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Weekend drinking thread [28-30 June 2019]


The Ata Rangi is on great form, would be interesting to compare to a Burgundy in the same price bracket with similar age… the Grivot Vosne Romanee 2011 might make it to the basket…

The Italian wine is one to forget for me, not enough acidity to hold it together, should have listened… to be fair the problem is the same as with the Tyrrell Verdelho, not enough acid to hold up the residual sugar. Mosel Kabinett rules… :grinning:


Friday night tasting at Milton Keynes


Chose to open the 2015 vintage of this wine - the first out of the German Varietal mixed case.

Well, I think it’s another first (or perhaps second) - Gutedel, the German name for Chasselas and a very delicious drink it was too. Like a cross between Riesling and Pinot Gris with a splash of Viognier thrown in for good measure. It has enough acidity for an aperitif, but with a nicely rounded edge to soften it, finishing with something herbal or not-fruity at the end. Also nice that it was only 11.5% - didn’t miss the other 2% from my usual choices.

Drank it (mostly) last night with a made-up concoction, riffing on a Spanish theme - Chick peas, chorizo, onions, tomatoes, smoked paprika, cumin and a hint of chilli with chunks of Hake added right at the end. The wine worked well and copied with the subtle spice.


That German bin end box was a real bargain! Love Wassmer wines.


Yes, I agreee - Martin’s wines do seem to hit the spot and are good value, IMHO. Looking forward to exploring the rest. Great summer drinking, especially with the restrained alcohol level. Tempted by the 2016 six bottle case at just £63 reduced from £71.50…


And did it taste anything like maltesers?:wink::sweat_smile:. I just wish they made wine in Hamburg. It would be such a gift to the wine world…


Back in UK enjoying a short vacation. Lovely summers evening to raid my stocks of German Kabinett Riesling. This one from Willi Haag vía the Society is delicious.

Clear and bright. Clear rim and centre. Hint of very light yellow, green when looking through the glass. Small bubbles on side of glass. Clean nose. Intense. Limes, honey. Clean palate. Off dry. High acidity. Slight spritz on tongue. Honey. Hints of petroleum. Medium long finish. Excellent aperitif or with dishes that include a cream source. Moorish.


The Donnhoff was quite wonderful and complex, firm steely core surrounded by rich honeyed flavours, home cellared for about 4 years with no ill effects. Clearly many years to go for those lucky enough to have a few bottles. One of the best Spatlesen I have had for quite a few years.

The Chianti Rufina was still alive and kicking, needed a tea strainer and probably something to drink up. Dark sour cherries and forest floor aromas. The silky texture shows the elegance of good Chianti Rufina, the most “Burgundian” Chianti.


A very nice 2010 Chateau Beaumont. Judging by this I think I’ll go for the 2018 EP


Only when they’re eaten in a garden… :wink::rofl:


It is further north than London… by quite a bit.


I’m ready for my supper now…


Yet another lovely wine from Adi Badenhorst this evening- his 2017 Papegaai, a blend of 88% Chenin Blanc and 12% Palomino:

A delicious wine, with a lively nose of golden delicious apple, pear, peach, acacia and honey. Some chamomile in the background too. A lovely mouthfeel, with medium body and notes of peach, nectarine quince and honey. Long finish, with a really pleasant tingle of orange zest. We had it with lemon sole with green salsa, new potatoes and steamed chard. A very satisfying ensemble!

Happy Sunday, one and all! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


OK, so having just replied to @szaki1974’s vegetable eating thread, I’m now steering straight back to meat, with our butcher’s latest assault on my bank account - rib of 11 year-old dairy beef. Cooked in the oven and finished on the barbecue (got to take advantage now that the weather is finally allowing it)

We drank a 2015 Chateau Teyssier, which we were given a year or so ago. Very nice - cassis, dark cherry, backed up with pencil shavings, leather, a bit of tobacco, and smooth tannin. Just the job with the meat (which was noticeably different, but perhaps not worth the price difference - certainly not compared to other specialities they’ve had). Pretty classy right bank claret.


Honestly… who is your butcher? Living in a drought since we moved from Barons Court…


Cambridge Mill Road Butchers. May not be much help if you’re in London. They’re not far from the station, mind…


Olivier Leflaive taste off

2012 Beaune Montrevenots - lemon, hint of fruit and then balanced oak
2014 Saint Romain - white stone fruit, melon and then oak. Personally I preferred the Beaune.

The Beaune was £120 ib when I bought it in 2013 but Haynes Hanson Clark have just started to sell the 2018 ib at £190! Personally I think there are better value wines out there at the current price.
I noticed there was talk recently regarding drinking dates. The tasting notes for the 2012 Beaune said drink between 2014 - 2018. Well its still drinking well now and I would be happy to keep my last bottle for at least another 6 months.


Thanks for the note on the Orvieto. I’ve just taken delivery of two as part of the Italian Whites mixed case. From your assessment, I’m now wondering what keeping will do for it.


Last night this was really singing. Pears, white peaches, flowers and subtle spices. Textured mouthfeel. Sometimes more expensive wines live up to or surpass your expectations and this is one of them. TWS has now moved to the 2017.
@NeilS I hope your mixed case had this in it. Really good drinking in the Essex evening sun.


Finished this off yesterday…

…such a beautiful colour( in reality it was even paler ) and a good companion to the meal. Medium bodied, red berries and redcurrant fruit, a hint of liquorice, fresh acidity and some grippy tannins. Nobly rustic maybe ?

I’ll make my own way to Pseud’s Corner