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Weekend Drinking Thread [27 - 29 July]

Twenty to two on a Friday, in the middle of summer, and we don’t have a weekend drinking thread yet? Shocking!

I hope you’ve all got excellent plans in store. Alas, mine will be rather miserable this weekend. Temporarily off the booze in favour of codeine and super-strength Ibuprofen to dull some rather excruciating pain coming from an unexplained nerve problem in my shoulder. Pains all down the arm, and some numbness in my fingers too. My mission for the afternoon is to try and figure out how to get my employer to pay for an MRI.

I might have a small glass of Society Beaujolais in the evening though.


Hope it’s not your drinking arm @Bargainbob?

Given the weather, I’m thinking something light, cold, fruity and low’ish in alcohol - I have one of these in the fridge…

Can almost taste it already :scream:


Fortunately, I’m ambidextravineous :ok_hand:


Ouch, @Bargainbob! Doesn’t sound like fun at all. I hope the medication helps.

The weeks are flying past so quickly - perhaps something to do with it being a real summer for a change. :sunglasses:
Anyway, no drinking tonight, for ‘tis a Friday. Tomorrow we’re out for dinner at our friends’ house, and they are Rioja lovers, so there bound to be some nice Rioja to enjoy with the (usually excellent) food. We’re bringing a Catena Malbec, though. Can’t live on Rioja alone.

Sunday is not yet decided, but I really fancy opening this Rousette de Savoie:
We’ll see what we’re eating, and then decide…

Happy weekend one and all! :clinking_glasses::sun_with_face:


Our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Here is the selected line up

One Society bottle and the other two from the wineries direct, bought in the company of the friends coming to celebrate with us who were also at our wedding all those years ago.:heart_eyes:

The Algarve Verdelho is from a Cliff Richards’ owned winery. We visited as a bit of a joke but some of the wines were quite good.

The Atal Sia is from the winery that supplies TWS Corbieres, Ollieux Romanis. It is a Boutenac, a small AOC that requires 30% carignon in the blend. Onoaked but very full. Loved it when we tasted it so hope it won’t disappoint.


Great selection, and congratulations, @JayKay! :clinking_glasses::champagne::confetti_ball:

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No longer available on TWS, I have had this lurking around for a while. Still under the sun and heat here, so chilled it a little and will give it a go!

Congratulations @JayKay, have a lovely day tomorrow.

Just been out for lunch for our wedding anniversary which is today.
Had a glass of this English fizz to start which was really very good

Then we had a bottle of this - all apples & pears with a lovely refreshing tartness.

Not sure yet what the evening will bring…
Have a great weekend everyone.


Last night a vino verde from Dirk Niepoort (Docil 2016) at an excellent restaurant, new to me, La Roi Fou in Edinburgh - just right given the weather. Tonight something I’d not come across before, a 100% parellada from Catalunya, Mas de la Plana 2016, intriguing flavours and a really noticeable oatmeal note on the finish.


This arrived today after a few recommendations on the community site. It’s 30oC inside the house and pouring with rain outside. The oven is at 250oC for pizza and choosing a suitable film on Prime.
The wine is just right with its pepper on the palate, but it’s difficult to know just which country I’m in with all these different sensations.


Thanks @woodap, and a very happy anniversary to you too! Love your wine choices. Very fond of a Picpoul de Pinet after visiting that area a couple of years ago. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Lovely Pinot from Alsace this eve:


Oooh! I got this in the wine fridge, waiting for the right moment. It’s got no reviews on the site (well, bar a press review which is for a Tasmanian wine, by error), but I bought it because I love their Riesling and Gewurtz… What do you think of it?

Really like it. It’s got that cool climate nose and not overly ‘fruity’ with a slight hint of well integrated oak. Can’t go wrong with good Alsace or German Pinot IMO.


Thanks, @Rich29! I look forward to drinking it even more now. And I agree, there’s something quite subtle and earthy about Alsace Pinots which I really enjoy! :+1::wine_glass:

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Yes subtle and earthy is exactly it

Congratulations Adrian and partner

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A little while since I last posted - been away In Cornwall for a couple of weeks. Certainly could not complain about the weather!
Still not managed to work out how to get my photo sorted - probably for the best…
Anyway have been chilling out this evening with

very pleasant whilst listening to New Order - Power Corruption and Lies and Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues


A very disappointing

was tried and swiftly set aside tonight - imagine a wine made of only boiled sweets and volatile acidity… Thankfully it’s been replaced by a much nicer white port and tonic for this evening’s blood-moon-watching.


Ah we have had this wine from a local wine shop. We wanted to try the rare Susumaniello grape on its own. Quite full on!