Weekend Drinking Thread [27 April 2018]

So here we are again, the weathers warming up a bit. What’s in everyone’s glass over the weekend and what food /wine choices are you making?
I’ll have some friends over tomorrow evening, I’m serving scallops with minted pea puree and Clonakilty black pudding to start, followed by Salmon, new potatoes and a puy lentil salad.
Suggestions always welcome. Was thinking of a Chablis or Muscadet. I currently have a couple bottles of this one…


Your food sounds absolutely fab, @Leah! :+1: the Muscadet would be my choice… Such an underrated white!
As we plan our meals a week in advance (there’s a Freudian name for this affliction, I know! :grimacing:) the plan this Saturday is to have a sweet potato and chickpea tagine (my daughter is a vegetarian), which we’ll probably have with one of our favourite Portuguese blend called Porta 6

And Sunday we’re going to finally open the Jurançon you all went mad about…

…which we’ll have with pheasant in a cream and tarragon sauce.
Friday is dry… But at least there’s Gardener’s World to cheer me up! :wink:

Off to a local merchant’s wine tasting in harrogate to try about 50ish wines for the princely sum of £7.50.

Sunday night will be a slow cooked dinner with this…

@Leah you are indeed the hostess with mostess! Sounds delicious!


My brother is visiting this weekend, we will be going through some bottles with some age. A Barolo, a Brunello and a Claret.


Wowza!! @szaki1974 What a weekend!!

Spaghetti Bolognese this evening for me, with a bottle of this…


This wine has caught my eye when the NZ offering grape variety bias was discussed here. Will be interested in your thoughts.

I’ve managed to give the 2014 version at least 6 months of additional ageing at home before temptation overtook me. “I can resist anything except temptation”. Don’t know how I’ll cope ageing my Chasse Spleen @szaki1974. Meditation maybe.
A Goan king prawn curry, sag aloo and a spicy roasted cauliflower to go alongside. Cobra beer in the fridge too… Just in case.


well, someone else (or multiple previous owners for all I know) was (were) ageing this particular bottle, let’s hope they took more care than I would have taken


Joanna Simon’s wine of the week:

This tonight with fish

And this on Saturday

Gotta get thru the EPs somehow!


Just held a small tasting for a journalist at 67 Pall Mall. These four were stand-outs.


Fantastic! I can’t wait to try it :grinning:
I noticed that in his (now fairly old) book The New France, Andrew Jefford rates Domaine Cauhapé highly. In fact, he says “In Henri Ramunteu, France has one of its greatest wine makers”… Quite an accolade!

And just as I’d emptied my wish list into the basket and the basket into a van, it starts filling up again. I’ll just have to get a few more steps under my belt and the salads out to live just that bit longer.



Wife currently enjoying this, abstaining at the moment.

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Awful week at work and weather foul. So this is not getting the chance to take up space in the cabinet all summer… decant it now and it should have come round by Sunday evening!


We absolutely love this wine! Such a find! Hope your wife thinks the same :grinning:


Kicking off with a glass of this:

and keeping this one ready for dinner:


We loved the Basilicata! I thought it had a really distinct bitter finish a bit like a Sardinian Mirto. I think it’s made from Negroamaro - which might explain it. Lovely rosé! :blush: