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Weekend drinking thread [28-30 June 2019]


my thoughts too

@Jcmwooldridge fancy starting an MK group ?


I’d be interested, although slightly apprehensive about the logistics of doing so…


Wanted to put in a good word for this (assuming it will come back into stock one day?):

Drank this weekend and found it very good.

The honeyed touches are certainly evident but I thought it also had plenty of freshness and form and was very food friendly.

I think it helps to have drunk their entry level grechetto first since this is certainly a step up in comparison.

@NeilS I reckon it will keep well for a couple of years as TWS suggest


We’ve had the 2012, 2013 and 2015 so far - I will check with @sarah to see if we’re on for a follow-up vintage :slight_smile:


Thanks, @cgoldin for the positive note. Will try soon rather than later. And choose my food carefully.