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Weekend drinking thread [28 Feb-3 March 2019]

Have you got anything interesting lined up for this weekend ?

Please bear with me as this is one of my first posts. Unfortunately I haven’t worked out how to put in links and stuff like that ( as yet ) but will get there eventually.

So, tonight. Guinea fowl legs and a roasted squash and sage risotto are on the menu. A sangiovese might be the best option but have decided to go for a Morgon Grand Cras 2015, J-M Burgaud.

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 a couple of weeks ago so I’m interested to see how it turned out in this richer vintage.

I’ll think about Saturday and Sunday tomorrow.

And you ?


Lots of guides on how to use the forum in this category:


I have a 2016 Burgaud Morgon sitting on my shelf. Being patient with it for now.

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Trying this tonight. I have a case of a different wine from this maker untasted, so this is just a bit of a taste test although not of the same wine, if that makes any sense.


Thanks for the heads-up Tom. The Morgon is lovely to drink now, but I concur, with age and some secondary complexity it could be a real eye opener.

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Celebrating a new job offer for Mrs C with this tonight:

I’ll find other reasons, and other bottles, to open over the weekend…

Happy Friday!


I love how you are embracing the “try as many bubbles I can” mantra! I look forward to seeing what choices you’ve made every week. At this rate you will be our resident “bubbles expert”! :wink:


I’ve got friends popping over tomorrow evening so I’ll be making this! They may possibly be disappointed as they are carnivores at heart.

As per her suggestion I will be pairing it with this :slight_smile:




So the lady and I rocked our Friday with a trip to Lidl. Among the running shoes, baby monitors, obscure power tools, thermal underwear and so on, I found a Lemberger that looked worth a punt for £5.99.

I’ll give it a go sometime soon no doubt but the price got me thinking, so I scoured the wine section for the absolute cheapest of the cheapest and, out of sheer curiosity, bought this hombre:

The economics of a bottle of wine sold in the UK for £3.19 are utterly beyond me, but this stuff is pretty decent all things considered. Simple, cherryish nose; not much different on the palate but there’s a pleasing tartness there; and an agreeable if short finish.

No sugary bleagh, no aroma of sick and no sense of dread as the glass once more approaches the face. It’s a winner! :clinking_glasses:


Looking forward to a nice Argentine Mendoza Malbec with fillet steak, this evening.

I normally go for The Society’s Exhibition Malbec, but I’m out of stock at the moment. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed Lidl’s Luna de Finca Malbec on a few occasions, and happy to open another bottle tonight!

Luna de Finca

Not bad at £7.99!

We had a splendid bottle of this (2005) at the BYOB, courtesy of @woodap. Enjoy!! :+1:


Decided on a bottle of Battistina Gavi which came from TWS but seems to be no longer listed. Very fresh and light but bizarely insubstantial. It’s 12.5% but it’s not that. It just seems like it’s missing something, or has been diluted with nothingness. A light lemony something with quite a bit of nothing! Weird!


I’ve just opened this, it’s been sitting about for a while so thought tonight I would crack it open . It’s a blend of Shiraz, Graciano and Chambourcin from d’Arenberg ! Mr Leah ‘s not so keen, it’s fruity , mid weight with a tangy finish. I quite like it but I’ve definitely had better sparkling reds :wink:.


Oooh! I’m going to check my local Lidl for this!.. Good old Blaufränkisch in German disguise :+1::heart_eyes:


I would never include the word ‘peppermint’ in the name of a wine… bad karma :wink:

Here is one to @cerberus today, hope to see you back here soon.

This winery is something different… buy on sight really.


Lord, how I love Felicity Cloake! Saw her walking Wilf in N London once and fought the impulse to jump off the (moving) bus and ask her to be my bestest friend or have me on speed dial as a taster, whichever was less creepy. Alas, decorum prevented me.

A glass of this awaits once 2 year is asleep


Sole meunière tonight, with Bruno Sorg Grand Cru Pfersigberg Riesling 2012.

(Sorry, not the best picture)

Fortnum’s sell this as their own-label Alsace Riesling (at roughly double cellar-door price). Rather lovely, classic riesling, quite a petrolic nose at 6 years, dry, mouth filling, and a slightly peppery and long finish. Still got a lot of potential for ageing, but the bottle I have left might not get the chance.


Enjoying this from Weinert tonight:

Lovely smooth, velvety malbec. Going down a treat! :grin:


Joining the Germanic theme to a lot of tonight’s drinking albeit at a more modest level. The W/S’s cheapest German wine is great in 2017. You can taste both the Riesling and Sylvaner components and there is a nice saline tang and a hint of spritz. Tempted to follow this up with something smarter although I may be overruled!


Luna went down well with the steak. Yum! :yum: