Weekend Drinking Thread [27 - 29 July]

You can tell it is wedding season!

We celebrated ours (22 years!) on the 26th with glasses of Nyetimber at Tom’s Kitchen & Bar by HMS Belfast, then dinner above the Design Museum with a bottle of Neudorf Tom’s Block Pinot Noir (2015 I think) - lovely (when chilled in an ice-bucket)

Happy Anniversary also to @woodap and @JayKay!!

I had to drive to collect my daughter from a camp yesterday, so spent more than 5 hours driving up and down the M4 and A205 … so needed more refreshment than studious pleasure last night, so we drank some regular favourites

With today’s cooler weather it might just be an excuse to try a fuller-bodied red for a change (my taste-buds are craving it even if my dehydrated palate have not)


Congrats on the anniversary!

Indeed! :grin: ours is next Sunday - we got married on the anniversary of getting together, so will be celebrating 5 years of marriage but 12 of being together :tada:
Will be celebrating at the Ginger Pig (which could be construed as an insult to my other half!) - but still got a week to go.
Happy anniversary to all others celebrating! :+1::wine_glass:


We have my daughter’s birthday today and though the rose weather is largely gone, this bag will make an appearance for the adults… great expectations

Also preparing a Lasagna with a little help from



The A205 is a nightmare!!
Yes it is wedding season…@inbar… we managed to get to our 48 th on the 25th. Didn’t really celebrate, just a nice chilled Riesling. It was too hot to be energetic, so sat in the garden watching the Red Kites hovering overhead.


I have to go there! Is there a discount for our sort?


Sounds like heaven to me, on all counts! :wink:

A discount? No, it’s far better than that! They pay you to eat there! :wink:
…But seriously, a fabulous place to eat and drink - whatever your hue.

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Friday - Villa Maria ‘Private Bin’ Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - Marlborough, NZ
Saturday - Loma Prieta ‘Karma Vineyard’ Pinotage 2011 - Lodi, California
Sunday - Antoine de Clevecy Champagne NV - Champagne, France
Sunday - Meerlust Estate ‘Red’ 2013 - Stellenbosch, SA

Sources: Majestic, Winery, Sainsbury, TWS (£9.45 bin end May 2017)

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Change of plans for us tonight; we were supposed to go to some friends for dinner but they had to cancel last minute, so we’re staying in!
To keep us company we’ve got a joint of wild boar to roast, and this wine, which we bought in Mallorca in March (thanks to @ricard and @Juan’s recommendation):

It’s a blend of the local grapes Callet and Mantonegre-Fogoneu plus 15% Syrah. I am really excited to finally drink it, and hopefully it should complement the wild boar nicely.


You are going to love this wine @Inbar!


Last bottle of this:


One that got away. I had no idea I still had this. Still quite a lot of life and with a really attractive raspberry character.


Christened my new Coravin last night (after a minor hiccup) with a glass of this which was lurking in the recesses of my cellar…it was the 2000 vintage. Last bottle kept back to see how it went, and it went pretty well. Burnished gold, maybe a little oxidation but still very much alive.


Very envious !

This is superb. Cab Franc led Bordeaux blend from SA. 3 hour decant and having with a roast dinner


sipping on this and waiting on the BBQ :wink:


I picked up a couple of bottles of the 2010 last year in a Haro supermarket on offer ! waiting for the right moment, not to long I hope !

Ended up opening this last night, and enjoyed the rest of it this evening


Initial wiff of paraffin, then a delightful mix of crisp apples, stone fruits and lemon zest, along with a definite steeliness.

I have 6 of these to look forward to. When is it that German dry Riesling usually goes through its dull phase of mid maturity? (If at all at this level)


Well, you were not wrong, @ricard! This was, without a doubt, one of the best reds we had recently. The nose was an enticing wild red fruit (wild strawberries, I thought), and spice and berry jam and smoke, with some menthol thrown in; perhaps it seems fanciful, but I really ‘recognised’ the Mantonegro bit of it, having had a 100% Mantonegro in Mallorca.
The palate was an ode to joy! Ripe cherry and red berry, with the silkiest tannins I can remember in a while. The finish was long, with a lively and well-balanced acidity. The wine was knitted together so delicately- in fact, what worked for me was the fact that on the one hand it smelled so ‘wild’, but it was also extremely restrained and elegant. These guys really know what they’re doing!
Thank you so much for recommending it… it was a perfect accompaniment to our wild boar roast…:ok_hand::wine_glass: