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Weekend Drinking Thread [29 May - 31 May 2020]

What no thread after 5?

Thought best make sure the hype wasn’t worth it. :wink:

Lovely wine, I actually prefer it to his other wines


Great colour :yum:

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Missed my train and needed something to enjoy in the sunshine while waiting for the next one.


5.4%. Don’t miss the next one.


Looking forward to eating the runner beans in a couple of months’ time, They’ve just broken surface today. Meanwhile will have to make do with the St Nicholas de Bourgeuil and leg of lamb.


The sun is out, the weekend is here. Time to open my last bottle of Whispering Angel and dream of being on a beach somewhere.

Luckily, I have 6 bottles of rose arriving on Monday to fill the pale pink coloured gap in the cellar.


After a long ride, on such a lovely day, I was after something refreshing and easy to drink. This certainly fits the bill…

…a bottle of Aldi’s Cremant du Jura 2018. 100% Chardonnay. Enjoyed with chicken wings marinated in sumac and pomegranate molasses and some salads / sides.
I’m not a big sparkling wine drinker but this always hits the spot. Green apple, ripe lemon and some yeasty bready notes rounded out by a bit of RS. Not as dry and linear as the 2017 but delicious all the same and a great way to start the weekend.

Whatever you’re up to, have a good one !


This tonight

100% Mourvèdre and probably should have been kept another five years but fine now if a little grippy. Very ripe dark fruit and some dark chocolate notes. Warming alcohol but well carried by the depth of fruit which stops it being at all unbalanced. I do like Treloar wines (though the owner can be a bit intense online).


@Winestwit can I ask where on the scale of medium-to-full-bodied it sits?

I absolutely adore his other Naoussa for their lightness of touch, and whilst I have no doubt that it will be a good wine (I have supreme confidence in the winemaker) I may let mine sit for a couple of years if it is more full bodied than the Gi kai Ouranos, just to mellow a little.

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Just opened the Exhib Sonoma Coast PN.

Jury’s out on first few sips. Very bright fruit, high acidity, quite full on. Might settle down with a bit of air but it’s drifting dangerously into new world Power Pinot territory

Edit: acidity does calm down with air - quaffable - decent length. Not a rebuy


Stunning wine, lighter than I expected to be honest, slightly grippy and would benefit from laying down for a while, I have 6 in reserves and I think they will stay there for a few years. I wanted to try it now to see what it’s like, I’d happily drink the 6 in reserves now but I think they will be even better in at least 2 years

The tannins are putting my wife off the wine, more reason to drink now so I don’t have to share :laughing:


Friday evening - scorchio - what’s a chap to do? Fortunately earlier in the day I started off some BBQ baby back ribs (pork) recipe as the excellent Felicite Cloake of the Grauniad https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/may/27/how-to-cook-sticky-spare-ribs-recipe-felicity-cloake. So these went on the webber to finish off, I shall spare the innocent the images, but they were very fine indeed… suffice to say it was a full on carnivore supper… no salad, no carbs.

To drink: and I strongly suggest this should grace your baskets . https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=BU66491&section=pd&pl=&pc=&prl=STD


Fizzy Friday in north London… just a simple Champagne Devaux NV, with lovely yeasty, full body.



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An odd purchase but a hang over from my Dads Christmas to us, so enjoyed this with a rack of bbqd Dorset Lamb, Mediterranean Courgetes, green beans and Jersey Royals.

It’s a Villa Maria dressed up as Tesco and actuall very good. Has the soft berry fruit soft tannins of Pinot but lacks length. No complaints though.

Now finishing off this from mid week which is a ready to drink Rhone much smoother on day 2 and very drinkable.
Only job left is bbq scrub down😢


Trying the 2016 of

which I think is cerceal (or one of its variant spellings) and bical. It’s nice (peaches and lemons with a good backbone), though I’m happier at the 2016/2017 price than the 2018. I wonder if Bairrada is a good candidate for a bin series, though I might go baga rather than bical (of course in practice a lot of it is field blends either way).


Raspberries this evening…


Aperitif time! Albeit a tad late in the evening, the kids were “difficult “ ALL. DAY. LONG!!
Cava which tastes like Grapefruit ! What’s not to like :wink:!


Cahors Malbec goodness tonight. Stalky freshness. Black fruited, medium bodied, elegance. Not in your face, but in your mind surely.


This is my first Thalabert. The 2009 vintage - drinking perfectly now but could last for years. Went perfectly with my barbecued Sirloin.

I’ve never really tried Rhone wines - was put off Shiraz after trying some Aussie stuff my father bought in the early 2000s!! It’s only through this forum my interest has grown - so thank you!