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Weekend Drinking Thread [27th - 30th Aug] Bank Holiday Special

Long weekend can only mean more time for drinking good wine.

Starting off with a cracking Rhône. Wow this is good, although does Domaine Maby do anything less than good?!??

Happy Bank Holiday all!!!


Beaune ‘Les Epenottes 2011’, Domaine Machard de Gramont

Bottle opened Wednesday evening (post holiday blues Lasagna ) great with Thursday night stuffed marrow (that’s what happens to garden courgettes when you go on holiday) and finished this evening with braised steak Bourguignon & brown rice.

In fairness, this bottle declined over time - was best day 1 and lost the perfume and sophistication therafter.

Wish I could remember where I bought the bottle - it was sublime - possibly from House of Townend (in Hull) but they now start with the 2018. Happy bank holiday people.


Had a delivery this week, excitingly. I am looking forward to trying a number of new selections; tonight the Aglianico del Vulture, Le Ralle 2017. Opened and resting alongside a nice fillet steak.


Starting the BH with my wife’s favourite from the recent North v South blind tasting with Anna. We ordered the Elk Cove immediately after the tasting as well the Iona from Elgin. After the Pinot Blanc, we moved onto the very respectable Laudun 2016 fromChateau Courac

Elk Cove Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc 2019 - Very pale with slight green hue. Medium nose. Pear, lemon, red apple. Mineral notes. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Pear drops and sherbet lemon. Wet stone. Perhaps a little honeysuckle and ripe melon. Long finish. Lovely example of Pinot Blanc.

Laudun Cote du Rhône Village Chat Courac 2016 - Deep red centre, almost opaque. Purple rim. Medium plus nose. Black currant, blackberry and white pepper. Some soft red fruit notes. A little tar and leather. Full palate. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Dry. Rich black currant and black plum flavours. Notes of ripe strawberry. Some pepper at finish. Decent Rhône village wine.


Happy bank holiday weekend all!

Au Bon Climat Chardonnay 2019 to start and the rest of the Trefethen Cabernet from last night for later.

They are both very straight forwardly enjoyable wines. Great for relaxing on a holiday with a view (from Wales)


Snap, agreed… and struggling not to gollop it down !

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Very refreshing, light, less acidity than I anticipated but will go well with fish and chips tonight, if the 2 year old grandson goes to sleep.


Welcome to the Community @Piers-484ED! Do let us know what you’re looking forward to from your delivery and how the Aglianico goes with the steak.

@Robin63 Love Chateau Courac! Always gorgeous wines


Our son is home, and we’re heading into the Bank Holiday weekend with an adaption of a Rick Stein recipe for fish tagine, but using squid and prawns, which I think gave an extra depth to the sauce. We drank Dirler-Cadé Pinot Gris Réserve, 2016.

Lovely wine, and they’ve stopped making it, which means that our remaining three bottles will be our last. A textbook example of the grape - not totally dry, but what sugar there is brings a roundness to the palate, and is nicely balanced, so it’s not at all sweet. There’s mandarins and white peach, a background of nuts, and maybe just a touch of tannin, but it stays remarkably light.

Happy Long Weekend, whatever you have planned!


Aglianico. Hugely overlooked. Maybe within TWS community less so. But for me it’s Italy’s most noble variety. Nebbiolo ? - Pffaff . Well, not really but you get my drift…

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Opened this last night:

Nose wasn’t encouraging & and Mrs H swiftly gave it the dreaded ‘pub wine’ verdict, however I thought this a little harsh.

Today, a bit of air hasn’t done it any harm. Obviously very young, distinctly purple, full bodied, plenty of black fruit, chocolate, coffee and a little spice but a little harsh and one dimensional. The nose still doesn’t do it any favours and it might be better after 3-5 years or with the right food, but this reminds me of the sort of wine I used to buy 15 years ago, and my tastes have moved on.


