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Weekend Drinking Thread [29-31 March 2019]



Friday is usually a dry day for us – but that’s all about to change, due to the other half reducing his working hours, and Friday is now his day off. “I can’t not drink on my day off” he informed me. So I go with the flow.

As it was such a gorgeous sunny spring day, decided to start early with an aperitif, and what’s better than an Aligoté.

The last time I had one was in Provence, of all places, but it’s a lovely – if rather neutral – white. This one we got at Tesco for £9 (you can see why Majestic is struggling, if even Tesco is selling a grape as obscure as Aligoté!), and it’s just what you’d expect – gentle floral notes, some lemon, maybe a green apple and a very crisp acidity. Tres bien!

For the main event, we opened a Tavel, which we got in a hypermarket in Dieppe.

It’s not the most complex Tavel we’ve ever had – but it has a nice nose of wild strawberries and raspberries, which continue on the palate; it has good subtle tannins and a nice gentle peppery finish. Not the longest finish in the world, but definitely better than many bog-standard rosés. We’re making some ratatouille, so it should match it nicely.

What are you drinking this evening? :wine_glass::grinning:



And then this,also great.


That Lirac is lovely and smooth. I find Grenache based wines can often be overly peppery and harsh, this just beautiful.


Beer night tonight - Adnams Broadside.

No doubt finishing with a Dram of this…


£25 for a 16yr old is ridiculous


To be fair Majestic is selling a nice example from Bouzeron… the only Village white from Aligoté.


Don’t tell everyone - it might sell out!


A bottle of this young malbec from TWS tonight

Strong aroma of damson/plums. Acidic, soft tannins. Altogether very pleasant for a young wine.


Out of interest, did you have the Riesling on its own or with food? I’ve got a single bottle waiting for the right moment, just wondering whether to plan food around it or keep it as an aperitif/sipper. Thanks.


I’m on rosé too tonight - the Mourat Loire rosé - which I’m drinking with falafel and braised courgettes after much consideration. Quite a good combination except for the habanero sauce on the falafel which is not quite right. But it has felt a very spring-like day today and the fresh, sharp, fruity rosé suits it well.


Gianni Brunelli, Brunello di Montalcino 2010
Homemade gnocchi & veal ragù

Mm all tertiary flavours, dusty saddle leather and dried violets. No harshness but grippy tannins and alcoholic heat. Wants food.


An interesting Sangiovese / Shiraz blend for me this evening! It’s delicious lots of smoky dark fruit and a bit of vanilla. Fun for a Friday evening!


This looks fab, @danchaq! :+1:
I read a great interview with the maker of this Brunello in last month’s Wine Enthusiast. She’s a hell of a woman - very inspiring! I really ought to try this wine! :wine_glass:


Good question. I may be odd, but I tend to like to drink ‘special’ bottles on their own. I like to savour them on their own.


Sounds reasonable to me! That was the way I was heading, but I might have changed plans if you’d said it benefits from food, or if you’d said it was life-changing with smoked trout or something…


Set the kids dinner down this evening at the same time as a knock on the door . My sister in laws boyfriend was stood there with my nephew and said Ralph (my 7 year old nephew) had a surprise for us all , bundled the kids into some shoes as had just got back from swim lessons and walked down the street 6 doors . He then said “oh I’ve just got to nip in here …” the penny dropped as they have been looking at houses recently … they only went and bought a house a few doors down from us :scream::+1::+1::grinning:!! These houses almost never become available and when they do they are so hard to get !! Couldn’t believe it and that they kept it a secret !! So ran back home and brought a bottle of Pommery I got in Reims last year .(It was complementary… but don’t tell them :grinning::rofl:!)

Such a nice surprise for a Friday night :blush:!


vWe had friends around for dinner tonight - a good excuse to drink more wine :slightly_smiling_face:

For the main event, scallops with shrimp risotto, and the first of the local Cambridge asparagus - grown under glass, but still a sign of spring arriving. Scallops and asparagus are both perfect with dry muscat.

Bruno Sorg Grand Cru Pfersigberg 2013. Restrained nose for muscat, and more floral than the normal grapey aromas - camomile and violets. A lovely body in the mouth, rounded and honeyed yet dry, and long and minty. The last of our 2013s - but some 2015 in the pipeline.

Of course, having guests meant room for a sweeter wine for dessert:

The 2015 straight riesling from Mochel was one of the wines in the Press Tasting, and went down very well (more about that over the weekend). We visited the domaine last year, and this is a different affair - late harvested, 33g/l of residual sugar, but it wears it very lightly. Unmistakably riesling nose of petrol and citrus, but a real lemon meringue pie of a wine - sweet and tart at the same time, citrus nicely balanced by the acidity, long and balanced. Mmmmm.


Sounds deliciousssssss :drooling_face:


Delicious indeed. Probably quite similar to this:

I can’t say for sure, because we didn’t taste it, but pretty certain it’s on the same lines.


When I lived in Melbourne we used to drink this all the time. I love the some young punks branding.
I had their Clare valley Riesling last year, really good for a tenner!