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Weekend drinking thread [28 - 30 May 2021]

Kicking off with this recent TWS purchase.

Broke the cork in my haste to open the bottle. Darker in colour than I expected, almost straw like.

The nose is all the petrol refinery notes that I love with older rieslings. Bit oxidative on the palate and not quite as fresh as I expected but still a good wine and plenty of length here.

Happy Bank holiday weekend everyone.


A gift from my cousin and bought originally from TWS. Really lovely. Smooth, silky with closely packed tertiary flavours of coffee chocolate, meat, spice and leather. Despite its difficult birth year there is good fresh acidity and very fine ripe tannins. Perhaps a touch short on the finish but lots to provide the palate with concentrated rich elegant enjoyment.


Likewise - welcome to the weekend. Tonight, raided the freezer and defrosted lobster mac’n’cheese, will be with a chicory (endive) & heritage tomato salad to cut through the richness.

Wine: This one from Co-op, around £20/

Update: Endive & tomato salad is now (separately) chicory gratinee with orange, and the tomato is will be oven baked half tomato’s with plenty of garlic. The lobster-mac-n-cheese turned out of the freezer container in handy slab - so will also be hot ovened in cubes with thyme all around.

The wine is actually only the ‘standard’ edition & not prem cru - yet superb. Happy Friday night everyone.


Happy Bank holiday folks here’s our weekend holiday cottage line up…in Cornwall :crossed_fingers:for some sunshine…


Well, interestingly I bought a case of the '04 EP and have steadily worked my way through it from circa 2010 onwards and early doors I thought it was divine. I now have one left (pic below) but the last 2 were disappointing - the ethereal fragrance and gentle floral and fruity elements were gone and it tasted flat and cardboardy. (not TCA’d I don’t think)

Now - I don’t know enough; but is it over the hill now at 17 years or just going through a “closed phase” whatever that is. Should I stick, twist or sell the remaining bottle ?


Almost snap here. Not yet broached but smells really well.


Well - selling on something that you reckon could be iffy… might be bad karma. I say - drink it - but not with great expectations. Such is life.


For once a decent evening, couple for the garden tonight. Both excellent. Have a great weekend everyone.


Inspired by @adbdorset

tonight I am attempting a Rioja/Cassoulet pairing (and why not?)…

This is a lot of wine for the money (about £12 from Costco a few years ago?). Very pure and smooth, but with that lovely high-toned Rioja acidity. It isn’t big, but at the same time it is, but wears it’s bigness lightly (I’ve literally no idea how else you’d describe that). Red and black fruits. Not picking up much secondary yet. Very youthful. Could live for years. Can’t wait to try this in 5/10/15.

There are days I wonder why I spend far more money on wine that isn’t Rioja. :sunglasses:


2016 Ch. Courac opened this evening. This is my last bottle and as usual I wish I had a couple more. This is in a great place now. Black fruit, bacon, French herbs and plenty of spice.

The 2016 has been superseded by the 2017. Has anyone on the community tried the new vintage?


I simply don’t drink enough Bordeaux to be able to answer your very tough question with any authority or detailed knowledge.
So I will make two general points:

  1. Second wines of top 1er grand cru classé Bordeaux are unlikely to suddenly fade.
  2. 04 was not a bad year.

You may simply have had a bit of bottle variation?

Based on my limited experience if I had just one bottle I would stick with it. After all, any potential buyer may ask you why you are selling your last bottle…


Exhausting turns on the croquet lawns, called for BLTs with very crisp bacon, (can these be eaten with any form elegance) followed with chilled Ch Trillol x 2. Was going to be Champagne but felt like pushing the boat out.


This here tonight, apologies to Inspector Montalbano ( Department of inappropriate Italian food and wine pairings ). Not that I’d complain if he began extradition proceedings…

…crab linguine pepped up with pul biber and some dried dulse seaweed with the remains of yesterdays Albarino D Fefinanes 2019. I’ve posted about the wine recently but to labour a point it’s a great example of its type and was spot on with the food. And well worth picking up when Waitrose have one of their occasional 25% off 6 offers,

On the go now a Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett 2019 from Von Kesselstaat. Not much on the tight nose presently but there is a nice freshness to it. Similar on tasting, fresh and zippy, tightly wound, light and clean orchard fruit flavours with good balance between acidity and residual sweetness. Probably needs time to open up further but it’s a very pleasant drink now nevertheless.

I hope you all enjoy the extended weekend and get some fine weather to go with it too.


Hunter’s MiruMiru from a mystery case. I wasn’t expecting much though it was so lovely I had to order a case.


Going for a Pecorino to accompany a King Prawn Risotto. I’ll report in due course! :face_with_monocle:


Continuing the Zorzal EP check (forgot to post the Graciano last week but again liked it very much…pure fruit but earthier than the Garnacha). This is much more serious. Just medium in intensity. A darker nose of blackberry and black cherry with a ground mixed spice that appears after a bit of time in glass. The time in oak shows in the palate, more tannin and some spice notes. The entry Zorzal’s are huge fun, such purity of fruit. Yet, this shows class. It evolves in the glass which for me is a sign of quality. Some will probably argue it’s too simple but for me, great value for money and I shall purchase EP again this year.


We had this Community favourite with Mongolian beef stew from pinch of nom.

As many people have already commented it is excellent for the price, smooth with dark fruits and a slight smokiness.

I’m not yet brave enough to put up a photo of the stew! But I would firmly recommend the recipe, brilliant in terms of how much effort you have to put in for a great result.

Have a good weekend.


Kadette Pinotage 2018 from Majestic at 11.99. Definitely benefits from being allowed to breath for a few hours to allow the tannins to soften. Excellent value for money, will have to pick a couple more up to save for a few years.

Followed up by a dram of this lovely whisky. Sweet syrup with a bit of orange, quite a short finish but thoroughly enjoyable. Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone!


You must have a good sized local co-op for that level of wine?

This evening, I poured an ample glass of this and ambled out into the garden. Finally the evenings are warm enough to do that comfortably.

After a wander around to see how the Triffids were coming along, I settled on a bench and just listened to the birds doing their late-Spring business while I sipped away.

This was the latest in a series of Gruners I bought in order to get to know this trendy grape. Each had the characteristic dry, peppery character to it and some similarities in the style of fruit (grapefruit?) but delivered in quite different ways.

With this one, those flavours came atop a mouthful of rich, buttery fruit - much rounder than the other gruners I’ve tried and a very enjoyable result.

I responded in the only sensible way: case of 6 to reserves. I really want to see how this one ages.