Quite an odd one tonight - 2017 La Vielle Julienne, Lieu-dit Clavin CdR. Quite a peculiar nose, with some raspberry and blackberry, but the fruit is not to the fore - rather you get mothballs, eucalyptus, marzipan, and a whack of alcohol. Quite structured, med+ acid and tannin, reasonably long finish. Structure suggests plenty ability to age, maybe caught in a very dull spot? Feels disjointed but not faulty.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Quite a disappointment really. Came in a L&W ‘discovery case’ a while ago, I unsubscribed from the service after only a couple as the selections were very hit and miss - this one definitely a miss.


Excellent TWS Croze Hermitage, have left some on the decanter for tomorrow. Very much looking forward to my 2019 EP delivery.

Followed up by a Deanston 18yr old, present from my brother and what a lovely dram it is.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone.


Gosh a lot of posts tonight already. Bank holidayitis ? maybe, but spare a though for the poor old NHS 111 docs who’re gonna hold the fort for y’all this weekend and Monday. (Miss ! Miss ! it’s Me… Miss !..)

So after another day fending off the sick n’bad I’ve cooked a quick meal of salmon en papillotte with dill, home grown spinach and new potatoes and had looked forward to the remaining 1/3 of a Kumeu River chardonnay in the fridge but opened on Tuesday.

Nope it’s gone now . Nothing worth drinking here. Like sucking on a twig. And not in a good way. But as all correspondents appreciate - one left over dregs chucked down the sink is another new bottle to open.

And here we have a Josmeyer pinot gris. One of my favourite Alsatian producers. Biodynamic to boot; not that it really matters. (No not trying to stir up a hornet’s nest, just saying). But another controversial thing coming up… I’m finding I’m enjoying Alsace PGs more than rieslings these days, on the whole. (German ? different story). Sometimes the latter are just too honeyed, petrolly… too dominant, a bit tiring on the palate. Alsatian pinot gris is a mile away from Italian dishwasher juice and I love the bitter aloes, burnt orange, greengage flavours that decent PG from here gives you.

One of my best-ever white wine Damascene moments was supping a E Burn Clos St Imer PG Grand Cru La Chapelle, “sur place”, oh about 10 years ago I suppose.

Anyway here’s the pic. Have a great weekend everyone but spare a thought for the workers


Just ordered some Nessun Dorma.
Another Maby, the Fermade rouge 2018 for us tonight. Such a lovely, sweet spiced, unashamedly fruity bottle of loveliness for the money. Must try the 2019 soon.


We opened a bottle of this tonight and very much enjoyed it both as an aperitif and alongside home made pesto and pasta

Looks like the copy/paste from new website isn’t working. A gros manseng and we very much enjoyed it. Dry, refreshing and fruity- ripe peaches and grapefruit. Very tasty indeed.


Coincidentally this went on my new wishlist this evening. Not sure why, really, it just grabbed my attention.

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Our first encounter with this wine was with a local indie wine merchant - we tried this one and a slightly cheaper version from the same wine maker. This was just so much better with greater depth of flavour and fruitiness. Then we saw it on special with the TWS as a case of 6 so did not hesitate to add it to the basket.

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A day and night on the north east coast for us yesterday at Saltburn by the sea. Dinner in the Sea View restaurant (https://theseaviewrestaurant.co.uk/) where their mark up on wine appears to be no more than double shop price. Bargain of this list though appears to be this:

At £48 a bottle which appears to be shop price. Maybe I’m mistaken. Either way it was enjoyed with starters of crab rarebit and scallop risotto followed by hake Kiev and grilled halibut. All fantastic dishes and well worth the trip.


Ghislaine Barthod Bourgogne 2017 last night.

Our first bottle of six (well, five now having given one away).

‘Ready to drink but will improve’, as wine merchants like to say. ‘Nettles and pine needles’ my wife pronounced on sticking her nose into the glass and who am I to argue? Plenty of cranberry and raspberry fruit, acid prominent but not overwhelming, mouthfeel is light, not particularly silky yet. There’s a nice savoury, earthy seam. Matched well with lentils with roast peppers and courgettes. I will try to keep the remaining four at least till next year.

I know it’s not particularly original to complain about burgundy prices, and I do love Barthod wines, but at almost £30/bottle (including a couple of years of storage), I must admit I get more pleasure for the money elsewhere.