% alcohol lightly and my experience of Madiran is that it is better with food - so depends what your drinking during gaming plans involve :slight_smile:

When I say it needs some time, I’m not talking hours in a decanter, just giving it a little air before glugging!


I have friends around on Saturday, think I will get a couple of wines lined up, will probably try out:

As well as the Rata Sauvingnon blanc - looks like the new 2017 vintage is in.

Might also get a sneeky bottle of the Domaine Maby Lirac as well - Maby/Maby not :stuck_out_tongue:

Also have a bottle of Exhibition crusted Port open :smiley:


@M1tch i also have the much lauded lirac to consider, but I’m now in a 3-way conundrum! Oh the horror!


Perhaps pick a number out a hat and buy that one or just buy all 3

Then again there is the Soli I also want to get!


I am looking forward to opening this bottle with Saturday night telly and the potentially a dry October.

The first bottle of beer I bought in a long long time…


why is that? is this the MacMillan cancer campaign?

brave man! I managed 10 days on nothing but water for the RNLI, but not sure I could extend that comfortably to a month even in exchange for getting to drink tea again :slight_smile:


Me I am not sure either… It is not for Mac Millan, though I think they are a worthy charity, so plan on buying a lot of cake. It is more to see if I can… I also have this to help me out…


Might have accidentally bought the Peltier Ranch pinot and Domaine Maby Lirac, the Soli wasn’t in the showroom so will have to put that on the next order :smiley: #excitedfortheweekend


My wife has requested bubbles, so it will be one of:

  • Laurent Perrier 2002
  • Alfred Gratien Cuvee Paradis Magnum
  • Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2002
  • Corbon Vintage Brut Avize Grand Cru 2002

Can’t wait for wine time!


@FranklyWines I’m not sure if your wife is high maintenance, you’re a generous husband or she mentioned bubbles and you’ve taken the opportunity to dig out the good stuff :joy:


We’re in quiet mode after having been on hols for the past two and half weeks. We’re spending the weekend in, cooking and relaxing, maybe taking a walk in search of trees changing colour. Tonight might be a movie on TV, certainly without wine.

Having said that…

Perhaps one bottle gets opened this weekend to compliment the first of the autumnal meals. Someone on another thread I believe even made the crazy assertion that a couple could share a single bottle of wine over two meals in a weekend. I’m not sure I consider that possible, but after a week of abstinence maybe a nice bottle to go with our Sunday dinner of butternut squash risotto. In either case, one must be prepared.

On the off chance a bottle is required, a single bottle for a whole weekend – particularly a weekend heralding the start of the autumn – calls for something more interesting than the ‘top’ of my wine rack, so I’ve taken it upon myself to dig out something from my hiding place. You know, just in case.

Should the need arise, I shall be opening Condrieu la Bonnette, Domaine Rostaing 2013 which was part of a mixed case of Condrieu purchased en primeur from TWS.

You never know, come Sunday evening I might just be nestling the bottle, unopened, back in its safe spot, ready for another day.


Probably all of the above!


Okay, I decided I cannot face a dry October with a bottle of beer, so opted for 2013 Henschke Henry’s Seven instead. GSM rules, full of flavour, but not in your face. A trusted companion.

UPDATE - Oh so delicious.


I picked up a couple of these today and am hoping the temperature dips a little so it will feel like a stout is warranted tomorrow evening after work!


I just opened up this…beautiful intensity, yet restrained flavour. I decanted it but i was very surprised to see it was not sedimented with a decade in bottle.


I have a couple of those in. I don’t think there is a better tasting beer out there at this sort of strength.