Weekend Drinking Thread [27 - 29 July]

You are very lucky to have those butchers, we had some in this area but all but two have gone to the wall, to expensive for everyday purchases, shame as the quality was so good.
As for the deer, I did hit one some while back wrote of the car and when I returned to pick up the kill it had been nicked !

Wow! People have been drinking some great wines this weekend! :+1::wine_glass:
We’re just finishing this wonderful Rousette de Savoie. We didn’t know what to expect, so were pleasantly surprised; fresh herby scents, as well as apple, nougat and gingersnap biscuit. Off dry on the palate, with apple and honey notes, and a lively zingy citrus twist on the finish and lovely lingering minerality. There was a light freshness to it, that made us think of fresh mountain air… Probably by association. we had it with turkey in tarragon and cream sauce, which went well with it. If you like Chablis, you’ll like this wine! :+1::grinning:


Just had the Rive Gauche Cotes du Rhône as well @robert_mcintosh
What a great drop and good value too!


Last night with harasa chicken

Rioja Alta Ardanza Reserva 2008

  • Cherry and raspberry fruit, with cinnamon and vanilla, this is sweet fruited, notes of milk Chocolate in complex finish. You know I really loved the 05& 01 and thought 08 would be a lesser wine but now I’m not sure. Perhaps less serious but so lovely.

Just finishing off Ferraton Laudun Cote du Rhone villages blanc 2016, which is stunning for the money.


We went through a few bits and pieces tonight:

The winners were certainly the Chinon and the Riesling. The Chinon definitely needs a day of air before showing its best but was lovely. The Riesling was very nice with lots of bruised fruit notes and a touch of lime but I’ve had better from FX Pichler. The Aglianico was s disappointment: I just found the level of residual sugar a bit distracting from its better qualities. The silvaner was… silvaner.


Gamay according to google.

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Making the most of my new Coravin…

This tonight with herbed lamb and veg kebabs

Two small glasses. Still very youthful, but opened out gradually. Beautiful wine as ever.

Followed by a glass of this with some Comte cheese.


Surprisingly youthful given the recommended drink dates. Not as good as Les Veroilles, still very fresh with good acidity and colour, but a sort of boiled sweet taste which isn’t quite right for me.

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Had the same Rive Gauche Rive Droit last night and we enjoyed it too

Have to say this was head and shoulders above it for me at a fairly similar price (only a few quid more)


Don’t wish to turn this thread into a foodie discussion, but in general our butchers are cheaper than the supermarkets. Exceptions of course, but the provenance of the meat is known, plus the range of meat available is greater. You also don’t have to over buy - get what you need. Try getting 4 oz of kidney in Tesco!

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It was the new girlfriend’s birthday weekend and she’s a big fan of craft ale and pretty much any wine so i cracked open…

I actually picked it up when we popped into Northern monk itself and was priced at an eye-watering £13.50. It was nice but was underwhelming and certainly for the price. I’d describe it as a softer, classier duvel. Considering the 2 bottles of rochefort 10 i could have bought for the same total, this is a way behind where it needs to be.

This however was fabulous… The colour showed some age and wonderful aromatics of blackcurrant, minty eucalyptus, pencil shavings. It is definitely drinking now and I’d defo recommend this. The girlfriend approved!


Those red kites are amazing