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Weekend Drinking Thread [28-30 September 2018]



Looks like I got there first this week, with another couple of picks from Waitrose;
Austria and Australia to try this weekend:

Looking forward to a TWS delivery next week which should take care of the next few weekends…


The RABL Zweigelt is a lovely wine! We had it a few months ago, and these were my (brief) notes: “Lovely nose - sour cherries and strawberries, with a whiff of smoke, the same tart brambly fruit continues on the palate; a pleasing peppery finish (medium)”. I think RABL is a very good producer- having tried (and loved) their Grüner Veltliner and their Riesling in the past. Let us know what you think of it… :slight_smile:


Well, I’m really struggling with a cold this week - which is not ideal, as having a little birthday meal for one of my brothers in law this evening. Will just have to soldier on! Planning to open a Crémant de Loire from Sainsbury’s (which my BiL likes) for starters; the other guests are bound to bring Prosecco, so I’m sure we’ll consume that too.

Making a slow-cooked beef cheeks casserole, with a horseradish mash, and will open a bottle with the spooky Dutch Merchant… erm… yes - a 2004 Faustino Gran Reserva. Not my usual choice, I must admit - but my BiL loves a Rioja, and as this is a 14 year old wine, I thought it would be nice to share this with him. Got it a while ago from Majestic, using one of the regular vouchers they send me… Reviews are looking good, so I’m hoping what’s inside is better than what’s outside.

Other guests are bringing some more Rioja - not sure which, so it’ll be a Tempranillo-centred main course. Got some Sauternes for the cheeses, and I’m sure the other half will share his current obsession, which is a Niepoort White Port (apparently soon arriving to TWS list!!). Actually, not sure he’ll share it, but I’ll make him.

Happy Friday, all - and hope none of you are sneezing as regularly as I am! :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:


I rescued this wine from yesterday’s press tasting, and it may be in need of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation this weekend …



Rescued, my @rse! This wine definitely did not need saving. Protecting and guarding, possibly.

To be honest, the sweet wines were probably the biggest revelation for me from yesterday. I’ve hardly drunk them before, and this is one of several that convinced me what a mistake that is.


It’s 30 years old but even so old Rivesaltes appears to be some of the best bargains in wine at the moment, having been out of favour for years.


Despite being maybe a little passe, I’ve always found the Faustino’s to be pretty good and certainly good value.


I bought a 1957 Rivesaltes for one of my teams’ 60th birthday last year; still waiting for the invite to go around to his when he cracks it open…


Nice. Can I come work for you? My lot got Ch Pesquie at Christmas, thinking of suggesting a Hawksmoor Monday for team Christmas dinner this year.


That’s good to know, @MikeFranklin! I am not a great Rioja drinker, as I’m sure you have gathered- and this bottle gives me the freaks. Feels like the old Merchant is plotting something - hopefully not to ruin my dinner!
In any case, I trust your judgement! - and as the birthday boy loves a Rioja, hopefully this won’t disappoint (hoping that with a bit of age it also has something a bit more interesting to offer). We shall see…! :slight_smile:


Just cracked this open. As recommended by @Inbar . Such a complex wine with an amazing length. I’m away to have it with cheese and charcuterie :+1:


I’m going with tried & tested favourites tonight; a vinuos comfort blanket if you like :hugs:

2016 vintage of the Exhibition Limari Chardonnay that was part of the TWS Taste event a while back…

and one of my new favourite reds…

Roll on 5:30!


Just returned from a week in Sanlucar de Barrameda and am prolonging the experience with this:


Enjoying a some wine as a prequel to doing Stoptober (for the sake of my bank balance and waistline). Tonight its pasta and pesto with this:

I see what they mean about a fuller than normal Txacoli, past examples I have had were quite similar to Vinho Verde in style but this is more like a decent dry Italian white.


Good luck with Stoptober @NickFoster :scream:


Pizza night with garlic and pepperoni pizza and a 3 cheese, ham and red pepper pizza. I have really enjoyed St Chinian wines this year and this will go really well, cutting through all that lovely fat, garlic and spice…


Like this. Linear, in a good way, bright and fresh acidity. Lovely nose of plums and cranberries. Long.


This was a steal at £14.50, wish I had bought a case.


Very nice indeed; surprisingly alcoholic (a compliment, not a criticism), a beautiful crimson colour, lovely fruity nose and tarty pucker; delightfully lingering on the tongue.

To paraphrase the great Billy Idol “…with a Rabl yell, more, more, more…”

Buy here


Struggled with this…well getting into it! Cork underneath the very tight foil was mouldy and signs of weeping. The wine itself needed decanting and filtering and was quite brown compared with previous bottles I had. However resting it and making a bit of a cocktail with it it was not wasted.