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Weekend Drinking Thread [27th Oct]



Time to make plans for recovering from the week, and maybe quickly restock the fridge in time for Wine O’Clock

What will you be enjoying, and with whom?


This is my go-to from the fridge every Friday evening:

Poured over ice; don’t even need to drink it, just the aroma and I know the weekend has arrived.


Off to a place in Italy called Vercelli - halfway between Turin and Milan

Province is famous for Gattinara (Nebbiolo), so will be drinking that - and some of the local beers by Birrificio Sant’Andrea


Tonight - nothing as I’m tackling the M4 and M25 as I drive home to Kent from a week in South Wales (Mumbles)

Tomorrow - probably the Ch. Plince 2011 I posted last week.


A bottle of Sainsbury’s TTD Languedoc white is already open, so will be the first libation of the weekend.
Tomorrow we’re taking my aunt and uncle out for lunch at one of our favourite Hove eateries, The Ginger Pig. No idea what we’ll be drinking there really, but I’ve really enjoyed their Tornatore ‘Etna Rosso’, Siciliy
Nerello Mascalese-Nerello Cappuccio when we’ve been there before. After that, my uncle’s favourite whites are Viognier and Chardonnay so I’ve got these two in the fridge:

Really excited about both, particularly the Swan Hill Chardonnay-Viognier after @laura’s recommendation


I have my parents over tonight, think I will open a bottle of Leconfield Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon to go with some shepherds pie :smiley:

Also grabbed a bottle of Manzanilla which I will enjoy on its own :slight_smile: my wife doesn’t like dry sherry (lucky for me) - although I did point out that all proper sherry is dry (apart from PX) and its the blends that are sweet.


@M1tch that Leconfield Cab Sav is :heart_eyes: I’m off to a wedding this weekend and part of the reception is at a wine bar in Oxford so there is potential for some good wine however being a wedding it could also very easily go the other way! This evening will be whatever looks the least bad at the Premier Inn/Beefeater after tackling the M25 and M40!


Indeed, worth a decant to let it open up a bit but it does open in the glass, tempted to get a case of it and put it in reserves and just forget about them for a while, there is a slightly cheaper version - Warner’s corner, which is still good but made for earlier drinking.


Heading to my oldest (i.e. longest-standing) friend for a Coravin-dispensed evening and sleepover - several wines on the menu, including the 2001 Haut-Brion that he bought me for my 50th - should be drinking beautifully right now.


Wine order not arriving until tomorrow - forced to shop in Sainsbury’s for Villa Maria…passable - JUST!!! Hurry up FedEX!!!


Opened this last night after getting in from 2 kids Hallowe’en parties… !
I’ll be finishing it tonight maybe before going out and drinking “all the gin”…

I enjoyed it, slight oak and really rich… I’m on a mission to find the best Marsanne I can, even though this is a blend It was lovely :ok_hand:


I was cleaning octopus and seabass last night, so needed a sip of something strong…


Wonderfully drinkable gin, the yuzu peel gives it awesome freshness… might be a new favourite…


Opened the first of my 6 bottles of 2011 Font de Michelle CNdP this eve and really enjoying it.
Cherries, plums and some spiciness on the nose, plus a hint of liquorice. The palate is similar, leading into a touch of jamminess and raisins, which is quickly replaced by a medium length peppery finish.
Overall a successful EP purchase!

The Rhône Rangers

I’m going similar to @woodap and opening my first of 6 CNdP Font de Michelle but mine is the 2015 (just arrived) and Blanc!


My turn to mention a few I’ve loved recently

This was really tasty and ripe, with a bright apple freshness combining with some tropical fruit. Very tasty drop and a great suggestion when asked for ‘orange’ wines on the list.

Delicious! Hard to define the taste - almost chalky freshness but ripe at the same time. Taste it!

Shame this has run out as it was truly scrumptious, golden, rounded and tasting of a wine twice the price

Nice, quaffable and approachable. Not complex exactly, but great to drink something that had decent body that doesn’t overpower the food or the palate at this price. OMG, yes!


Just back from lunch at the inlaws. Had this very pleasant 2010 lalande de pomerol there. Drinking well now, but I would say has a good few years up its sleeve yet.


Now time for NFL Redzone…


Mmm… The CNdP was a white wine with a red wine’s soul. Not sure how else to describe it. The 2015 didn’t have the same intensity of the 2013 but I’m still pleased ive got another 5 bottles.

Incidentally the wine was pretty friendly with the parpadelle with squash, sage and brown butter.


Also opened a bottle of 2011 Croze Hermitage (Domaine des remizieres cuvee particuliere), hopefully it wasn’t too soon but was using the cellartracker app and it seems to state that it should be in the drink window now - hopefully it was right lol - would seem that the 2015 Croze Hermitage EP wines are drinking between 2020 and 2025 so 5-10 year drink window.


Hooray! :smiley: What did you think? I think I’ve still got one bottle left somewhere… need to re-stock.[quote=“Leah, post:11, topic:651”]
I’m on a mission to find the best Marsanne I can, even though this is a blend It was lovely :ok_hand:

d’Arenberg wine is always a joyful experience. Have you also tried the Tahbilk Marsanne?

I think we’ve discussed the viognier before but this is even better in my books! I recently learned that Tahbilk have the oldest marsanne plantings in Australia and that’s not a surprise to me, because I just think this is a complex, herby, peachy delight. I am never bored of it. :slight_smile:

I went out for dinner on Friday and had a lovely Rhone rose from Domaine Santa Duc with dinner. Not remotely expensive, just really fresh and drinkable, and very food-friendly. I don’t know why I don’t order rose in restaurants more when it’s often so hard to match wine to restaurant food - pink wine can be a very safe, pleasant all-rounder.


Oh NOOOoooo @laura, I’m now going to have to buy this Tahbilk to try… This online community is not doing great things for my bank balance :joy:…I’m currently waiting on a delivery of this:

It does say Clairette but I imagine there will be Marsanne in there too as this AOC produces whites which are usually more heavier weighted toward Marsanne.
I really liked the d’Arenberg, for me it was right up my street, rich and flavourful with a little oak so will definitely be ordering more of it. I suspect its not to eveyones palette in terms of its body and structure which is good for me… ie: don’t have to share…ha.

As for Rose, I am a big fan of well made, dry rose. Unfortunately I frequently find that restaurants don’t offer a reliable and good selection of decent Roses. Example: we are very fortunate to have a new wine bar/charcuterie open at the top of our street. It has a great wine menu which includes French, Italian, Spanish and English wine. Its a well thought out menu with the exception of the Roses. The have a Zinfandel and a Pinot Grigio Blush. Why Why Why…??They have the opportunity to be showcasing some fantastic Roses and for whatever reason in my opinion have pulled down their standard by including 2 very cheap and mass produced wines. (Ive checked, the same are available at your local Wetherspoons). I’m solely disappointed and don’t get why they haven’t afforded the same thought into the roses as they have the rest of the wine menu…